JIO 6 Paise per Minute Cheating or Not – JIO No More Free Calls

How to earn money?

If you ask this question to somebody they will say that invest money and earn money from the investment. Rich People invest more in their business to earn more money. So this is the formula used by Amazon, Flipkart, and JIO. Before 3 years Jio said that their customers would have lifetime outgoing calls. So many among us changed our Network to Jio. Suddenly Jio says that Calls made to other networks will cost 6 paise per Minute. 

Why did Joi change its plans?

What advantages does Jio enjoy by giving us Free Calls?

Will they continue to charge us for making calls to other Networks?

 Will they stop this in the near future?

With this change of plans?

how would this help other networks like  Airtel?

 Answers to these questions will be addressed in this post.

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Did JIO Cheat its customers?

We can say YES. Three years ago they said they will not charge for Outgoing calls, Suddenly they changed it to 6paise per minute. After 1 year from now, they might increase from 6paise to 20 paise. We have to pay them because Jio has 35 crore customers. The current is heavily dependent on JIO. After the introduction of Jio, Streaming videos has increased, then people who watch youtube videos has increased. Downloading a song to our mobile and listening is old-style, each and every one of us has switched to Online streaming whether it is Ganaa or any music App. Usage of Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram has increased from 200% to 400%. Suddenly they may say if you use a particular amount of data then you will have some restrictions. You may think that JIo might be facing some issues that why they have raised these charges. In the future, if jio becomes a monopoly, we have to listen and pay to what they are asking. To avoid this there has to be competition between these companies.  Airtel, Vodafone, and idea have joined forces to oppose JIO. 

JIO 6 Paise per Minute Cheating or Not - JIO No More Free Calls

Why has JIO suddenly charging us?

What is that IUC Charge?

We have to pay JIO 6 paise if we call other network numbers. IUC means InterConnect Usage charge. It means if we are calling from a Jio number to an Airtel number. Then the call switches from one network to another. For switching between networks they charge us money. This is called an InterConnect usage charge. In 2011 A case has been filed against this ICU to ban it on any network. So the high court asks Troy(Telecom Authority of India). Troy said that: Yes we have been charging people for IUC, but we will stop this within two years” They said it in 2011. Still, they have not banned it. 

The court asks the reason why it has still not banned IUC. The reason is all networks have changed their technology to olt or Ip changing they have upgraded themselves. To upgrade themselves they need money from the customers. So now it's not possible to ban IUC charges.  In 2017 they changed the charges from 20paise to 6 paise. Up to Jan 1st, 2020 we will charge IUC then it will be banned.

JIO has given an explanation on this” Everyday 35 to 40 crores  Missed calls from other networks are coming to JIO phones” So when a call from other Networks to Joi comes in they have to pay JOI 6 paise per call. But JIO customers call the other networks back because it is free for them.  Jio has to pay IUC charges to those networks. Jio has nearly 70 crore Minutes Outgoing calls per day to other networks. So 70 crore minutes with 6 paise per minute JIO has to pay for other networks. It is estimated that nearly Rs.13,500 crore has been given by JIO as IUC charges. So they have said that they are going to charge the customers for IUC.

JIO 6 Paise per Minute Cheating or Not - JIO No More Free Calls

JIO to JIO is free. JIO Mobile to JIO Landline is free. From Jio if you make WhatsApp call or any online calls it's free. So if you call from JIO to other networks they will charge you 6 paise per minute. So this is applicable to Postpaid users also. So they have announced New IUC charges

For other Operators, if you recharge for Rs10 we get a Talktime of Rs.7.47, Similar to that JIO has changed it to IUC top-up. So a recharge of Rs10 will give you 124 minutes will be available for you. If you want to speak after this 124 minutes you have to pay 6 paise per minute. 

IUC Top-ups are for Rs10 for 124 IUC minutes, Rs20 gets you 249 IUC Minutes, Rs50 will get 656 IUC Minutes and finally, Rs100 will give you 1,362 Minutes. The data for these top-ups start from 1GB free data to 10Gb free data.


 So Jio’s Reason for charging its customers is acceptable. JIO now has 35 Crores customers or above, So if Every customer recharges for Rs10 then JIO would get 350 Crores per month. So the money lost by JIO for 3 months paying UIC charges to other networks will be obtained back with one year. JIO said that they were in a loss that's why they are charging their customers right. NOW who is going to Gain more by losing some? This is how you invest and gain more money Method.  You must have a doubt. This is the trend with Networks now. This is the playing field for marketing. 

What did they market?

JIO 6 Paise per Minute Cheating or Not - JIO No More Free Calls

GIO told that Lifelong Free calls for its customers right. Many chose JOI because of Free calls and Free data. Some were hesitant to change networks and come to JIO. So many of us used it as a Secondary number. After using it for 2 to 3 years now we have changed our Primary numbers to JIO now. So now JIO can change rules which fit them. When Troy said that it will charge some amount for IUC Charges JOI knew about it. They should have never given free calls in the first place. But they didn't care about it and now they say they need to pay for IUC Charges. This is a perfect marketing strategy. 

Whatever the strategy they have used, JOI’s coming was the best thing for data consumption charges. It used to be rs100 or rs200 for 1 GB data. But now for Rs10 1 Gb data is available. So when JIO does this the other competing networks should also reduce the charges for data consumption. To stop JIO from becoming a Monoploy many companies are trying their best. If that happens JIO may ask Upto Rs100 for 1 GB and we have to pay it because we will have no choice. So Monopoly shouldn't come so people can enjoy the services. 

GIO also said, “ JIO to JIO is free right, so convert your friends and relatives to JIO”. Interesting Strategy right. JIO has also said that “ Troy will ban IUC charges and we will also ban it”. But Troy has said that it will be difficult for them to ban the charges as many networks are in debt. 

So This is IUC Charges, this is JOI’s plan. But still the services JIO provide greatly helps the people. Let's see if JIo has competition in the near future. To avoid  Monopoly steps taken by other companies. We will also discuss about in the future. 

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