Mayan History Part1 – Conspiracy or Facts – Spanish conquistadors

Mayan History Part1 - Conspiracy or Facts - Spanish conquistadors:

Take For EX: If there is a house near your house. Suddenly your neighbours disappear. 

What will you do if people in your street disappear?

What if a Race Disappears?

The history of the race is erased from the world. 

Who could have destroyed the Race?

Why should we learn about Mayan History?

Who destroyed the Mayans?

Was Mayan History written in the 19th Century using only one book?

Annunaki Part12.

Annunaki Fantasy film welcomes you all.

For People who debunk and troll.

A video released to get more views. So please don't spread waste rumours about this topic. But in this post the rumours will contain Fiction, then Fiction turned into Scientific Papers. 

In Annunaki Part12. We are introducing Mayans. This playlist will change into the Mayans Playlist. 

The Race of People called Mayans lived 500 Years ago. Still, now there are people from the Mayan Race. But the Mayan History is nowhere to be seen. The Mayan book has disappeared. 

The Mayan Race, their History books and the burning of Yal Public Library in 1983(Srilanka) are interconnected. 

There were only two people responsible for publishing the Mayan History. The two authors' names are Frederick Catherwood and John Lloyd Stephens. Frederick was a British and Stephens was an American. 

Frederick had the ability to draw pictures of Old History. He has travelled to many countries. John Lloyd Stephens was a Lawyer in America. Due to stress in work, The Doctors recommend him to go abroad and take a rest. Instead, Stephens decided to go on a World Tour. 

Accidentally Frederick and Stephens meet. The Two started talking about their History. Stephens had this ability to write books. Stephens used his travel and the locations he saw and wrote it down into a book. So a Painter and a Book writer meet. Stephens and Frederick then met at an event where they introduced Mayan History to the World. 

John Lloyd Stephens was commissioned as Special Ambassador to Central America. Stephens after becoming the Ambassador started his research on the History of the Region. The reason for this eagerness was Mayan History. He started searching for books, Archaeological Sites and Mayan Buildings. If there is a book which speaks the History of Mayans then only the people will believe. In his search, he comes across a book called Popol Vuh. 

Mayan History Part1 - Conspiracy or Facts - Spanish conquistadors

Popol Vuh consisted of how the Mayans used to live. But to prove the theory they need witness papers. So based on the book Stephens started his search for Witness or Witness papers. In his search, if he fails he will be called a Fraud and a Conspiracy Theorist. Stephens starts his search and visits many forests. Stephens needed help with his search, so he called Frederick. This happened in 1839. Two researchers had a plan to search in Locations and regions. 

They predict the Locations in which the Mayans would have lived. They visit the locations and find many Sculptures and Pyramids. They start many archaeological sites and search and find many ancient paintings. 

You may ask us a question,

How did the two researchers discover Pyramids and Sculptures based on one book?

The same question was raised in the minds of the two researchers.

Why did the Mayans Disappear?

What could be the reason for their disappearance?

What could be the reason the real history of Mayans is not told?

When these questions were raised. They started their Research on Spanish invasion into Central America and into the Mayan Regions. The two researchers study the History of the Spanish Invasion. 

Spain wanted to Colonize the Mayan Region. Spain was a Christian Country. For the Christian Spanish, the Mayan ways of Worship seemed to be Paganism. The Spanish saw the Mayan Rituals as Brutal acts. So they decided to destroy the history of the Mayans. 

Now let's look back at the Yal Public Library destruction in Srilanka.

Why did the Sinhalese burn the Library?

The books contained the History, truth about the Tamils and their inheritance of the island. So the Sinhalese destroyed the Library thus burning down the Tamil History so they cannot claim the Island. 

Similarly, the Spanish wanted to destroy the Mayan History. This is a fact, and anybody can search for this statement. This is not a Conspiracy statement. 

Popol Vuh is a book which was saved by the Mayans when the Spanish destroyed their history. 

The Spanish managed to destroy the Mayan History.

How could the Mayans just disappear?

