Jayaraj-Fennix Deaths CB-CID Action | Are We Safe?

Jayaraj-Fennix Deaths CB-CID Action | Are We Safe?"

In Tamilnadu, In every family, house and a person, they have a question.

Are we safe in the State?

WIll the Justice and Police Dept protect us properly?

This question is asked by many people. Jayaraj-Fennix Murders have shocked and stunned the state to its core. The news has gone National and International as the United Nations have sent a letter. This news must be changed into a Life-Changing History for the People of Tamilnadu. 

Every Citizen should realize that if a Police has committed a crime he or she should be punished accordingly to the law. For this to happen we have to change today’s news to Tomorrow’s history.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Lockup or Custodial Death. Two Persons Father and Son, Jayaraj and Fennix(Beneikks).

Jayaraj Family has lost its Two Leaders of the family. Jayaraj has three daughters. A country without its leader is the same as the Family without a leader. 

The money which has been given as Compensation and the govt job which the Govt has offered will not equal the Lives lost. 

Why did this case become Viral in World Media?

If Police commit a crime. Who will ask them questions and give punishment?

This is the question asked by the Common Man. The reason is behind these two Brutal Murders are all Police Officials. Sathankulam Police Officers each and everyone has been transferred. The World believes that each and every one of them is culprits in these murders. 

After many struggles and Pressure, The case has been given to CBI. The TamilNadu Govt has said that until CBI starts the investigation the CBCID will take over the case. 


Jayaraj-Fennix Deaths CB-CID Action

A Minister belonging to the Ruling Party says that this is not a Lockup death. He says that the person should have lost his life in Lockup that is called Lockup Death. 

The New FIR Files against The Accused Police Officials clearly says that CRPC176 it is filed as Lockdeath. A Minster without any remorse or care has said that these murders are not Lockup or Custodial deaths. 

The case which was filed under Section CPSC176 has been Changed to Murder Case.CPSC176 to CPSC302. This case has been changed to Murder Case. This was the request of many people. The request from the People was to arrest the Police who ere involved in this brutal murder. 

1/7/2020, CBCID arrests a Sub-Inspector. The CBCID has also arrested 4 more Police Officials. So totally 5 are arrested. 

Are these arrests enough for the Heinous crimes?

This question must be asked by We, You, Your Relatives, We all should ask this question. This case is the Tip of the Iceberg. There are so many lockup deaths happening in India. People who ere taken for investigation has not returned home. People who did come to their house commit suicide. The People who are broken through these investigations all of them should get Justice now.

If the Police Commits crimes. To punishment them, we need an organisation. Police Complaint Authorities.

Why this should be formed?

Are these organisations similar to this in the World Countries?

What change did the CPA Do?

So today’s news is tomorrow’s History. 

This case was filed amidst various pressures and Requests from people across the Country. So the result of all these pressures ended in a case filed by the Madurai High Court Branch. The High Court calls Mr Bharathi Dhasan who is a Judge in the Kovilpatti court to spearhead this case. 

So the Judge decides to go to the Sathankulam Police Station. There were many Police Officials in the Police Station. The Judge said that the Police Officials didnt salute the Judge. The Judge has requested for many documents, but the Police have refused to show those Documents. The Police didnt respect hin and ignored his orders said the Judge. 

Jayaraj-Fennix Deaths CB-CID Action

If this is the respect given by the Police to a Magistrate?

What respect would the normal people receive?

A Flame of the Fire, Revathi a female Police has come forward, to tell the truth. Due to her Bravery many pressures from work and her own protection in now a questions now. The Female Police Officer has two daughters and her husband advised her to tell the truth. If this happens to their kids who will give Justice? Asked the Husband of the Police Officer. A Police came forward and told the truth her name is Mrs Revathi. 

While listening to her report, we would have even seen this in movies. The Police have horrifically and brutally beaten the father and the son. She said that Jayaraj asked for water and she gave it. The WHole night the father and son have been brutally beaten. Nearly 7 times the father and son have changed Lungis because of Excessive Bleeding. When the police took them to court, the father and son dresses were covered in blood. The blood was everywhere it was in the table, their lungis, and the Lathi or Batons used. 

