Katcha Theevu Belongs to Tamilnadu,India – History and Proof Part 1

Katcha Theevu Belongs to Tamilnadu, India - History and Proof Part 1:

1 ½ Half Kilometres long, 350 Metres in width. Nearly 285 Acres Cent of land. This island is called Katchatheevu. Based on this island the dreams of Tamilians have remained dreams and been a disappointment. 

Many Know that Katchatheevu belongs to India and Tamilnadu. 

The Indian govt searched for the proof but couldn’t find any.

What is the truth?

What proof do we have to confirm that Katchatheevu belongs to India?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Katchatheevu has become a big issue for the Fishermen from Tamilnadu. We would have heard regular news that the Fishermen who went fishing has been arrested by the Coast Guard of Sri Lanka. Recently the arrest numbers have gone down but for so long this news was regular news. 

You may ask us a question.

Why have been our fishermen arrested for catching fish in the region which belongs to India?

27th Sep Dilipan brother died and sacrificed himself for the good of the Tamil People. This Katchateevu issue clearly shows how Tamilians have been fooled. 

It all started in 1974-75, Indian Prime Minister was Indira Gandhi. Katchatheevu which belongs to India has been given to Sri Lanka as its region. 

What was the reason behind giving our island to Sri Lanka?

Indira Gandhi says there is no big theory behind the transfer of ownership. She says it was for some Political reasons. 

Is there any proof or records that says Katchatheevu belongs to Sri Lanka?

If we search for answers. The govt says it is Confidential Information. 

What are the rights of Tamil Fishermen near Katchatheevu?

Two Rights. Our Fishermen can dry their fishing nets in the Island. The next is we can go to the St.Antony’s Church for prayers. 

Katcha Theevu Belongs to Tamilnadu,India - History and Proof Part 1

When was the Island created naturally?

There are two types of answers to this question. 

One Answer is 1480, Due to the turbulence in the sea nearly 11 Islands were created. Near Rameshwaram, nearly 11 Islands were created naturally. From Rameshwaram, the distance to Katchateevu is only 17 Kilometres. Due to eruption of a Volcano, these 11 Islands were formed. 

The Islands names are as follows, Kundhukal, Punavasal, Muyal Theevu, Pumarison Theevu, Mulai Theevu, Manal Theevu, Katcha theevu or Vali Theevu, Appa Theevu, Nala Thani Theevu, Uppu Thani Theevu, Kudisadi Theevu. 

Katcha theevu has been called as Vali Theevu in the Indian Parliament. The Island was formed in 1480. But in the book of Ramayanam, Raman fought Vali in this island. Vajpai mentions this in the Indian Parliament and he also raises his voice to take back the Island. 

SO if Vajpai is raising his voice against the issue. Congress party has to be the one which gifted Katchateevu to Sri Lanka. 

We need to speak politics in this topic. As this issue consists of Local, Internal and International Politics. Local Politics denotes Tamilnadu Politics, Internal Politics denotes Indian Politics. International Politics Denotes Srilanka and India politics. 

Was Katchateevu gifted to Sri Lanka with permissions from all parties?

There was no request in the Indian Parliament that Katchateevu has been gifted to Sri Lanka. Without any information or debates, the ISland was simply gifted to Sri Lanka. But the agreement’s copy was shared in the Indian Parliament.

From 1990 to 2020, In all elections, the political parties of Tamilnadu promises that they will reclaim the island if they come to power. 

Can we retake the Island?

One Side says that the island has been gifted. TO retake the Island we should go to war. The other side says that a good and Strong Leadership in Tamilnadu is enough to retake the Island without war. The third groups say that India can get back its ISland with diplomacy by raising the issue in the International premises. 

If there are possibilities why has India not got back its Island?

When Congress was ruling India. The Opposing parties raised these questions. The Congress party said that there is no proof available in India. Due to this, they think that the Island belongs to Sri Lanka. This will answer the congress party will give us.  

What other proof we have to confirm that Katchateevu belongs to India?

