Karnataka Hijab Issue – Hate Politics or Rights

Karnataka Hijab Issue - Hate Politics or Rights

What will happen if religion enters into the Students Society?

There will be no India. A Controversy in Udupi, Karnataka has reached the Global stage. 

What is the reason for the issue?

What is the truth?

Who is committing mistakes?

We will let you take this decision. But we will discuss the truth in this post. 

Students Power is the greatest in the World. Nothing can stand in the way of the Students. They are young and they believe that anything is possible. 

How will religion enter into the Students Society?

Imagine the Prayers in various Schools. The Restrictions the schools have in place. You will have experienced it please comment.

But the Issue in Karnataka in totally different. In Dec 2021, it is a Women Only College. Seven Students wearing Hijab enter the College. The Principal says that due to college restrictions they should not wear Hijab. The Seven Students protested that they follow Islam and it's their right to wear Hijab. They say that they should wear Hijab according to their religious values. The Women's chest and Hair attract men. This is the reason Hijab is worn by Women. Burka is an Arab culture that covers the entire body. The School uniform colour will be the colour of the Hijab. 

So the Principal questions the Seven students and they protest. The Students say that the Hindu Students don't have any restrictions. The Seven students question the restrictions applied only to them. The College says that for the past 37 years there has been no issue. More than 70 Islam female Students are studying in the College. So the College authorities didnt permit the Seven Students. 

The Students said that there is no rule against wearing Hijabs in the College Rules and Restrictions. They said that it is their right to wear the Hijab. After Parents and Teachers meetings, this issue became a huge one. 

Politics has entered this issue. 

The Islam students say that Hindu Students do not have any restrictions. 

Why is the College restricting only to Muslims Students?

There are two organizations behind this issue. They are CFI(Campus front of India) and SIO(Students Islamic Organization). These two are student organizations. There is a student organization behind every Political party. In Communism, the CFI will be present. In BJP there is ABVP. There is also a student organization for Congress.

So CFI and SIO both wanted the Students to wear the Hijab as it is their right. The issue was shared on Social media. SIO says that it doesnt want the issue to grow and wanted a peaceful resolution. But CFI launched a case against College. The Police had entered the College and the Seven Students were asked to stand outside the College. 

The Students say that their right to wear Hijabs have been restricted whereas other religions restrictions doesnt apply. 

The College has recorded the Students as Absent. Many students organization started their protests against the College in Support of the Seven Students. Many students want the College to allow The seven students to wear Hijab. This became a Political playground for Politicians. 

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that “Saraswati Gives Knowledge to all. She Doesnt differentiate”. 

So Rahul Gandhi has started speaking about this issue as a Hindu vs Islam issue. The Educational minister of Karnataka says that this is the rule and they don't let the students wear Hijabs. The Students said that Previous students have worn Hijabs. 

What is the issue for the College if the Students wear Hijabs?

The issue is wearing Hijabs vs Uniforms. A Uniform is similar and everyone is equal. The College argues that by wearing Hijabs the Students may look different to other students. The Students say that according to their religion it is mandatory to wear Hijabs. The Students refused to remove their Hijabs. 

After Rahul Gandhi made this issue into a Political one. BJP’s ABVP organization says that if Islam Students wear Hijabs then they will wear Saffron Shawl. Now, this starts an Ego clash among students. Many Political parties used this as an opportunity. The Students Society is split into two because of this issue. 

When this was happening another issue started in Jan 2022 Karnataka. In a railway station in Bengaluru, there is a porters restroom. More than 100 Porters use this room. Islam Porters have changed the look of the room to do Namaz. This was opposed by HJS Organization(Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. 

How did they change a Govt Room appearance?

But the Porters who are Hindus, Christians and Muslims say that there is no issue among them. They don't oppose changing the room. The Porters questioned HJS’s Intentions. 

The Porters say that there is a Hindu Temple on Platform 8. The govt wanted to demolish the Hindu Temple 2 years ago. All porters from various religions protested against the govt demolishing the Temple. The Unity among the Porters is not seen but changing the Room is made an issue. The HJS has managed to change the room to normal. 

A Youtuber in Karnataka takes a video of Students praying and released it. This happened in a School in Kolar. A Classroom is a school is used for Namaz is the argument by the Youtuber. The Right-Wing parties entered this issue and questioned the School. 

Muslims daily do 5 Namaz. In India, there are rooms allotted for the Muslims to conduct their prayers. This is a must and these are their religious beliefs. 

The Right-Wing parties say that no room should be allotted to the Muslims to conduct their prayers. So these Separatists want to create a divide between Hindus and Muslims. They have spread malicious Propaganda to the People. This has become a huge issue among the Students. 

The College authorities asked the Sven Students that nearly 70 Islam students are not wearing Hijabs. 

Why are the Students are insisting on wearing them?

The Svens students said that it is their right not to wear Hijabs. This issue has been ongoing for three weeks. The govt knew that this has become a Public issue. They reinstated the Uniform as Mandatory law. The govt says that Hijabs will be allowed for the students. These seven students have been placed in Different classes. 

The question is,

What's wrong with wearing a Hijab?

These are their religious values. It is their right to wear Hijabs. In the same college Hindu festivals are held. No one protested against it. But wearing a Hijab is not allowed. 

This Hijab issue has become a major issue in many Schools and Colleges in Karnataka. 

In 2009, Hijab protests were conducted in SVS College in Bantwal. In 2016, another protest was held in Dr.Shivaram Karanth Govt College Bellare and Srinivas College. In 2018 St.Agnes College reported a protest. 

For many years this issue has been prolonged. Now in 2022, another protest has started. 

How has it affected the students?

There could be riots if this issue continues. The people who speak feminism have taken this issue into their hands. BJP sees that it is an act against their values. 

Who gave them the right to oppose the religious beliefs of the Muslims?

The Indian constitution speaks about Equality. 

How can we avoid this issue?

If there is a Christian Institution there is a church. There are prayers based on Christianity. A Hindu college will have a Hindu Prayer. An Islamic college will have its prayers. 

Whatever their religion may be,

Why don't they conduct a prayer which shows Equality?

Wearing a Hijab is their Right to do so. Religious values are targeted in many schools with different religions. 

If the hijab is valued, then importance must be given to other religious beliefs. If it is mandatory they can wear the dresses. 

But if it is not mandatory, you wear A Saffron shawl and come to college it is unnecessary. 

Have you worn the Saffron Shawl daily?

Is it mandatory in your religion?

If this is not the case, then this is Hate Politics. The hate Politics has been planted into the Hearths of our Younger generation. They can use this for political gains. But cannot build a strong combined Community. 

The Saffron Shawl in not mandatory. If your religion says that it is mandatory-you can do it. If you do wear it for Hate Politics. There is a lot of difference between rights and Hate Politics. 

It is mandatory for Muslims to wear Hijabs. It is their right to wear it. No one has no right to tell them not to wear a Hijab. 

They can wear Hijabs in the colour of their Uniform. The Hijab is used to cover themselves. If they say that wearing Burqas is a must. We should raise questions against it. Uniforms cannot be replaced directly by Burqas. 

So the Karnataka govt says that the students can wear Burqas to the campus. Inside the Campus, they are allowed to wear Hijabs. 

Now please analyse the Situation. There are various student Organizations involved in this issue. There are Some Students organizations that work for some Political parties. 

The Student Society must be aware and be cautious about these Separatists Forces. They are trying to divide the united Indians. 

If there is no issue Politics cannot use it as a Playground. This Hijab is not an issue. This is Poisonous Propaganda used by some forces. Please be careful. 

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