N501Y & B.1.1.7 Mutated Coronavirus – Warning to the World


M501Y & B.1.1.7 Mutated Coronavirus - Warning to the World:

Bill Gates two or three weeks ago said that the people who are not afraid of the Coronavirus will be scared to death after six months. He said that the world will face the fury of the Coronavirus. 

IF Bill Gates has given this statement the world should have been careful. 

A New Strain of Coronavirus has started to spread in the Uk. The UN, India and many countries have cancelled all flights to the Uk. 

The Second News says that a new virus is spreading rapidly in Spain. The same virus has spread to the African Continent. Scientists say that the New Strain in the UK is very contagious. 

N501 Y or B.1.1.7 Viruses.

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

There was a rumour that in Malaysia a new Strain of Virus was spreading. Coronavirus is not a DNA Virus but RNA virus. 

This is the reason in human history an RNA Cavvine is developed and many patients have received the Vaccine. To kill the RNA virus, the RNA Vaccine was created. 

What is the difference between DNA and RNA Virus?

A Virus will copy itself and spread throughout the human body. If it is a DNA virus, the Copy of the virus will check whether the Genetic code of the Father virus is similar or not. But RNA virus will not look for similarity from the Host Virus. This is called Mutation. 

A Virus within One Month can accumulate mutations at a rate of 1 to 2 changes. If we calculate the Coronavirus, the Coronavirus mutation would have accumulated 20 points of Mutation. 

When a body is affected by the virus, through food and medicines the virus cannot sustain itself in the human body. So to survive the virus will mutate itself to overcome the medicines and the body’s resistance power. When the virus changes itself according to the human body it is called Mutation. So for one month, 2 Points Mutation can happen. Coronavirus could have accumulated 20 Points of Mutation. The 20 Points includes 1000 different types of Coronavirus. These changes will be smaller. So they will study the genome structure of the virus. 

When they studied about these Mutated Viruses. Scientists started to talk about a particular virus called N501Y. 

The Malaysian virus was named D614G. The D614G mutated virus is called N501Y. The Recent mutation name is B.1.1.7. In the UK nearly 60% of the People are affected by the New Strain of Virus. 

In 8th Dec they were checking for the statistics of these viruses. The Scientists, Doctors and Govt Officials released a statement that from the Area called Kent the new strain has spread. This SPike in the UK was very high. So the UK scientists started their research on this virus. 

When they started the study they came to the conclusion, This is a new Strain of Virus which will be called B.1.1.7. But this virus is highly contagious. 

M501Y & B.1.1.7 Mutated Coronavirus - Warning to the World

By Dec16th the mutated virus has spread rapidly. People were given a Warning. Due to the spread of the virus, the govt announced some regions Tier4. The Tier4 region people cannot come out of their houses. They cannot visit anywhere. 

Is the Uk the only country affected by the new virus?

No. There are other countries. But 99% of this new virus is in the UK. 

IS The UK the origin of the virus?

The answer is they still don’t know. 

How could the virus spread?

A Human body might be infected by the Mutated Coronavirus strain. That Human could have been injected with vaccines. But the virus was not killed and managed to mutate overpowering the vaccine. When the virus is mutating to survive. It could have reached a new Mutation of the virus. 

M501Y & B.1.1.7 Mutated Coronavirus - Warning to the World

What are the issues with this mutated virus?

The Normal Coronavirus has a crown kind of shape which is protein. This protein is the way for the Coronavirus to infect the human body. Through the mutation that Protein has been changed. To identify the new Protein, Scientists need more time. When the virus replicates the Host virus there were a lot of changes which happened to result in a new form of the Strain and New Virus. 

This new virus is capable of spreading rapidly. Due to this, B.1.1.7 is 70% more contagious than the Coronavirus. This is the statement from the Prime Minister of Britain. 

This is the reason the International community has shutdown the Airlines to the UK. 

If you notice now Gold Prices have increased. The share market was in peak but now its slowly decreasing. The share market has decreased recently. India’s Rupee value has fallen. The oil price has gone down. 

So if the UK suffers the market throughout the World drops. So this is an indirect warning to the World. 

M501Y & B.1.1.7 Mutated Coronavirus - Warning to the World

Now the Question to Scientists is,

Will the Pfizer and AstraZeneca Vaccine only for Coronavirus or other mutated Virus also?

We don’t know how much mutation has happened. 

Our QUestion is,

Has any Pharma Company has a vaccine to stop the spread of B.1.1.7 virus?

Scientists say that they cannot confirm the vaccine will kill the New Strain of Virus. The B.1.1.7 Virus within a short period has mutated 17 times. This is the first time a virus has mutated itself said the Scientists. In between the 17 Mutations, there is a virus called N501Y. From N501Y there may be many mutations and one among them is this B.1.1.7. 

Now N501Y Mutation is called Super Charged Covid Virus. Brasil was the first country to discover N501Y. But it didnt spread in Brasil. 

But in South Africa, N501Y spread rapidly. They warned the people the virus is more contagious than the Coronavirus. But the recently identified B.1.1.7 is more contagious than N501Y. 

There are chances that the World Will stand Still. 

How did Bill Gates know about this mutation?

M501Y & B.1.1.7 Mutated Coronavirus - Warning to the World

Gates said that this would happen. The media should have listened to him. Flight services should have been stopped after Gates Statement. But now this has become a huge issue for many countries. 

Is this the only name B1.1.7 for the new strain?

Nope. VUI-202012/01 is also another name of this virus. 

This is the most dangerous virus in the world. 

So we don’t know what Borris Johnson Prime Minister of Britain will do?

There have been issues with Brexit. Including this, the New virus has become another terrible issue for the UK. 

What will happen to the New vaccine which they developed?

Will they say that they have to start again?

Will they announce a lockdown?

Will they use this situation to sell this manufactured vaccine?

Whatever question you ask to the Sceintists. They will say “NO Comment”. We need more time. 

This new virus has spread to the Netherlands, Brazil. 

Where did the B1.1.7 virus originate from?

How did it mutate?

Before all these questions. 

We have to find the origins of Coronavirus. 

They only can even think about Vaccination. If the mutation continues, Vaccines are of no use. No One can stop this virus. 

The B.1.1.7 Virus strain is discovered. Coronavirus has spread to a human, to kill the virus this human takes vaccines. To overcome the Vaccines and Medicines the Virus has mutated to B1.1.7. 

Will there be other new Strain of Viruses more contagious than the B.1.1.7?

Don’t be afraid. But for god’s sake and your families sake be careful. 

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