Kerala Wife-Swap Case – Tragic Incident

Kerala Wife-Swap Case - Tragic Incident

Love. We may have a beautiful girl who is our Princess to our family. She may have fallen in love. The people who have fallen in love, reanalyse to retest whether you have fallen in love with the correct person. Some in the name of love have proved that there is a dark side to their love story. The Kerala Wife Swap case says this truth. 

If we ask the Kerala People about this case. They feel ashamed. They cannot believe that this has happened in Kerala, India. The Kerala Police has said that more than 9 members may be arrested. The Police have found out that more than 1000 people were involved. The Sex trade has been active in Kerala is the hard truth which the people can't digest. 

The govt also said that Social media played a role in this case. The Same media is the reason why this case has become public. 

What is the Kerala Wife Swap Case?

What should the parents do?

On a Whole, our Society has ti held accountable. Let's discuss this case. 

This whole case is disgusting. When we hear about this news from other countries we don't care. This Kerala case confirms that we should look into this issue. 

On 7th Jan2022, a Podcast was telecasted. The anchor has asked the life history of a 27 old woman. She told the Podcast her story with tears. She was in love for five years. In 2012 they got married. Her husband went to Gulf for work. She was working as a teacher and her husband was a painter in the Gulf. She is living in a village in Kerala. Her husband returns from Gulf in 2018. 

He says that he has become a member of a Group in Social media. The Group name was Couple Meet, Fresh Meet. The Couples must post their photos in the group. Then they have to tell their Sexual interest in the group. If the criteria match another Couple both the Couples will meet. The Husbands will swap their wives and engage in Sexual Activities. This has happened to various Couples. 

Now the question is,

Were the Women forced to have sex with another man?

They have been in love for five years. They got married and the husband leaves for work. After six years he comes back with a Dark Idea. She has refused her husband. The Husband has been blackmailed that he will commit suicide. The couple has two children. After refusing for so long without a way out she has accepted her husbands wish. After the first event, the couple started to go out on various occasions. Finally cannot live a life she has told the truth to her parents. 

Imagine the difficulty she could have faced to tell her parents the truth. She must say that her husband is asking to do something shameful. The parents of that girl called her husband and have advised him not to do such acts. Her parents wanted their child to live with a Sex Monster. The Parents didnt want Society to know the truth and have asked their Child to keep her mouth shut. She has filed a Case and has retracted the Case against her husband. The Husband has been advised and the Wife went to live with him. She has lived with him after the events. 

When this girl went live in the Podcast. The girl’s brother was also listening to the Podcast. Her brother recognized her voice and immediately contacts her. He took his Sister to the Police Station. The Brother beat the Husband and went to the Police Station. The Case has listed 9 people who had sex with the woman. The Brother has given the full details about the Nine People. 

The Police started their investigation. The Poor Wife told the Police that her husband threatened that he could kill their children and commit suicide if she didnt accepts it. She also tells that she has informed her parents and they have asked her to live with him. She has fallen in love and has married her husband. She accepted because her husband forced her. But her husband keeps asking her to do unimaginable things. On 8th Jan 2022, the complaint was registered. On Jan 9th Six People were arrested. The Husband and the other 5 persons were arrested. The three suspects has fled and the Police started their intense search. 

One of the Accused with his wife has fled to Saudi Arabia. The Kerala Police informed the Saudi Authorities and have given the information. 

Are there only 9 Involved in this case?

More than 1000 people are involved. With over 12 Groups currently active. The Group often conducts meetings in the member's houses. The 27-year-old woman has said to the Police that her husband hosted such meetings in their house. After she has lived through hell and with her brother’s support she has managed to file a case. This case has become a huge case involving 1000 suspects. In this hellish group, many people are NRI’s, High Ranking Govt Officials, Politicians, there are people from Tamilnadu and Goa. The police will arrest the 9 Suspects. Now there are 1000 suspects in this group. We cannot imagine what these people have done. 

The 27-Year-old woman have loved her husband for five years before they got married. She didnt refuse her husband strongly when he threatened her with Suicide. The Wife who was a teacher has fallen into a trap set up by her husband. He has told his wife that they can earn 5000 to 14000 within 2 hours if she cooperates. 

When the wife cannot endure this anymore she strongly refused. But the Husband has recorded her with other men. 

Beware people there are Sexual Predators on the Prowl who are ready to make their prey. 

The husband has blackmailed his wife by sharing the videos on Social media if she refuses his wishes. Now the case has been filed. 

Is this the Society we live in?

We have to accept the hard truth. If you are living peacefully, there are so many things happening around you. They will call you a Negative person. But we have to talk against these events. If we raise questions against this Injustice. We can safeguard our Future Generations. 

Parents should show this case to their children who have fallen in love. Ask them whether they have chosen the correct partner. 

The Lovers have to ask this question, Whether their love is just an infatuation?

If you find your love is true love. Make sure that at this point in time you should be ready to protect your loved ones. 

If a Girl has rejected you. You think of Blackmailing her. Then it is not love. It is considered as one type of Prostitution. True love will not have any ill thoughts. 

Parents who leave their children because they fell in love. Imagine the 27 yr old situation. Her parents have left her to an animal. She doesnt have any job. Her husband is blackmailing her. 

How ill she protect her children?

How can we blame that woman?

There are many people who have done wrong to her. But the Society blames only that Woman. 

Please be careful. Whether it is your husband or wife or lover or parents. This is news if the same thing happens to you it will be great suffering. Spread Awareness. Stay Vigilant.

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