LoudSpeaker PsyOps Winter Season | India China Border Dispute

LoudSpeaker PsyOps Winter Season | India China Border Dispute :

India and China Border Disputes.

We discussed earlier, China will restart its game in the beginning of winter.  China is getting ready for its next plans. Rajnath Singh gave detailed information in the Rajya Sabha regarding the Tensions between India and China on the border. 

What was the information given by Rajnath Singh?

What is the reason behind the Loudspeakers set up by China in the border?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We didn't post any videos for 5 days. The reason was I travelled to Tamilnadu and was placed in Quarantine for 5 days. The reason was an issue which will be explained to you later. I have been placed in Quarantine for another 14 days in Kerala. The border dispute between India and China is getting bigger. The Winter stocks needed for the Indian army are dispatched to the border.  Another News says that many army personnel can hear songs at the border. There is a report released.

What kind of songs?

The Loudspeakers are playing Punjabi Songs. 

Why is the Chinese army playing Punjabi Songs in its Loudspeakers?

There are two strategies involved. China is again doing its Psychological warfare. 

The first strategy is the songs say that “Hey, Indian army why are you protecting your borders when your govt is sleeping in Delhi”. China believes that by playing Punjabi Songs it can distract the Indian troops from keeping watch. China did it in 1962. This is one strategy by testing the resolve of our Indian soldiers in the border. China’s aim is to make the Indian troops turn against their own country or doesn't fight against the Chinese army. Sun Tzu’s art of war strategy is carried out. 

The Next strategy. We have already discussed the Indian troops occupying mountain heights. When the Indian army hears the Punjabi songs they may believe that the song is coming from a location occupied by the Indian soldiers. The Chinese Army believes that the Indian troops will come to the conclusion that Indian soldiers have occupied the other mountain top. China has started its cunning ways against our Indian army. 

China’s next strategy will be to be ready for negotiation. This happened on 10th Sep and 4th August. They have a meeting with the Indian army but their actions on the border will be different. 

Rajnath Singh clearly mentions in Rajya Sabha that China is not doing what they are saying. He also mentions that China has illegally occupied nearly 38,000 Sq Km of India’s territory in Ladakh. He also added that China has illegally occupied nearly 90,000 Sq Km of Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh. India and its army are giving a reply to China’s actions. He says that many Mountain peaks or heights are now under the direct control of the Indian army. This information cannot be disclosed to the public now as it is Confidential information. India is firmly acting against China, says our Defense Minister. 

The Winter season is going to start. Nearly 3 to 4 months will be the Winter Season. 

The next question is

How efficient will the Indian army protect our Borders?

Nearly 1.5 Tons of supplies which contain food, medicine and clothing have been sent to the Border. The Supplies have been collected by a Collection Hub. The Collection hub will distribute the supplies. 

The other news says that the Indian govt is going to increase the Military budget. The budget will be 2 times larger than the previous one. The Govt has decided to build many roads and 9 Railway tracks in the border. China has already completed its infrastructure on its side of the border. India’s Infrastructure in the border has to be increased. It seems that India is trying to build these roads and rail tracks to complete its infrastructure in the border. BRO(Border roads Organization) is working 24/7. Our work in improving our infrastructure is ongoing now. 

LoudSpeaker PsyOps Winter Season | India China Border Dispute

We have to now move on to the Chinese Direct Investment. 

How is their investment coming into India?

The foreign direct investment in India has gone down by 65%. China’s foreign direct investment, nearly 90% of them are in Electrical & Electronics companies. In this sector, Chinese Foreign Investment has been reduced. 

India has banned many apps and Products which are imported from China. To break the Shackles, China has announced that Tencent is going to start its Hub in Singapore. Tik Tok’s Bytedance has also placed a memo to the World Trade Organisation to remove the ban of Tiktok in India. China is acting against India to break the bans placed on its companies. 

So China is trying to break the shackles of India.

Now let’s move on to Pakistan. 

All this has been done by the Shanghai Corporation Organisation. India’s Defence and Foreign minister have visited Russia. They had a meeting with several ministers from different countries. 

Indian NSA Ajit Doval and many leaders from other countries in the Shanghai Corporation organization. They held a meeting. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor also was a part of this meeting. Pakistan NSA releases an Official map. On August 4th Pakistan released this map. 

What was in the map released by Pakistan?

J&K Article 370 was removed on August 5th. So Pakistan released its own version of the map which includes the J&K region. Pakistan released this dumb map in the Shanghai Corporation organisation. This is a big setback for Russia as it is the head of the Shanghai Corporation organisation Currently. Russia was against the release of this map, but Pakistan still went on releasing the map in the Shanghai Corporation in front of All Countries NSA’s. Indian NSA asked one question to the Pakistani NSA and he walked out of the Conference. China and Pakistan are creating new issues in India. 

LoudSpeaker PsyOps Winter Season | India China Border Dispute

India has been facing these issues for so long. But the issues which are created now are impacting and causing frustration on the Indian side. These issues are creating a question placed on the Indian army. 

The Indian army has warned China. The Indian army said that if China continues to provoke them, The Indian army will show its strength and power. The Indian army statement “ IF China created a Condition of war, they will face a better trained, better Prepared, fully rested and Psychologically hardened Indian Troops”. Please reply to the Indian army statement in China. 

The main and biggest supporters to the Indian army are India’s Young Generation. They have started to firmly support their Indian army. 

China has Wolf Warriors. But for India, there is only our Indian army. We have been slowly chipping away China’s reputation among the World Countries. 

China has dominance in the UN. Many Countries are now asking whether its World Health Organization or China’s Health Organization. 

In two sub-organizations of the UN China has faced failures. The first one is ECOSOC( United Nations Economic and Social Council). Three Countries competed in the Social Council representing Asia. The three countries were India, China and Afghanistan. 

What did they compete for?

It was conducted to find out Equal Rights given in a nation. China loses heavily as other members blame the country that there is no such thing called Equal Rights in China. So China lost by a huge margin. India and Afghanistan win and this is a big failure for China. 

Then comes the Second Organization called the United Nations Statistical Commission. In this commission also China has faced failure. 

Within a few months, there is going to be another election. International Court of Justice. In this election also China will compete. But the result is already out as predicted by many nations that China will face a loss in the elections. When China loses, India’s Dominance will increase. 

France which is a permanent member of UNSC has placed a request that India should be granted a Permanent Place in the United Nations Security Council. So India’s power increases in the UNSC as China’s power drops. 

If we maintain our Status in the UNSC and if we deliver the cunning ways of China which will be committed in the Winter Season. The World will avoid China completely.

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