Jurassic Forest – Hundreds of Dino Eggs Ariyalur

The Pride of Tamilnadu as a state in India will not be matched by other states. The Ancient Culture of Tamils and to the Dinosaurs which lived in the State are unknown to many people.

The state which has hidden Mysteries, Miracles and wonders in Tamilnadu. Archaeologists are finding a lot of treasures in Tamilnadu. 

Are you handling these treasures correctly?

Are the Tamil People made aware of it?

They have found 100 Dinosaur Eggs in Perambalur and Ariyalur. 

What is the truth?

Have they discovered these eggs recently?


Have they discovered it before 100 years?

We will discuss in detail. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

In the Perambalur and Ariyalur Road lies a village called Kunnam. In this village, there is a pond which is 50 Acres of land called Venkatan Pond. Farmers stumbled upon the eggs when digging for Alluvial Soil. The Locals saw large round-shaped fossils and doubted that they could be Dinosaur eggs. 

Why did the Locals doubt it was Dinosaur eggs?

So the Locals informed the Archaeological enthusiasts to identify them. But they identified it as remains of Seas Turtles, Sea Snails which was fossilised Billion of Years ago. There maybe 100 Dinosaur eggs. 

Did the Dinosaurs live in the area?

Perambalur and Ariyalur area were once were forests where dinosaurs lived. That forest was destroyed by the Sea. After the destruction by the sea, the sea resided and rebirth happened. 

Perambalur and Ariyalur are rebirths of the forested area. Ariyalur is also called a Cement City. The reason is limestones are found in large quantities in Ariyalur. When we say Limestones the area should have been near the Sea. Coal is also abundant in the area. We all know how coal is formed. 

Fossils change into coal. So there are possibilities that many lifeforms and plants were present in the area in the past. If there is a treasure we don’t search for the facts. This is the reason we have lost many treasures and artefacts which doesn’t have a number. The Ariyalur District is a treasure. 

On 1843, A British couple takes 32 Boxes filled with Fossils to England. When the research happened they said that the fossils contained many remains of the animals which lived billion of years ago. Many researchers conduct research on the fossils. Then they began to ask the question of the Site from where the fossils were found. They say they found it in Ariyalur, Tamilnadu. 

On 1860, Many Archaeologists come to Ariyalur for research. They discover that there are large quantities of Dinosaur remains in the area. After 100 years researchers find the Dinosaur remains. They found fossils. 

What happened within the 100 years period?

No One Cared these archaeological findings. 

So in 1990 Cement factories were started in Ariyalur. Limestones were found in Large Quantities. One of the Limestones was said to be in a round shape. This was found by the Tamil Cement limited company from Tamilnadu. When they recovered the remains it took nearly ten years to figure out what exactly they have unearthed. So the fossil which was dug out in 1990 was identified as a Dinosaur egg in the year 2000. We have failed to protect and safeguard our treasures. 

We need to know about a person called Fossil Subramanian. He collects a lot of fossils and gives them to Tiruchy Geological survey of India. He wanted to build to the museum to protect these fossils. When archaeologists started to research the area. Many archaeologists, Students, Professors and Scientists start their research and find these Dinosaur eggs in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Ariyalur District has a lot of fossils buried underneath the earth. They found that the whole area is filled with fossils. 

Billions of years ago the area was underneath the sea. The sea resided and the Landscape was reborn. It was time when the Himalayas was formed. The area was also full of creatures which lived in the sea. 

The area is considered to be a cluster of eggs. If we dig up a site there can be 8 to 9 eggs unearthed. This clearly shows the environment was healthy and Dinosaurs lived in the area. There are so many varieties of dinosaurs found. 

The remains of these dinosaurs could be found in South America. 

How did the Dinosaurs migrate from South America to Ariyalur?

They should have conducted deep research on this subject. This could have been a Milestone for Tamilnadu. 

Did the Tamilnadu govt do anything?

They said they will build a museum in 2018. 

Is the project completed?

It is a doubt. Nearly 54 Acres of Land was allocated for the Museum. The fossils which were found in the area during the Late Cretaceous Period. The geologists claim that the area could have been a nesting site. The fossils in Kunnam Village is a treasure trove. 

If we the people start our research we can discover many hidden treasures. 

Ariyalur is called a Cement city. Private companies and the govt use the district for raw materials. So according to them if they find dinosaur eggs its just cement to them. 

The Archaleglcial dept and the Tamilnadu govt must take actions to preserve the District. Tamilnadu is a place of many Archalegical mysteries. We have still haven’t received the Reports of Keezhadi. 

The Govt doesnt want to act to retrieve these archaeological remains. Due to this, we are missing out on an opportunity to travel back Billions of years to the Dinosaurs Era. 

When did these Dinosaurs live?

The fossils may be from the Cretaceous Period. This timeline may be before the Extinction of the Dinosaurs. 

How did the Extinction happen?

It could have been from a volcanic eruption. There are layers of eggs found in the area. The timeline of the eggs is different. In the last layer, they have found Volcanic ash. So through a volcanic eruption, Sea turbulence could have happened. These dinosaurs didnt go extinct because of the Sea turbulence. They may have migrated to other places due to the conditions in the area. 

We have to find out the Migration path.

 From where did the dinosaurs migrated to Tamilnadu?

How long did they live in the ariyalur area?

The Dinosaur fossils are found in large quantities in  Ariyalur, India. 

Imagine if this area was in a Western Country. They would have preserved the area and conducted various research in the area. Many museums could have been built. Students would be studying the area. 

Is there any possibility that Perambalur and Ariyalur will be given priority?

Will Perambalur and Ariyalur be placed in our history books?

Will our govt take steps to preserve and research the area?

People of Tamilnadu have to talk about Perambalur and Ariyalur. Please search for  Perambalur and Ariyalur fossils. Search for Gangai Konda Cholapuram.

Is there a temple build 1000 years ago?

Please search for the animals which lived in the Cretaceous Period. 

We will post another video regarding Keezhadi and Adichanallur. 

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