Kabul Suicide Attacks – Taliban America ISIS-K game

Kabul Suicide Attacks - Taliban America ISIS-K game:

We have already released ten posts about Afghanistan. This is also a Post about Afghanistan and the Taliban. 

What happened in the Kabul Bomb Blasts?

What was the Indian action?

How has the international community reacted to this bomb blast?

What is America's next plan?

We feared that this would happen in Afghanistan. But it has happe\ned. 

Let's discuss this in detail. 

Amrullah Saleh has said that “ I cannot believe that the Taliban are not connected with the ISIS-K terror group”. Saleh is currently in the Panjshir region. The Anti-Taliban group is in the region. This statement from Saleh has forced the International community to believe that The Taliban and ISIS-K are working together. We cannot believe Saleh’s words. 

The report of the Three Bomb blasts has been submitted to the President of America. The Plot of the suicide attacks has been discovered.

Two Suicide Bombers were among the crowd. There were many Security checkpoints. After passing the Security Checkpoints the Suicide bombers activated the bombs in the middle of the crowd. More than 100 people have died in the Blast. 13 Americans have lost their lives. The 13 Americans belonged to the American Army. Among the dead 28 were Taliban and the rest were innocent Afghan people. So among the Dead were the Taliban's and the American Soldiers. So the Initial news was a Terrorist organization has conducted the Bombings. The ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the Suicide attacks in Kabul. 

What could the ISIS-K gain from this attack?

If you think that this is an attack against the Taliban and the American forces. You are wrong. Their real agenda is to turn the International Media’s attention upon Terrorism. 

Innocent Afghan People who have lost everything are waiting to exit Kabul. They know they will be refugees in another country. They have nothing to lose. The Terrorists who kill these People are not Terrorists but devils. The Afghan people are greatly suffering from cruelty. 

The Afghan people who want to leave their country cannot leave. Many countries are frightened due to these attacks. Countries like Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Hungary have said that they cannot take in refugees anymore. Australia has announced that their last flight will be today from Afghanistan. The Netherlands and France also have today as their deadline. 

But India has announced no Deadline. India is working with Germany and the US to evacuate the Afghan People. India is the only country that wants to help the Afghan people. 

Turkey wants to evacuate its 500 Soldiers from Afghanistan. To Save the Afghan people in the Kabul Airport risks should be taken. India is ready to take the risks. A Big Salute for India. 

America has said that evacuating all people within 31 August is impossible. America will have to stop the rescue Operations. For American citizens who are not evacuated within 31st August. America will find another solution. 

Kabul Suicide Attacks - Taliban America ISIS-K game

Another Solution with Taliban and ISIS-K. Joe Biden has given a Crystal Clear Explanation in his press meet. Biden says that he will be the last president who will face the Afghan War. After him, no President should face this issue. Biden wants to end the Afghan war. He claims full responsibility for events happening in Afghanistan. 

Will the Afghan war be Over?

The real war has just started. Biden said “No Evidence of Collusion between Taliban and IS in attacks at Kabul Airport”. Biden says that he cannot see another secret relationship between the Taliban and the ISIS-K. He says America will have its revenge. He said,” We will find them and get them out”. America will come back and take revenge on the Terrorists. Biden Continues “The Taliban's are not good guys, but they have a keen interest in keeping the airport open”. America is saying that the Taliban are keen on protecting the airport. But the American media is saying that the Taliban are capturing people who are coming to the airport. So America is publishing two ways of the same story. America’s game has just started. 

What is the reason?

Biden also says that he didn't order the American troops to re-capture Bagram Airbase. He wanted control over the Kabul Airport. If America wanted they could have captured the Bagram Airbase. They could have asked the Taliban's to step aside and save the Innocent people as the deadline is August 31. Using two airports they could have saved many innocent lives. America’s agenda is different. America has already signed an agreement with the Taliban to Evacuate the people from Afghanistan. The Taliban cannot break this agreement. 

Why didn't America re-capture the Bagram Airbase?

Kabul Suicide Attacks - Taliban America ISIS-K game

Biden refused to answer this question. If the Answer comes out we can understand the Real role of Joe Biden. 

Now ISIS-K says that they need a space in Afghanistan. If the Taliban does not allow ISIS-K, they will take it by force. Taliban and ISIS-K are two different groups. But Afghanistan will become a host for many Terrorist Groups. The agreement with America says that the Taliban must not allow any Terrorist organization in Afghanistan. 

After this attack by the ISIS-K. America can easily say that the agreement has been broken. India in the UNSC has said that any country which harbours Terrorists should be isolated.  This will suit the Taliban's, Pakistan and China which wants to promote Terrorism in Afghanistan.

The International community wants economic sanctions against the Three Countries. Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. But nobody is asking questions against America, which was the One who created these Terrorist groups. From 1990 till 2021 the World Politics is based on Terrorism. 

What is the reason?

This is America’s Best move. Media Influence, America’s Strategy plays an important role. 

In the Countries near Afghanistan Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, issues must be discussed. 

Will the Taliban's grow their influence?

The Pashtuns are the majority in the Taliban. The Anti-Taliban are Tajik Ethnic Groups. The Tajik people live in Tajikistan. 

Can the Taliban occupy Tajikistan using the Tajik fighters?

Will the Taliban's fight against Tajikistan?

This is a huge issue for Tajikistan. In the Country, there is still Monarchy rule. The Country has Indian, China airbases. Central Asia has six countries. Among the Six, three countries are important. Right now Uzbekistan is silent because there are going to be elections in October. So the Political Parties will not take sides until the elections are over.  

Kabul Suicide Attacks - Taliban America ISIS-K game

Russia has conducted Military exercises with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. They have been selling weapons to both countries. So Central Asia is the target of the world countries. The entire world is focusing on the Taliban. The other terrorist groups want the spotlight to be shared. To do this many groups will commit terrorist acts across the world. This will happen in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

America seeking revenge will hunt these terrorists. Many issues may occur between these Terrorist groups. America using this will hunt these Terrorist Groups one by one. But America will not spend money doing this action. 

This is just like the 1991 situation. 

How did the Two Suicide bombers pass all security points?

Did the American Army know about this attack?

Did the Taliban allow the attacks to happen?

Only 2000 terrorists are part of the ISIS-K Terrorist group. If a Minor Terrorist group can plan this perfect attack. 

What will be their future plans of attack?

Nobody can predict their plans. 

Nearly 85 Billion USD worth of Military Equipment left by America are in the Taliban hands. Nearly 75000 Vehicles, more than 200 Planes and Helicopters, more than 600000 small arms. The data acquired by the American govt is in the Taliban hands now. 

The data includes a whole list of people who supported America, who opposed them, Who supported the Taliban and were against the Taliban. 

After America has provided everything to the Taliban. Joe Biden now is saying that he wants to be the last president to deal with Afghanistan is a farce. America could have helped the country in many ways. They could have held peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan govt for a combined govt. America could give the Afghan people peace. But They wanted to Divide and rule. America and the Taliban had meetings. But the Taliban and Afghan Govt meetings failed. America, the Taliban's and the Afghan govt didn't even happen.  If America conducted this meeting there could be a peaceful solution for the Afghan people. 

So the Afghan issue has not ended. This is just the beginning which had been started by America. To act as a scapegoat the International community will use Afghanistan. 

Lastly “Pray for Afghanistan”.

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