Kerala Nun Case – Will Justice be Served?

Kerala Nun Case - Will Justice be Served?

On 14th Jan 2022, A verdict was passed for a case in Kerala. The verdict said that Bishop Franco is innocent and he didnt rape a nun. 

What does the verdict say?

Are we living in a world where there is equality?

No. People with Power and preying on the People with no power. Powerful men prey on Weak Women. Politicians prey on normal people. Money is the reason for inequality. 

This case, its details, The tears of the Nun. The people who tried to defend the Nun. 

Let's discuss the case. 

In June 2018, a case was filed in the Kottayam Police Station Kerala. This complaint was given by a 40-45 yr old Nun. The Complaint said that she was continuously raped by a Bishop for three years. From 2014 to 2016 the bishop has raped her 14 times. The Nun has asked the Police to arrest the Bishop. The Police took no action for the complaint registered. 

In July 2018 the Nun and 5 others started Save Our Sisters organization. The Nuns requested justice from the people directly. This started protests and support. Their Protest was to punish the People in Power who abuse their power. 

The Protest became huge and many people opposed the Protest. The affected Nun sent many letters to the Highest Raking Priests of the Roman Catholic Church. Now the Police felt the Pressure from the protesters. 

The Nun filed a Memo in the High Court stating that her Complaint has not been taken into consideration. The High Court immediately orders for a report from the Police. This happened on 22nd Sept 2018. The Complaint was registered against Bishop Franco. The Bishop was arrested and was in Jail for 25 days. On Oct 2018 He receives bail. 

In 2019 other complaints have been given and investigation started. After three years the Court has said that the Bishop is Innocent. 

What happened for the past three years?

The Police started the First stage of Investigation from the Roman Catholic Church. Before the 2018 Police complaint, for nearly a year the Nun has given many petitions to High Ranking Priests in the Diocese. The Nun had pleaded to take action against the Bishop. The High ranking Priests didnt accept the Petition given by the Sister. This was revealed in the Police Investigation that the Nun has pleaded with the Diocese to take action. The Nun has decided to go to Police because the Diocese didnt take any action. 

The judge asked the Nun to explain the events in a video. In 2014 as a guest, the Nun has come to the Church. At night times the Bishop called the Nun and had unnatural sex. The Police after filing the Complaint have asked the Nun the reasons why she didnt give an early complaint. The Nun said that she was fighting the entire system and was also supporting the affected. 

When the Bishop was arrested. Many Whatsapp groups were started against the Nun. Money, Power and Politics can easily make the affected people Crazy people. 

False Information stating that the Nun was not a good person. She has been involved in stealing Many Crore Rupees. Bishop Franco identified her deeds and questioned her for her actions. The Nun to get revenge filed a rape complaint on the Bishop. This was the news shared in the Whatsapp groups. Another group was started on Facebook. On that page, the Nun and her relative's pictures were shared. A False Propaganda against the Nun was carried out. Her relatives started to receive threats. The Nun’s family was offered money to drop the case. 

This all happened and the Police have it in their investigation. 

The Nuns and the Save the Sisters organization is fighting this case because this has been happening to many Nuns. Another Nun who supported the affected Nun has been removed from the Diocese. Many Nuns and their relatives have been removed from the Diocese. Amidst huge pressure, the Nuns have continued to fight. 

Bishop France petition to the High Court was filed. He pleaded that he was innocent. The High Court cancels his plea. The Bishop then goes to Supreme Court claiming that he is innocent. The Supreme court cancelled his plea. But the Points he made in his petition is very important. 

The Bishop has proved the Nuns Immoral actions. The Nun has a cousin. Her Cousin is married and her husband has sent an unwanted message to the Nun. The bishop has shown one message and has questioned the Nun’s values. 

This Propaganda against the Affected Nun was sent to many. The Charge Sheet was 2000 Pages long in this case. The Case verdict is 258 cases. The verdict said that there is no Proper Evidence to convict the Bishop of the crime committed. 

The Nun’s lawyer has said that justice has been killed in this case. She also said that protests against Injustice will be started again. The Lawyers of Bishop Franco has said that the Nun received Money from Muslim Extremists. They also said that she wanted to spoil Bishop Franco’s good name. Many Law analysts say that this case may be taken as a Terrorist case. 

The Nuns fighting for Justice say that there have been supporters. But many supporters have left due to the threats. 

Who will win in this case?

That Doesnt matter. 

Will the culprit be punished?

This is not a religious case. But in Humanity this is happening everywhere. The Women who are affected come forward and file cases. But the World asks them horrid questions in the name of investigation. 

A Politician from Kerala in a press meet has called the Nun a Prostitute. He says that if she has been involved 13 times then she must be a prostitute. Many Politicians were against this Politician. 

If this is the case. 

How will the affected Woman come out and Speak?

This is a case where a Nun is fighting against injustice and helping to safeguard other Women. The Nun said that After 28 years Justice was served in the Sister Abaya case. They say that in the coming year's justice will be served to the Culprit. 

What are your thoughts?

The Nun has suffered a lot and still, justice is not served. For three years she and her supporters are fought against the Powerful System. 

Who will receive your support?

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