Katcha Theevu Belongs to Tamilnadu,India - History and Proof Part 1

We discussed there is a St.Antony’s Church in the ISland. People don’t reside in the island. This Church was built by a Fisherman from Rameshwaram called Cinnikuppan Padaiyachiyar. Indians at any time can travel to the Island for worship and go to the Church. A Srilankan citizen should ask permission from their govt and can visit the church. So The Church was built by Indians and Indians can any time visit the church.

How is it possible that an Indian Church can be built in Srilankan Territory?

History says that in 1605 AD, Nayaks established the clan of Ramanathapuram Sethupathy King. The Madurai Nayaks gave some lands to the Clan of Ramanathapuram Sethupathy Kings. The Islands were kuthukal theevu, Kurusadi Theevu, Ramasamy Theevu, Mannaali Theevu, Katcha Theevu, Nadu theevu, Palli Theevu, and 69 Coastal Villages belongs to the Sethupathy Kings. We still have the records and proof in our history books that Katcha Theevu belongs to India. 

The Current and strong proof which we have is a copper Plate Plaque issued by King Kootan Sethupathy who ruled Ramanathapuram from 1622- 1635. This copper plate clearly says that Sea Upto Talaimanar belongs to the Sethupathy Kings. 

The Next proof is Ramanathapuram District Govt records. The Island which is formed in the 1480s all islands belong to Ramanathapuram. 

The Next proof there is a Temple called Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy Malaivalar Kadhali Ammai. The Flowers and Cows which are given to the temple were from the Katcha Theevu Island. 

The Maps which were created by the Dutch and Portuguese. The maps clearly show us that Katcha Theevu was a part of India, not SriLanka. In 17th Centruy a History author comes to Sri Lanka. He searches for proof and completes his research by drawing a map. He mentioned that the Island belongs to India, not Srilanka. 

Next 1767, Muthuramalinga Sethupathy was ruling the lands, The Dutch placed a request to travel from Srilanka to India. The King gives permission to the dutch and this event has been recorded in the history books of the Dutch. So for the dutch to travel from Srilanka to India through Katchtheevu the permission has been given by an Indian king. 

On 1802, Through Zamindari land act, it clearly says that Katcha Theevu belongs to Ramanathapuram King by the British. In the records of the British who ruled us, Katcha Theevu belongs to Tamilnadu, India. The East India Company in 1822 signed an agreement with the Ramand King to use Sixty Nine Villages and 7 Islands(Which Included Katcha Theevu) for their trading purposes. So according to the British Katchatheevu belonged to the Ramanad King. This is historical evidence. 

IS the Indian govt refusing to accept these facts and Proofs?


Is the Indian Govt afraid that a big Struggle to retake Kathatheevu will take form?

The proof from 1857 to 1861 two historical authors travel to Srilanka and collect proof. Then they drew a map of Sri Lanka, Katcha Theevu was not in that map. 

Then comes Record No 510, 1880 IE 23rd June 1880, the recorded file shows that Katch Theevu belongs to Ramanathapuram Zamindari. 

The Record shows that 8 Coastal villages and 4 Islands which includes Katcha theevu, Ramanathapuram Madurai District Special Collector Edward Colonel gave lease for 1 year to Kelakari, Sayabhu Mapillai Marakayar Son Jenab Muhammad Abdul Kathar Marakayar and Ramasamy Pillai Son Muthusamy Pillai jointly have taken a lease for rs 700. This is a govt record in the Indian govt. So in 1880, the Island belonged to India. 

Next proof is from 1885 another lease was given for the Island. 

There is still a lot of proof that clearly says that KatchaTheevu Belonged to Tamilnadu, India. 

The proof after this starts in the 1900s. After India got its Independence in 1947. The Tamil Politicians who ruled over Tamilnadu for some reason destroyed the Historical records.  

What are these destroyed Historical Records?

This led to a Belief that Katcha Theevu belongs to Srilanka. 

What are the truth and the proof?

We will discuss it in another part of this series. 

So this video and the Upcoming video is for your Next Generation to know the History. We are posting this video so the Tamil People will never forget that Katcha Theevu belongs to Tamilnadu, India. 

This video is proof that Katcha Theevu belongs to us. The Tamil Fishermen will benefit a lot from this. This Playlist will make some changes happen. 

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