Kashmir Bedi – RAW’s Spy | India’s Spy agency RAW Part7

Kashmir Bedi - RAW's Spy | India's Spy agency RAW Part7:

21st Sep 1968, was the day India’s Spy agency was created. RN Kao was the head of RAW. Indira Gandhi was giving orders to RAW. 

What is the next mission of RAW?

India needs to send its spies into Pakistan. 

How did RAW train its agents?

Who did RAW Recruit?

How did they Recruit?

Did the agents receive training in foreign countries?

After the training ended. The Indian agents infiltrated Pakistan.

What were the decisions of RN Kao?

This is RAW Part 7. 

Three officers were waiting in a room. Two of them are tense. But the other agent was normal. RN Kao was the man. 

Why are these Three waiting in the RAW office?

This was the first time a RAW Spy has been sent into Pakistan. The three RAW officers were waiting for a Phone call from the Spy. They need confirmation to send in more RAW Spies into Pakistan. 

The year was 1968. East and West Pakistan Exist. RAW has received intelligence that an issue is happening on one side of Pakistan. RAW needed to confirm the report. They also needed information about the weapons in Pakistan. This was the reason RAW was sending in Spies. RAW was selecting its agents. 

RAW didn't need IB Agents or Officers. They needed common People. People who were living in J&K, Rajasthan and Punjab. The people who lived in the borders were changed into Spies. 

A RAW officer was surveilling for Candidates. He saw a youngster who was very active and he was good with people. The Youngman was called Kashmir Bedi.

The RAW officer wanted to enlist Kashmir Bedi. The Officer gave the information to RN Kao. RN Kao assigns Four Officers to retrieve Full details about Kashmir Bedi. The Four agents follow the young man and collect all details. They needed one month to collect all the details. The RAW agents identify that Kashmir Bedi was an Excellent candidate for a spy. 

Two Officers from RAW approached him and said that they were offering a Job in the Indian army. His salary would be Rs450 Per month. His task is to go to Pakistan. He will be given Rs150 as Allowance. Kashmir Bedi wanted to serve his country. Kashmir Bedi underwent three Months of training. He was very fluent in Urdu and he was taught all things about Islam. Within one month he had been trained to Conduct Prayers In Islam. His name was then changed to Mohmad Ibrahim. One Set of training was over and he was sent to take part in the next one. 

The Next training consisted of Codewords. He was given a Codeword called “Uncle”. The Codeword “Uncle” was used to contact the Chief Officer in RAW. The other parts of the training will be given by other people. 

Mohmad Ibrahim asks,

How will I identify these people?

The agents said that they will meet him. 

The RAW spies didn't have any kind of contact with each other. They didn't know whether the Spy was a Double agent or not. The Double agents worked both for India and Pakistan. Spies from India may work only for India. 

The next world used as Codeword was Dead Drop. These agents will collect Information or weapons in one location. This location is called Dead Drop. The next word was Dry Cleaning. Information or weapons collected by another agent should be sent to appropriate officers in India. Then comes the common codewords Legend and Cobbler. There are many codewords. There is a book called Survive like a spy. In this book, you can see the full details of the codewords.  Let's discuss this book in the upcoming post. 

Mohmad Ibrahim has learned the Codewords so he was sent to this next training. This consisted of using Advanced Weapons and Technology. After the completion of this training, he was sent to Sankaran Nair. Sankaran was in France at that time. Kashmir Bedi was sent to France. More advanced training to use equipment was given to Kashmir Bedi. Sankaran Nair overlooked his training and Bedi Returned to India. 

Sankaran Nair gives a task to Muhamad Ebrahim. To take a photo of a particular location with no one there. Sankaran Nair also informs RAW that the particular location was going to be Photographed by a Person. He informs them to stop him. Sankaran Nair knew that Ebrahim was well trained and had become Effective in his work. 

