Keezhadi Economy Explained

Is Keezhadi a civilization?

Is there an Economic Underlining of Keezhadi?

Do you have any proof that Kheezhadi it was a big city and civilization?

This is normal in Archaeology. We have a lot of places to explore. There is a group that has asked questions about Keezhadi. Another group is saying that it was a big city but no Civilization. So we as a group say that Keezhadi Is Tamil civilization. We said that Keezhadi didn't have any religion. Another group is saying now that a particular Religion started in Keezhadi. So Keezhadi has transformed into debate now. This is exactly what we want. The real truth will come out only when people start talking about it. So when we're debating Keezhadi could have been a major economic city this is a finding of some researchers. 

We saw a lot of information based on this theory in a website. We did our own research to find out the facts from fiction.

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

A nation or a Civilization if it wants to Excel in Economy it has o have Friendly people who accept other Religions, Caste. They should just live as humans. This transforms into a Great Economic nation, our country is struggling because the diversity which we have is enormous. 

Keezhadi Economy Explained

The second point is Internal Structure which has to be on a large scale. The third one is the great ruling authority. To communicate they should have a language. Communication is very important. They should also excel in Trade with other nations. Ports must be available to trade effectively. For exchange in trade, they should have had Coins. People should have had knowledge about the value of those coins. So of these, all combined would create a greater Civilization in that particular place. Keezhadi is well established in all the departments. So the proof that will be discussed in this post. 

So let's travel back in time to 1st Century Bc. A song is there which is in Nedunalvadai. This is one of the Book which is in Pathupattu. 

Please refer to the video 3.24. So the meaning to that is This was an Ancient city. A city that flourished. It had palaces. The streets of this city were like rivers. The people of the city were healthy. It was well protected by soldiers. A flower called padalai was worn by the people in their heads. When it was cold they covered themselves with two kinds of clothing. Whether it was day or Night the City was very active. They were strong people. 

So if we go and ask a scientist what are the most important to findings which humans did. They would say Fire. The fire was the turning point of human evolution. The second invention is the Wheel. The wheel was used to move objects to various locations. The wheel has made a major role in all Popular Civilizations. 

When was the Wheel Invented?

The oldest Wheel which we discovered dates back to 5000 years. Now in Keezhadi and Adhichanallur, there was many kinds of pottery found. So to create this Pottery we should have used Wheel. So a person who is well versed in using the Wheel should have made this Pottery.

If this is true who would have invented the Wheel?

We should also look into another matter here. Humans then used iron and Copper. Then Humans started to use Uruk. Uruk means steel. If you go online and search for it you would find it renames as Wootz steel or Damascus steel. Many have accepted that it was invented by the Tamilians. If you go online you can see that Wootz steel originated from Southern India. So the unique thing about this is when you Mix Iron with a certain percentage of carbon you obtain an Egg called Uruk. Tamilians knew the formula and mastered this art. They also gave a definition in which pattern it should be created. The people who invented this was The Chera. After they have used and mastered it, this went to various nations like China, Burma, Thailand this is History. The weapons which were created using this method are still protected in various countries in their Museums. Tamilians were the ones who invented it in 6th Century Bc. A scholar called Subramanian said that” They should have been using this method for so long that they mastered it and then exported it to various countries, It can never be seen in the world at that time”. The iron which is melted must have a temperature of nearly 1400 Degree Celsius, after heating it adding carbon will create steel. In 6th Century Bc, they were doing it easily.

From Keezhadi we have found many factories. A 350-meter long wall has been discovered to imagine what factory should have existed behind those walls.

Keezhadi Economy Explained

An Economically advanced Country will have its buildings in a well-structured manner. It's called Engineering. Keezhadi Buildings all have these traits. Somebody should have been well versed in Engineering at that time. They even build how they should preserve drinking water and how to dispose of Wastewater.

The river vaigai is not flowing all the time. The people knew that it may dry up at any time. So they learned how to preserve water. 

What else do we need as proof that it was a Civilization?

Orissa Balu Sir said” Turtles don't swim in the sea, They follow the current which flows beneath the sea. Tamilians knew about this current beneath the sea and that's how they were able to reach many countries and trade with them Effectively. The proof which he gave was “There are nearly 19000 cities which are named in Tamil”. Another Proof is we all know about Pearl right. In Tamil its called Muthu. 

How did it get this name Muthu?

Keezhadi Economy Explained

Have you heard about Parali? Still, now this has been seen in various places in Tamilnadu and Srilanka. Parali means Muthu. So the places where Pearl was found was called Parali. So Pearl was previously called Paral. Foreigners cant Pronounce Rah so they changed the name to Pearl. We forgot what we called it and we are now calling it as Pearl. The root words for everything were lost in time or we don't use it now. If we knew these roots words we will find that Paral was changed to Pearl. From Keezhadi lot of pearls were found and also Roman Coins. These coins were used to trade with other countries. We should also consider the fact that if there are various coins the people should have an understanding of how valuable those coins were. So Tamilians were educated even on those times. So they could have traded with countries or traders would have come here, The knowledge and value of coins were known to the Ancient Tamil People. Keezhadi had all this as proof but still, there's a group who refuses to believe it. We can now perfectly and clearly understand that they are trying to hide the truth.

From Keezhadi we have found a lot of Pins. These pins were used to stitch the sails of many ships. The cloth which was used to build the sails of these ships was from one cloth. It clearly proves our Mastery over Clothing. Muslin is the softest clothing in the world. People who Invented Muslin was Tamilians. Many ask us that we only speak about Tamil and we support Tamilians. From Rome, they send nearly up to 10000 horses per year. The history is still there in Roman Scriptures. So for the group which is saying it was not a Civilization it was a city Proof is here in this post. If they again dont accept the facts we ill give other proof as well in another post. 

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