Joe Biden vs Mossad | Trump Twist | Joe Biden Oath Ceremony

Joe Biden vs Mossad | Trump Twist | Joe Biden Oath Ceremony:

A Very Important Day for the Whole World because “America is Back”. Donald Trump's presidency is over. Joe Biden has become the 46th President of the USA. The World was watching the inauguration, but Trump was not in the White House. In the past 100 years, this has not happened. 

We should keenly watch the events which unfolded in the last week in America. If we understand this we will understand International Politics which has been played. 

Trump has existed in the White House. This is a headline. 

Do you know why it became a Headline?

Normally the Outgoing President will attend the Inauguration of the New President. The old President with his family will have dinner with the New President’s Family in the White House. 

But Trump refused to attend the Inauguration Ceremony of Joe Biden. Trump has left the White House. Before leaving the White House Trump said he was able to find a vaccine within Nine Months. For Four Years Trump has worked Hard for America. He also said he will closely watch the Proceedings in the coming days. 

Joe Biden vs Mossad | Trump Twist | Joe Biden Oath Ceremony

What does he mean by saying he will closely monitor America?

There were speculations that American Politics is going to change. A Third Party will rise in America. But this news is just Speculation not Confirmed News. Trump will also handover Nuclear case. 

What events have happened within One Week of the Inauguration?

The World Expected that Trump will cause a stir in World Politics before he leaves his office. The World thought that America would Provoke Iran and Ban many Chinese Companies. 

When he left the Presidential Office Trump said that Coronavirus which originated from China has been a pain in his presidency. 

On 12th Jan 2021, The State Secretary of America Mike Pompeo and Mossad’s Chief Yossi Cohen had a meeting. Within One Week what must be done was clearly planned and given. Through this many changes have happened in Israel. 

People who see Tamil Seed, Tamil Pokkisham App. The App is available in Playstore, within one or two weeks it will be available in the App Store. The details have been shared in the App and Tamil Seed Channel. 

The Information was there is a chance that the UK and the EU may turn against Israel. 

The reason is Israel is building 800 to 1000 Houses in the West Bank. These houses are not for the Palestine People. This is Re-settlement. The Re-settlement which happened in Srilanka. This is Palestine land where the Israeli Settlers will settle and Occupy the land for Israel. But Israel says that it is not Re-settlement but the houses are for the Palestine People. 

Joe Biden the New President will not accept this act by Israel. Israel knows that Joe Biden will disagree. So Within one week, Israel has completed the buildings and the Inauguration is over. 

Joe Biden cannot oppose the completed Project.

IN America the President Inauguration was heavily protected by American troops stationed in the Capitol. When this is happening two countries Iran and Israel are eyeing each other. 

Try to search for this Term Red Sea Israel Iran. Israel is ready to attack Iran. Israel’s Iron Dome is ready and has been stationed in a ship. 

Iron Dome means Air Defense System. Iron Dome is a technology to destroy Missiles which are in Air and Approaching Ground. These launchers are stationed in Ground. But Israel has stationed Two Launchers in One Ship. We still don't know when the Photo was Taken. But this is an important act by Israel. 

There was another news that Yemen has Drones which are provided by Iran. These UAV’s are called Suicide Drones. Iran is the country leading in Drone Technology among the Arab countries. Turkey also has advanced Drone Technology. Iran has not directly used this technology. Iran has sent Drones to Houthi rebels or Hezbollah to wage Proxy war against the enemy Country. The news says that these Suicide Drones has been stationed in Yemen. Israel in response has stationed its Troops in Ground and water. 

Joe Biden vs Mossad | Trump Twist | Joe Biden Oath Ceremony

Iran has announced that they will enrich Uranium up to 20%. There was a nuclear agreement from 2015 to 2018 called JCPOA(Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). Trump exited the JCPOA in 2018. Trump accused Iran of providing false information and he said that Iran was developing Nuclear Weapons. America then sanctioned Economic bans on Iran. 

The Expectations from Joe Biden is that he will cancel the Economic bans and some laws laid by Trump. There was also talk that America will be involved in a discussion with Iran regarding Nuclear Weapons. Before the Discussion with Iran, America will discuss the issue with many countries says America’s State Secretary Nominee Antony Blinken. 

This became Headlines in the World Newspapers. America will not directly have discussions with Iran as its Hate level has increased. 