Kashmir Bedi takes photos of the Location without being caught. The Photos were excellent. But there were no Entry or Exit Photos of the building. Sankaran Nair informs that Bedi has to take photos of Entry and Exit as it is very important for a spy. Mohamad Ibrahim learned a lot from Sankaran Nair. 

Sankaran Nair has told RN Kao that Kashmir Bedi was a perfect candidate to be sent to Pakistan. 

Sankaran Nair has received news that internal issues were growing in East Pakistan. India wanted to send in Spies into East Pakistan. Sankaran Nair wanted to send Kashmir Bedi into Pakistan to spy on the Pakistani army. Sankaran Nair has informed RN Kao. 

RN Kao had another job. He was the head of ARC. In 1968, India was able to monitor and take photos up to 70 Kilometres into the Pakistani border. India was able to conduct surveillance. The Photos have to be taken and reviewed by the Indian Officers for any changes. This is manual work which was led by RN Kao. 

RN Kao instructed Kashmir Bedi to take photos. 

How will I enter Pakistan?

This was the question by Kashmir Bedi. He was told that two agents will come for Kashmir Bedi. He was ordered to leave the next morning. Kashmir Bedi was given a 22 Millimeter camera and a radio communication device. He was asked to take care of the equipment. The Camera was an imported one and if caught will turn into an international issue. Kashmir Bedi was waiting with this equipment. 

RN Kao was accompanied by a member from the photo interpretation department. That member takes Kashmir Bedi to a location which is the Dera Baba Nanak. From that location, One kilometre Kashmir Bedi has to walk into the Pakistan Border. The Two agents have spotted Bedi and three of them enter Pakistan. 

This was the reason RN Kao and the other two members of RAW were waiting for a Phone call. In the Phone call, there will be a voice which says “Yes”. If this message was received then RN Kao can confirm that Kashmir Bedi has safely entered Pakistan. If it is a “No” then there has been an issue. 

Who would make the call?

Kashmir Bedi has to enter Pakistan. He has to drop a letter of his arrival in the Dead Drop. The Spy who does the Dry Cleaning will pass the message to India. The Indian officer will go to a Public Telephone and call RN Kao. We know about RN Kao and Kashmir Bedi. The Spies in this operation are from India but their names are Unknown. 

So the Information was Dead Dropped and through Dry Cleaning, the information was passed. The Indian officer is called RN Kao. He receives the Codeword “Yes”. RN Kao was happy as he had sent the first spy into Pakistan. Kashmir Bedi has entered West Pakistan and RN Kao was waiting for Information. 

Within one week, through Dry Cleaning information was passed to RAW. All were Photos in which RN Kao was an expert. RN Kao analysed the Photos and was shocked. 

RN Kao wanted to meet with Indira immediately. 

What was the main reason?

RN Kao says to Indira that America is helping Pakistan. He says that America has betrayed India. Indira Gandhi wanted a detailed report. America has banned selling weapons to India and Pakistan. America passed this Ban in 1947. 

How is America providing Pakistan weapons?

America was supplying arms through the Black Market. Missiles and Weapons were identified as American Made. They had gathered information on the Weapons and Missiles of Pakistan. 

India knew that West Pakistan was preparing to attack East Pakistan. America was helping East Pakistan. 

What were the actions of Indira Gandhi and RN Kao?

How did India receive weapons and Missiles?

How did India help East Pakistan?

Nearly 15 Spies were sent within one month to West, East Pakistan and Srilanka.

Now the year is 1971. War is happening. 

What did RN Kao and Indira Gandhi do?

Please wait for the next post. Some say that there was a time when RN Kao’s RAW was on the Verge of Collapse. When RAW was functioning Successfully, some wanted RAW to be shut down. India took action and removed 50% of its officers from service. We will discuss this in the upcoming episodes. 

How was this post?

How have they recruited spies?

What was the research conducted?

The training they received and many of these spies have sacrificed their lives for their motherland. We have forgotten those spies. 

Spies are also why we are safely living in India. The Spy agency is also India’s Protection force. 

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