The Judge while enquiring asked for the lathi. The Police gave lame excuses. The Judge has to forcefully ask them to give up the lathi which was used. We can clearly understand now that the Police dept is Challenge to the Justice dept. 

Who gave this power to the Police?

Is it Politicians?

This is not a normal case. The accused in this case are all Police Officials. To punish them there should be evidence and Witness. Even if we have the eye Witness. The govt is asking 

Do we need a CBI Investigation?

Why do they conduct CBI Investigation? 

So if a case is not solved or mysterious in nature. The Govt will request for a CBI investigation. 

Jayaraj-Fennix Deaths CB-CID Action

But in this Jayaraj and Fennix case, every evidence and witnesses are available. The Police told When they arrested them,  that the Two People rolled in the floor and due to that were injured. CCTV footage was released. We can clearly see that Jayaraj and Fennix didnt have any arguments with the Police. Jayaraj calmly walks towards to the Police Jeep and enters the vehicle. Then Fenix comes back to his shop. Then he leaves in a Two Wheeler with his friend to check what’s happening in the police station. So the Police records are false. 

Why did the Police put both Innocent father and son in a Sub Jail which is 90-KLM away from Sathankulam?

There is a mystery there. The CBI has to figure it out. 

Next Comes Medical Dept. The Two Innocent people who are going to jail have been conducted Full Medical test and The Doctor clears the accused. That Govt Hospital Doctor’s name is Dr.Vennila has taken 15 days to leave now. 

People now asked to request the Govt that Justice should be given for Jayaraj and Fennix and also create an Organisation called CPA to the Tamilnadu Govt. Please search for Police Complaint Authority. We will discuss in detail in the next post about the CPA. If you want to understand the truth behind that post. We need to analyse the news from this Double Murder Case. 

So if the Police can call anyone in the crowd for investigation. Then they can brutally and Horrifically beat them to death. They will then try to hide the truth. Before the Postmortem Reports, the relatives of the family were threatened by the Police. 

The PostMortem says that the father and son have sustained heavy and critical injuries. These injuries are not your average injuries, these injuries are horrific which cannot be written in Social Media. If they would have lived the pain caused by the injuries may turn into Hell on Earth. This is how the Police acting as animals have preyed on the Innocent father and Son. 

After the case was transferred to the CB-CID, 2DSp’s, 10 Police Inspectors, 15 Police Officials were arrested. CB-CID has formed 15 strong Squad for this case. Until now the CB-CID has not created a 12 man Squad. CB-CID starts the investigation and Real Hero Mrs.Revathi a Policewoman has said the truth. She has given her statement and truth to Judge Bharathi Dasan. Another Policeman from the Station is going to become an Approver. 

Both Sub-Inspectors were arrested. The Inspector who was the reason for these deaths tried to escape but he was caught by the CB-CID. 

A Police officer said to the Magistrate when he entered the court Premises “You Can’t do anything”. CB-CID has also arrested the Police officer for threatening the Judge. 

The saddest news is the Judge Bharathi Dasan comes to the Police Station. Inspectors Kumar and Prathaban. Both Police officials didnt respond to the Judge’s questions. So a Mail sent to the high court by the Judge.  The Govt placed these two Police officials in Vacancy Reserve and the very next day they have been transferred to another location. 

If a COmmon man commits an error in a form or does something wrong. The govt officials will make the man into their office and stay there for hours. But the Police Officials can disrespect a Judge and they will be transferred without any Punishments. This happens only in Tamilnadu. 

This post must reach the CM of Tamilnadu because he controls the Police Force. 

Did the CM give permission to the Police to do these kinds of acts?

People expect an answer from the Tamilnadu govt. 

SO what do you expect on further actions?

One Police have been locked in jail. The investigation will start after 15 days. All Police Officials involved are taken into Custody. 

What happens next?

This case, News, Horrific Murder all will vanish into thin air. We have to wait and watch. 

If this news should be changed into history. We the people should change. Please Don’t forget this news after some days. We must continue to ask questions until there is Justice. The Pople should also ask to form the CPA. 

Let’s Discuss the CPA in the next post. 

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