Kazakhstan a Ticking Time Bomb for Russia

Kazakhstan a Ticking Time Bomb for Russia

What is happening in Kazakhstan?

Violent protests against the increase in Oil prices has happened. 

What is the world fearful?

World War 2 is Over. Hitler is dead. America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. From then to now the World has always feared a World War3. 

To Develop Nuclear weapons the countries need Uranium. If the World Produces 100% Uranium. Nearly 35% of uranium is exported from Kazakhstan. There is the latest news which we will discuss in detail. 

Due to Oil Prices, deadly protests have happened and a lot of people have died. 

Kazakhstan is under President rule. 

What does the Kazakh President say?

The People started to protest and placed their requests to the Govt. The Govt accepted their Proposals. When the govt has accepted the Protesters request in many places suddenly violence started to happen. Many Places were set on fire and Govt buildings destroyed. The Govt says that Separatist Terrorists have posed themselves as Protesters. So the President has issued an “Open Fire” order to the Security forces. So the President has said that Armed Militants have joined the protesters. 

Where did these Armed Militants come from?

Why are they causing unnecessary unrest in the Country?

The World gives a lot of reasons. But we will say another reason which is the truth. 

The reason is the aftermath of the Cold war. In 1920 Kazakhstan became a part of the USSR. Kazakhstan was the first Islamic country that became a part of the USSR. Islamic Countries in Central Asia have a 90% Muslim Population. There may be many Ethnic Groups but the Population will be 90% Islam. But In Kazakhstan nearly 70% of the population are Muslims. The remaining 23% will be Christians. The Total Population is 1 Crore 90 Lakh People. From 4 to 5 Lakh People may be Russians. So in 1920, Kazakhstan joined the USSR. Following the Downfall of the USSR in 1991 Kazakhstan announced itself as an Independent country. 

In Modern days Kazakhstan has signed many agreements with Russia. Russia even built its Rocket Launchpad in Kazakhstan. Many important Rockets of Russia are launched from the Site in Kazakhstan. We all know about the Advanced air Defense System S-400. The New S-550 Anti Missile System has been tested by Russia in Kazakhstan. 

Kazakhstan has a lot of Uranium Mines in Remote areas. So the Country has Uranium reserves. In The world the 11th largest Crude oil Country is Kazakhstan. So the Country has Uranium and Crude Oil. It has also a lot of Natural Resources. 

China wanted to exploit the resources of Kazakhstan and they are trying their best to enter the country. We know that there is a Land and Sea route for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. For the Sea, Route China has already made a slave out of Srilanka and Pakistan. For China’s Land Route it needs Kazakhstan. 

If you look at the World Map Kazakhstan large parts border is surrounded by land. It borders China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. It has a small part connecting to the Caspian sea. 

The Border between Russia and Kazakhstan is the Second longest in the world. This is the reason Russia immediately sent troops following the Violence in Kazakhstan. Russia sent 3000 Soldiers a peace Keeping force. The Kazakh president has said that the Russian troops will leave the country soon. So the country may go back to peace. 

But Russia has accused the Western Powers of supporting Separatists in the country. Russia has told that a Hybrid war has been conducted. 

What is this Hybrid War?

Kazakhstan was once a part of Russia. Then they signed many agreements supporting Russia. So the Kazakhstan govt is Pro Russia. Russia has a Military base, Rocket Base in the country. So when there are supporters of Russia in Kazakhstan. The Western Countries want to remove the Pro Russia Politicians in the Country. This is the reason behind the recent violence in the country.

Russia has also provided proof. Russia says that many NGO’s came to the country to create issues in the country. 

Can NGO’s create Civil unrest?

Yes, They can. If Spy agencies wanted to create an issue in another country. Through Some NGO’s they can achieve this goal. There are so many good NGO’s in the world. But some NGO’s are used to create Civil Unrest. The Western Supported NGO’s have come into Kazakhstan. The NGO’s have entered the country one year ago. 

These NGO’s have spent 1 Million USD on many Campaigns in the country. The Campaigns are against the Govt and the Politicians. The NGO has been acting against the country. This is the proof given by Russia explaining this new Hybrid War. 

By Providing false information to the People and turning the people against Russia. These protests were against the Pro Russian Politicians. This is the reason Russia has deployed its army in Kazakhstan. Belarus and Armenia have also sent peacekeeping Forces. 

This issue was widely spoken and Telecasted by the Western media. There was a Violent Protest that happened in Kazakhstan and the World spoke about it. But In Myanmar, we are hearing atrocities and Human Rights violations on a daily basis. But the Western Media is not taking any action against the Junta Regime. 

They will not speak up because there is no Natural Resources in the country and it is not of great value to Geo-Politics. This is the reason the Myanmar issue will remain an issue. If there is a small issue in Kazakhstan, it will be spoken about Worldwide. 

What will happen if Russia losses Kazakhstan?

It will create a huge issue on the Russian border. The Population in Kazakhstan is nearly 2 Crore People. If there is an issue in Kazakhstan the people will flock to Russia as refugees. If Kazakhstan falls into the American trap. America can easily spy on Russia from Kazakhstan. America can create issues in Russia. This is the exact thing that is happening in Ukraine. NATO forces are acting against Russia from Ukraine. This is why Russia has stationed the Troops on the border and has warned NATO. 

Already Russia is facing issues from Ukraine. If there is a problem in Kazakhstan America can try to get Russian allies to join NATO. This is America’s plan for Russia. 

When America tries to concentrate on Russia. China’s influence in growing rapidly. America has to fight in both fronts China and Russia. IF Russia fails then America will face China. 

Due to the Russian Rocket Launchpad in Kazakhstan. This launchpad is polluting the surroundings. The protests concentrated on Oil Prices, Pollution and Pro Russian govt. This issue is currently over in Kazakhstan. 

Russia and America are fighting against Each other while China is watching this game. 

You might know to understand the real issue in Kazakhstan. We also discussed the importance of Kazakhstan for Russia. We will update if there is news in the upcoming posts.

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