Kovai & Karur Sexual Harassments Cases – Where is Justice?

Kovai & Karur Sexual Harassments Cases - Where is Justice?

Child abuse in Kovai and Karur. Sexual harassment by the School Teachers. The Children wrote their suicide letters and died. This is shocking news. 

The people are asking a question,

Are their children safe in schools?

There is fear among the parents. They cannot predict anything. These two incidents are known to us. We don't know how many of these incidents have happened.

We the People are asking for Justice for one or two cases. Justice should be for everyone. The incident is viral on the level of the horrific information. We should pay attention to the incidents which are spoken by the media.  

The letter of the Dead Child is as follows,

“ I must be the last child to die of Sexual Harassment. I am terrified to say the people who are responsible for my decision. I wanted to live happily on this earth. But now I decided to leave this world. If there is a second chance to live on this earth, I will take it. I wanted to help a lot of people. But I cannot do it now. I Love you mother, Uncle. I love you all but I have to leave this world without saying anything to you. Please forgive me. No girl must commit suicide after me.” 

This was the letter of the 12th Standard female student. She hanged herself. She was from Karur. 

This is the information we know. But we don't know the details of this case. 

The parent of the girl went and met the Sub-Inspector. Her father was no more and her mother was a Daily Labourer. 

The parent and her relatives go to the police station. The student has informed her cousin sister about the incident. So as a witness they approach the Karur Police station. The Sub-Inspector had scolded the dead child’s mother. They went in to give a complaint at 10 Pm and stayed until 5.30 AM. This was the reason the SI Kannathasan has been placed on the waiting list. We can see this news in many media. 

The Important media have given an explanation. The media asked the question to the Police SI. 

What was the reason behind the suicide?

The Kova Student died in Nov. This incident is horrific and many teachers are behind this incident. When the parents gave a complaint. The Head Master who is a lady gave unwanted statements. 

The Karur student has been watching the Suicide video of the Kovai Student. The Police SI said that watching the video led to the suicide of the Karur Student. She has written in her Suicide letter that she was a victim of Sexual Harassment. This child has suffered horrific sexual abuse. The Police SI hid the information and now is on the waiting list. If we see the news, the media does not announce the Schools name. 

So the news becomes viral when it has increased Violence, Religion, Caste. According to these criteria’s the Schools name and the teachers, the name has been shared in media. If there is no violence it becomes just a private school in the media. The real culprits are protected. If these Culprits have Status then there will be no news about them. 

The Karur School student mother gave an interview. “She attends all classes with enthusiasm but she refuses to attend the chemistry class”. The Child has said that she cannot attend the chemistry class. We cannot say that the Male Teacher teaching Chemistry was the culprit blindly. But her mother’s request was to conduct an investigation upon the chemistry teacher. 

There were two consecutive issues from Karur and Kovai. 

Has the student shared this information with anyone?

She has shared her suffering with her cousin sister. When she wrote that she will miss her family, imagine that child’s pain and suffering. When she wrote that letter she could have been half dead. 

Due to the Kovai Student suicide,

Could it have affected this child’s decision?

There are chances that the news could have affected the Karur Child. When she listened to negative news. She could have thought that the same incident has happened to her. The Karur student has also shared with her cousin. So a proper investigation must be conducted to know the truth and arrest the Culprit. 

The media is saying it is a private school, but they never mention the school's name. 

Will the media share the information with the public?

There is politics behind this issue. If we tell the truth, many cases will be filed against us. We have the right to speak. Freedom of Speech has a limit in India. If we speak the truth, we will be forced and we will become targets for many. 

But Justice has to be served. We have shared a lot of examples where Justice is nowhere to be seen. We speak about this issue for one day and move on to another topic. But the issue still persists in our community. We go back to our normal lives.

What is the solution to this issue?

In the Kovai case, the student has shared her sufferings with her parents. There are chances that that parents didnt listen to their child. 

Do parents spend enough time with their children?

Are Sexual predators in the name of teachers using this situation?

Are we raising our Children who are light-hearted?

There are big questions. The Solution is that Punishment should be severe for these cases. 

These Punishments can be bought off with money by some people. The ruling class agrees to these low punishments. 

The Karur student mother had to stay in the Police station from 10 PM to 5.30 AM for a complaint. 

When the Govt officials are in this state, 

How will the parents come forward with the issues?

Parents who have a female child. Please speak with them. Parents who have Male Children teach them to respect their female School mates. These students have to protect each other. 

The Male student can protect their Female schoolmates from this horror. The Male Students who see this post. They have to take a vow that they will protect their female Schoolmates. 

The Male students will know their teachers. If you see anything unusual you should raise questions. 

There has to be a student Revolution. This revolution will solve this Sexual Harassment issue. This is how we can protect our children in schools. 

At all times we cannot stay watch over our female students. But their male students can protect them. 

Please share this message with your children. The Male students must protect their female schoolmates. 

The female students if you have an issue. If you have parents as your best friends. Please share the truth with your parents. 

A Life lost will be lost forever. If we protect our students by doing the right thing. We can ensure the future generation stay protected. 

If you file a complaint against a Sexual predator and if he is punished. You will save other students from the Predator. So if you make a decision now, it may protect other students. 

So students must be educated regarding this issue. We have to make sure that they are ready to face any issue. 

Social media shares many unwanted posts. We don't speak against this injustice that is happening in our country. Social media supports or is against a movie. They don't speak or seek justice for these issues. 

We are the ones who must protect the students. 

We still don't have justice for the Pollachi issue. The Kovai issue and others are still pending. There is hope but we have to wait for Justice.

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