One week ago Trump’s State Secretary Mike Pompeo and Mossad Chief had a meeting, but this meeting was based on Syria. In the Upcoming days, in Syria, many atrocities will be committed. The trail for these Atrocities has already been done. 

The airstrikes which happened in Syria in the past week have killed more innocent people than the Air Strikes conducted for over a year. Israel Air attacks are targeted towards Iranian Troops in Syria. 

What is the reason for Airstrikes?

Israel authorities say that Iran has hidden Nuclear Weapons or Nuclear Technology in Syria. The people who lost their lives belonged to Syria, Hezbollah and many Terrorist organisations in the Western World. 

Due to Israel Airstrikes, the Iranian Military or Organizations who support Iran have reached areas populated by Innocent People. Their weapons are stored in the Crowded Area. 

So according to this news, We can clearly understand that if Israel Continues its AirStrikes many Innocent Syrians will be killed. This is the first stage which has been completed by Israel. 

Israel will say that Iran Nuclear Weapons testing is against Israel. This is the statement given by Israel to provoke Iran into a war. 

In 2020, Nearly 50 Airstrikes have been done by Israel in Syria. Nearly 2000 Bombs have been dropped in Syria. 

Joe Biden vs Mossad | Trump Twist | Joe Biden Oath Ceremony

What are the targets of Israel in Syria?

The bombs fall near the borders of Lebanon. Israel doesn't want Hezbollah terrorists to infiltrate Syria through Lebanon. Israel doesn't want Iranian troops to come into Syria. Israel's objective is to stop Iranian troops from entering Syria. 

Iran's biggest issues are the countries which stop its Nuclear Weapons Development. Three weeks ago A Iranian Scientist was assassinated. For the assassination, AI-supported by the Satellite Communication gun may have been used. America could have shared the Information of the Gun to Israel. Iran says that America and Israel want to destroy Iran. So Joe Biden Becoming the President of America will not see any changes. 

Now let's discuss Israel. If Israel wants to take control of Syria. Israel has to destroy the Iranian Troops in Syria. But Iran has a stronghold in Syria. It is not easy to evacuate Iran from Syria. So a Big Political Change must happen in Syria and Iran. There is a political crisis in Israel. 

In 2021 Israel and Iran will face Elections. 

Will Netanyahu become the next Prime Minister of Israel once again?

We don't have an answer to this question. Israel is going to face its 4th Elections. There is Political crisis in Israel, but in March 2021 Elections will be conducted. Similarly, Iran will face elections in June 2021. 

Will Iran elect a leader who will be Pro America?

Suppose if the New Iran Leader is against America. When Israel faces a change in Politics. Iran must use this chance effectively. Iran has to increase its power. Iran has to increase the Drone Technology, Missiles or its Proxy war. This will be the objective of Iran. 

Israel says that it will have a powerful leader. Israel’s attention will be on Iran and the Newly elected President of America Joe Biden. 

IF Joe Biden says not to continue Airstrikes on Syria and doesn't want Israel to take any action taken against Iran. Israel's defeat will start slowly. If Israel loses, America’s Domination will go down. 

In Early Joe Biden’s Presidency, the first and Primary issue will be Israel Vs Iran and Syria which is in between these countries. 

Syria in the coming days will become the headlines of the world. During that time Innocent lives will be lost. 

Joe Biden vs Mossad | Trump Twist | Joe Biden Oath Ceremony

But we don't know whether the International Media will show the atrocities?

Last week more than 50 Airstrikes which killed more than 57 People, many bombs fell in Syria. In the year 2020, these 50 airstrikes are the highest in a week. Even this news didn't make the headlines. 

Let's wait and see. 

Will #prayforSyria be trending?

Will Joe Biden follow a peace agreement with Iran?

If Joe Biden makes a peace agreement with Iran.

Will Israel believe in this agreement?

What will be Israel’s next move?

What are your guesses?

What do you think Joe Biden will do?

Trump next Joe Biden will determine the fate of America. Joe Biden will try to undo what Trump has done. Thus making Trump’s actions discussed in the American Media for one or two years. When they talk about Trump, Syria will also have a place in the discussion. 

Whatever happens, Congratulations to Joe Biden for Becoming the 46th President of The USA by the TP family. 

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