Joe Biden Secret Team – Elon Musk VS DARPA’s Superhuman

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Joe Biden Secret Team - Elon Musk VS DARPA's Superhuman:

We all know about Elon Musk’s Biggest Project Starlink. We also know about Project Nueralink. 

Do we know about the project MANDRAKE1?

Joe Biden is the Presidential Elect. He introduces a 23 Members Transition team. In this 21 members team, there are 15 Female Members. 

What is so special about this team?

We have already predicted that if Joe Biden Wins the elections, the weapons manufacturers and Weapons Sellers will dominate the world. This domination has started. 

In this video, we will discuss DARPA an agency which trains Militaries how to use their weapons and when. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

A Bullet is fired from a gun. The normal guns are point and shoot and it will follow the direction. 

But what happens if there are Self-guided Bullets?

A Bullet has been fired from a gun, but the person moves from the location the bullet will follow the target and hit him. This technology is currently in R&D called Self-guided Bullet. 

We know about the Armed Drones. Countries use Drones to Surveliinace and even hit targets. 

DARPA suddenly takes a decision that the drones should be able to travel in both air and water. DARPA is now in development of Drone Ship which is called the Sea Hunter. 

Can we hack a human?

Every Year DARPA has been funded 2 to 3 Billion Dollars for R&D to hack the Human Brain. This R&D is not to change a human into an Android or a Robot. DNA will be added to the humans and through this, they are trying to create Super Humans. Nearly 90% of the Project is successful. 

Starlink, Nuearlink and Mandrake1. Mandrake 1 will be used by the American Govt in 2021. The First satellite will be launched. They will also launch a second satellite called Mandrake2. 

This video will just be an introduction of these terms to you. The Upcoming Videos we will discuss briefly this project.

Let’s come back to Joe Biden’s Transition Team. We discussed it has 23 members in the team.

Who is funding the first 8 members of this transition team?

America and America based Weapons Manufacturers, Producers and Sellers. There is an organization which predicts where war should happen and if it does happen what will be their losses. This team will do a lot of research and also conduct various polls. 

The First and Important organization name is CNAS(Center for a New American Agency) and the second one’s name is CSIS(Center for Strategic and International Studies). Both organizations are funded by the American Defense Department. So American Defense Dept leads these two organizations. 

CSIS means its all about International Strategy, army or Internal Politics of other countries. They will do their research and instruct about the Operations which could be held in other countries. They will do their research and pass the information to the American Defense Department. People who work will be remarkably talented persons, Scientists, they may be posted in many countries. 

Who will fund these people for their research?

The WOrld’s leading Weapons Manufacturers will fund these people. So if there is Civil Unrest in a country they will ignite a war and sell the Weapons to them. 

So CSIS has been funded by Northrop Grumman, Boeing,  Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and many companies. In Northrop Grumman alone 90000 Employees are working for the company. For a year their turnover or Prodit is 30 Billion USD. Northrop Grumman which has this huge Turnover funds CSIS. CSIS has added new fund members which include Taiwan, South Korea, UK and many Countries.  

The Northrop Grumman’s Important Personnel are right now in Joe Biden’s Transition Team. Their names are Kathleen Hicks, Andrew Hunter, Melissa Dalton.

Let’s discuss CNAS now. So from CNAS, the people who are in Joe Biden’s Transition Team are Susanna Blume and Ely Ratner. CNAS is also funded by many organizations and two top Personel have joined the Transition team. 

Let’s discuss another organization. 

How many nukes does a country have?

Whether it is America, China or India, What internal issues do the countries face?

Which Political party is to be blamed for the issue?

All the answer will be researched and a Report which is accurate will be delivered. This is done by an organization called RAND(Research and Development).  RAND has been funded by the American Govt and DARPA. From the RAND organization, there are three members in the Transition Team. 

So 8 members in the transition team who will be representatives of the Weapons Manufacturers In America’s Pentagon. This is going to happen. 

What are your thoughts in this?

Who is leading or making it happen?

We know about our India’s DRDO which does R&D and produces weapons for the army. 

Is there a similarity between India’s DRDO and America’s DARPA?

There is no similarity between these two organizations. DRDO has Sceitistsis but DARPA also has scientists but the job they do is the exact opposite. 

In DARPA there maybe 120 to 300 Scientists. They can work for DARPA for upto 5 years. Their job is not to create new weapons. They should give orders to Weapons manufacturers to produce weapons. When and how the research should be conducted. So DARPA just says that it needs these weapons after 10 years. When the weapons are produced, which countries are allowed to use these weapons decision is also taken by DARPA. 

DARPA was started in 1958. DARPA until 1972 was a part of the pentagon. DARPA after 1972 request another location for a HeadQuarters. The American govt gives a separate HQ for DARPA. After these projects in DARPA cannot even be controlled by the American govt. DARPA became Autonomous. 

How did they use this power?

Whether its Hydrogen Bomb or Internet they were created by DARPA. DARPA controls IoT devices. The GPS in Android Phones are developed by DARPA. SO whatever the world needs, DARPA will develop earlier and they used that device they will allow them into the market. GPS after used by American Military for so many years reached the Normal People. 

DARPA is now going to change humans into Augmented Humans or Super Humans.
We asked a question in the start of this video, Can we hack Humans?

Scientists say YES. They have completed their research. A Fetus’s DNA in the womb can be altered. Every negative aspect in your child can be overcome. So Studying a humans DNA and giving other options or changing the DNA becomes HAcking. 

You may ask us a question,

This can be used only for healing?

For Ex: A Human is blind, his DNA has been changed and he is given vision. This is medicine. But if they change the Vision which is stronger than your normal eye. Ex: By adding Infrafed, Looking through Structures that Kind of Stuff. This is not medicine, this is changing people into Super Humans. If you are capable of seeing people who are standing two Kilometres far away from you then you are a SuperHuman.

DARPA all recent projects is about Super Humans. In this Huge Spectrum, a tiny project is called Nueralink. But Neuralink and Starlink projects belong to Elon Musk. These projects are basic information given to the Public and Elon Musk has been used. Behind all this, there is a huge dream which belongs to DARPA. 

Elon Musk says that Starlink is only for internet purposes. Wherever you are you will receive the Internet through Satellites. But Mandrake 1 and Mandrake 2 are not for your Internet Purposes. This is for PIT boss, a Terrible Villian will be created through Mandrake 1 and 2. When PIt Boss is created Project Blackjack will be created. America’s DARPA will aim to achieve this within 2021. 

What is this project Blackjack?

What is this PIt Boss?

Pit Boss is a system which interconnects various satellites. After Interconnecting with the satellites Pit boss will read the data. It will send the data to the base station, it will process in the data in Space. Whoever needs the Data PitBoss will send to them accurately. If any other Satellite fails in Space, Pitboss will swing into action and replace the failed Satellite. It will not need any human assistance. 

We have already said that the Country which rules Space will rule the World. China and Russia will destroy America’s Satellite, this will happen in the future. To Replace this satellite America has to send another satellite using Rockets. But if America has two to three backup satellites in Space, Pitboss will order the Backup to be the replacement. 

All this looks like Scenes from a Scifi Movie. This is not Scifi, if you search the internet you will find the truth. 

Let’s discuss various details about the DARPA Projects in the upcoming videos. 

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