Lady Dai – The Most Well Preserved Mummy in China | Xin Zhui

Lady Dai - The Most Well Preserved Mummy in China | Xin Zhui:

In 1971, A road was built as a result they had to dig the ground deeper. When they started digging deeper, Cold air started to come out of the dig site. The Workers got scared and Anxiety crept in. People around the area hearing the news flocked to the dig site. 

More than 1500 High School Students and Archeologists continued their dig.

What did they unearth?

They unearthed three Mummified Humans. These three are the currently most preserved Mummies in the world. 

Let's discuss the Mystery behind the Lady Mummy in China. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

So the year was 1971, Workers built a road, dug a hole. From the Dig Cold Air comes out. There was a Fragrance Smell from the Dig and they can see a structure of a graveyard. The Workers stopped digging because of this Mystery. Archaeologists and Scientists were called by the Workers. 

The Dig Site was 35 Feet. It became an Archeological site. The Chinese government spent a mere 850 USD which may be around rs60000 for the dig site. So the archaeologists and the High School students started excavating the site. The deeper they went, the more they saw Ancient Artifacts. 

We know the Structure of Pyramid. But this Graveyard was in an Inverted Pyramid Structure. They started to bring out the Ancient Artifacts in the crypt. This was not an average Crypt or grave. There Crypt was built with Precision. In the Crypt there was a Well Preserved Male Mummy. When they moved to the next structure they saw another well preserved Mummy. When the Archelosits went deeper there were Four Rectangular Pine Constructs which had four Coffins. The Fourth Coffin contained a Female Body which was mummified. The Archaeologists feared that the Female could have died One Year ago before the discovery of the DigSite. But the Graveyard estimation was 2000 Years old. 

How could they have placed a one year Body into a 2000-year-Old Graveyard?

The reason was how the Mummy was Well Preserved which was not seen anywhere in the world. The Mummy was wrapped around by more than 20 Silk Clothes. 

Can the Silk Cloth Preserve the Mummy for 2000 years?

This question changes into a search for the Archaeologists. 

Who was the Female Mummy?

How did she die?

What are the reasons for her death?

What is her history?

Were there other objects in her Crypt?

Many questions were raised by Archaeologists and Scientists. During their research, they found out that the Graveyard was not for normal people, but it belonged to the Ancient Royal Family. 

Were there any Inscriptions in the Crypt?

There were inscriptions which denoted that the Graveyard belonged to the Han Dynasty. The Archaeologists identified the Mummy as Xin Zhui AKA Lady Dai. The two remaining Mummies were Xin Zhui’s Husband and the other mummy maybe her Son or Brother.

Now, let's focus on the Crypt of Xin Zhui. It has 4 layers of Coffins which have many artefacts. More than 3000 Valuable artefacts and documents were discovered inside the Inverted Pyramid. 

From the Crypt of Xin Zhui, they unearthed more than 1300 Artifacts. The artefacts contained Makeup objects, music instruments, and even food. The intricate structure and the artefacts were placed Perfectly. Without damaging the Graveyard the Chinese archaeologists have unearthed the Structure. 

The First and Outermost coffin was in Black Colour. The Inscriptions mentioned “travel to the Dark World”, thus the Coffin was painted in Black. The Second coffin was painted in Black but had Patterns of Stylized Clouds. The Third Coffin was in red colour, which denotes Immortality. The Fourth and Last Coffin had Black and Yellow Feathers stuck on the cover. 

When Xi Zhui was unearthed, her skin was soft as of the Living Person. There was no bad smell from the body. Her Original black hair was found to be in place and hair inside the Nostrils as well as Eyebrows and Lashes. His veins showed clots of Blood. Her blood group was identified as type A Blood. Scientists were able to fold the Hands and Legs which shows how well she was Preserved. 

Lady Dai - The Most Well Preserved Mummy in China | Xin Zhui

How did the Chinese manage to Preserve Xin Zhui in Perfect Condition?

Scientists dwell into the Luxurious Life of Xin Zhui. A recreation of Xin Zhui was made. 

The Next question from the Scientists, 

What was the cause of her death?

She died 2000 years ago. To be Exact it would have been 163BC. When she died she was 50 yrs old. The other mummy was a 30 yrs old male. This was the reason the archaeologists thought that it could be her son. It is predicted that her son could have died before Xin Zhui. 

The research was conducted for the cause of Death. Researchers found out that her organs were intact and were not removed. 

You could have heard the Mummies of Egypt. But the Egyptian mummies organs will be removed from the body. Then the bodies will be mummified. But in the Xin Zhui case, no body organs were removed. Pathologists found out that in her stomach there were 138 melon Seeds. So Xin Zhui’s final meal was a melon. 

Lady Dai - The Most Well Preserved Mummy in China | Xin Zhui

The researchers moved on to the question of Cause of Death. Xin Zhui had many Blood Clots in her body. It is believed that she died of a Heart attack or a disease based on Heart. 

How did the body not deteriorate?

The body was well preserved because the body contained 21 gallons of Unknown Liquid. The Scientists till now cannot figure out the ingredients of the Liquid. So this Unknown Liquid is the reason behind the Well Preserved Body of Xin Zhui. However, Xin Zhui’s body started to Deteriorate as soon as the Oxygen in the air started touching her body. 

The body did not deteriorate in the Tomb because they have built the Inner layers which the air cannot penetrate. The tomb was surrounded by Clay. The next layer was of Charcoal. Then comes the Outer Wooden box which was surrounded by Earth. 

Lady Dai - The Most Well Preserved Mummy in China | Xin Zhui

The People who buried her wanted to bury Xin Zhui deeper into the earth and it was near the riverbed where the temperature is Cold. In Ancient times the Royalties were buried near the Riverbeds. Scientists say that due to the Cold Temperature the Bodies buried are Preserved. 

But still, the Scientists failed to figure out the Liquid. Their research still continues in 2021. They have started to study the Liquid but no Last results were found. 

Did the Tomb contain any other important information?

The Servants who helped Xin Zhui in her life, nearly 162 Servants Portrait were drawn upon a wood. More than 28 books were discovered. The books are preserved in a museum. The Chinese govt has taken a copy of the contents of the 28 books. 

Lady Dai - The Most Well Preserved Mummy in China | Xin Zhui

The 20 books were written 2000 years ago. The books contained topics of Medicine, Mathematics and Science. To preserve the Body of Xin Zhui and the contents of the tomb, A Museum was built. 

Why are we discussing a 2000-year-Old Chinese Mummy?

The Chinese have built a Museum for Xin Zhui. 

Have we managed to safeguard our History?

In Tamilnadu, There are so many artefacts which were unearthed from Keezhadi. The truth and the history of our ancient people. 

Do We have registered data?

Should we continue the Keezhadi Excavations?

Many truths may be hidden in Keezhadi. 

Is this not the time to unearth the truth?


Is our Govt not willing to unearth our history?

Are we searching for our History?

We will search and learn our history and will create a New History for ourselves. 

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