Katchatheevu Hidden Truths Revealed – Part2

Katchatheevu Hidden Truths Revealed - Part2:

An island till now has been spoken among the Politicians to retake the given Island from Srilanka. This island is called Katchateevu. 

The Politicians are not able to give proof that the Island belongs to Tamilnadu, India. 

We have discussed that Katchatheevu Belongs to Tamilnadu, India with Proof in part 1 of this series. 

IN Part2 We will discuss the Politics behind the island and the international Pressure. 

We will discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

In 1974 Katchatheevu was gifted to Srilanka. In 1976 there was a modification in the agreement. The modification was the Tamil Fishermen are not allowed to fish near the Island. 

What is the reason behind this ban?

Political issues happened between 1974 to 1976?

IF Some Political parties actively opposed the idea would Katchatheevu remain with India?

Was there a chance?

No. On 1955 A big protest happened in Srilanka. The Protest was that only Sinhalese People should remain in Srilanka. From 1955 the Singalese People must be given Priority and the Tamil people must be persecuted. When the decision was taken, its greatest hurdle was Tamilnadu. SO for Srilanka to control Tamilnadu, they needed control over Katchatheevu. 

The Srilankan Navy which has this their aim started Navy Exercises near Katchatheevu. So if the Indian govt and the navy gave a fitting reply to the Srilanka Navy in 1955, Srilanka could have never come near Kathatheevu.  This is the first mistake by the Indian govt which was ruled by Congress Party. 

The Srilankan govt knew that there will be no repercussions if they wanted to occupy the ISland. ON 1956 Srilankan Navy conducted another Navy Exercise. Indian govt didnt take this issue seriously and want to end it with Peace talks. But the Srilankan govt said that they will not conduct Naval Exercises but the Island Belongs to them. 

On 1956 this issue comes to the Parliament. 1956 Trichy’s Member of Parliament Anandhan Nambiyar who was in the Podhu Udamai Part raises this issue in the parliament. The Opposing parties said that for a small Island two countries cannot go to war. For no reason, the opposing parties were ok with giving away the island. This raged the Tamil People but there was no change. 

On 1968 Srilanka announces that Katchatheevu belongs to them. Once Again this issue was raised in the Indian Parliament. Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi said that they are conducting research on whether the Island belonged to the Sethupathy Kings. 

On 1971, Bangladesh people wanted a separate country from Pakistan. India supports the rebels. Pakistan declares war on India. The Srilankan govt was supporting the Pakistani govt. America also didnt want the birth of Bangladesh as a country. America was willing to send USS Enterprise a Nuclear Warship to attack Kolkatta. Russia was ready to assist its ally India. America decided to bring back its ship. 

After this issue, Bangladesh was formed with the help of India as the Pakistan Army was defeated by the Indian army. But Pakistan placed a request to Srilanka, their request was to build an Airbase in Srilanka. SriLanka accepted the offer. 

Indira Gandhi thinks that Pakistan sets up an airbase, India can be attacked from three directions. So she wanted to stop the Construction of the airbase by being friendly with Srilanka. 

What did Srilanka want in return to cancel the Construction of the Pakistani Airbase?

Srilankan govt asked for the Ownership of Katchatheevu. The issue will be resolved if Katchatheevu is given to Srilanka. On 20th June 1974, In Delhi, Indira Gandhi signs the Katchatheevu Agreement. On 28th June 1974, Srilankan Prime Minister signs the agreement.

Regarding the agreement, there was no arguments or debates in the Indian Parliament.  The Copy of the agreement was submitted to the Parliament and many readied questions and were against the agreement. 

On 23rd July 1974, Then foreign Minister Swaran Singh released a statement. In the statement, he clearly states how the Tamil Politicians betrayed Tamil People from June 1974. When they submitted the Agreement in the parliament, there were a total of 38 Members of Parliaments from Tamilnadu. DMK had 22 members, Congress 9, India Communist 4, Forward Block 1, Muslim League 1. But DMK members of Parliaments oppose the agreement and leave the parliament. DMK never protested but just left the Parliament. So the Congress didnt have pressure and the agreement was passed in the Parliament. But the Tamilnadu Congress and Indian Communist didnt raise their voice against the agreement. Tamil Communist party member M Kalayasundaram mentioned they welcomed the decision to give Katchatheevu to Srilanka. He also requests to do something for the fishermen. 

Thus DMK, ADMK, Congress, Communist all betrayed the Tamil People. DMK didnt strongly oppose the agreement.

The agreement happened in 1974, but during 1976 this agreement was changed and updated. 

Did both COuntries mutually agree with the modifications done in the agreement?

No. They said that Foreign ministers of both countries exchanged letters to confirm the agreement update. This is the official statement from India. 

Thus The agreement which said Tamils had some rights in Katchatheevu in 1974 but the 1976 Changed agreement clearly stated that the Tamils have any rights over the island. 

So now we know that in 1974 Katchatheevu was simply for no reason gifted to Sri Lanka. But in 15th July 1972 Tamilnadu govt records map shows that Katchatheevu doesnt belong to India. So thus the map became a support record for Sri Lanka. 

That record had an Introduction which was written by the Late DMK Leader Karunanidhi. 

How did they leave Kathatheevu in 1972 map and submit it as Indian map?

  In 1972 the Tamil Politics have started to betray the Tamil People. Next comes the Sensex which has been taken on Ten years basis.  In a region is unpopulated the Sensex will show that the region still belongs to India. In the years 1951,1961, and 1971 Sensex the island Katchatheevu was not recorded. Now Srilanka is saying that Katchatheevu belongs to it because it is not present in the Indian Sensex. 

From 1854 to 1956, if we look at the Indian map, we can clearly see Katchtheevu was a part of India. India for some reasons forgot the island. On 1974 Indira Gandhi gifted Katchatheevu to Srilanka. DMK was also a major reason for giving up Katchatheevu.

When did Katchatheevu was removed from the map of India?

It was during the reign of MGR ADMK. 

Did MGR oppose this act or not?

What is the proof?

In the video, 11.43 we can clearly see that Katchatheevu was removed from the map of India by the Ramanand Collector office. There was a letter to the Indian govt stating to remove Katchatheevu from the Indian map. 

This is how the Tamils have been betrayed. 

What can we do now?

What can the Indian govt do to get back our lost Island?

We will discuss it in part3. 

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