After Human Evolution, we still are looking for ways to live a Luxurious life. The trees have been destroyed. We don't safeguard our water resources. The Mayans did the same thing. Mayans destroyed the trees, as they lived in a tight-knit community, Diseases started to spread rapidly. The Mayans started their migration into many countries. Their Migration started the end of the Mayan Civilization. Nearly 90% of the Mayans were murdered by the Spanish Conquistadors. 

Mayan History Part1 - Conspiracy or Facts - Spanish conquistadors

The remaining 10% of the Mayans split into groups and migrate to many countries. 

Some say that Mayans do live among us. But Science has to confirm the theory. 

So the Mayan History was completely destroyed. But their art, Sculptures, Buildings existed in regions. Through Archeology they dug out the Ancient buildings. 

There are many archaeologists who contributed to Mayan Discoveries. But two among them J Eric S.Thompson and Sylvanus Griswold Morley are regarded as the main archaeologists of Mayan History. 

Mayan Civilization existed 2000 Years ago. They lived until 1517. This is the Historic truth. After 500 Years of Research into the Mayan Civilization, many truths came out to the world. 

People who are in-between Science and Normal People. People who raise questions. People who are called Conspiracy Theorists. But the People who belong to Science will say that this is false information which cannot be accepted without any proof. This post will take into consideration the information from these three categories of People. 

Now we have to discuss the Tanjore Temple and the tower. There is a sculpture which depicts a man wearing a hat. 

What is the Connection between a Man wearing a hat and Raja Raja Cholan?

It may be A foreigner could have visited the Cholan Empire and become close to the King. Due to this, the Sculpture could have been made. So a Sculpture depicting a Human means that he could have helped the King or he could have been a very important person to the king. 

The sculpture which may be Fiction may be present in one location. But one or Many Sculptures depicting the same person has been located in many regions. 

Now let's get back to Mayans. When Archaeologists started their work, They discovered a Pyramid. Inside the Pyramid, there is a Secret Room. There is a secret pathway to the room. Inside the Secret Room, A Sculpture has been Protected. This image which you can see in the video 10.21, is a King’s grave. The King is Sitting in a seat and looking upwards. 

Mayan History Part1 - Conspiracy or Facts - Spanish conquistadors

Why have they kept this Sculpture of the King in his grave?

The King doesn't seem to be sitting in a Normal Position. He is sitting looking upwards. But Science has taught us that Astronauts sitting in Spacecraft. This pose is similar to the Pose of the King in the Sculpture. So based on this one argument we cannot confirm that Mayan had technology related to Space. This will become a Conspiracy Theory. These events could be a coincidence. 

The Next Discovery, Please look at the image in the video 11.24, The Image in the right seems to be like an Image in the left which is a rocket. Scientists may have been surprised by this Sculpture. Many Sculptures depicting Space Travel were found in the Mayan Archaeological Digs. 

So if We say that Mayans could have Space TEchnology. That will become a Conspiracy theory. 

Whether it's the truth or not, we leave to Science to figure it out. 

Next Comes The Space Suit. The astronauts have conditions to wear many layers of suits to go into space. Similar types of Sculptures were found in the Pyramids and Archeological digs. 

How did they debunk this theory that they were not Space Suits?

Mayan History Part1 - Conspiracy or Facts - Spanish conquistadors

Science said that they were not Space Suits. They said that Mayans could kill animals and skin the animals and wear them as trophies. This is the statement from Science. So We the people of the World must and will believe what Science says to us. 

Now take a look at this Picture in the video 12.23, These Sculptures look like Prototypes of many aircraft. Through Science, they Debunked that it could have been birds or Insects. 

If these are birds or Insects which are depicted.

Why do these Sculptures have the pilot looking Seats?

If we ask this question, we will become Conspiracy Theorists. There are Sculptures which depict Rockets. So everything we discussed based on Science is called Conspiracy which has no Proof. 

The Series Annunaki which we have is not referred to Annunaki only. It also refers to the Aliens who could have come to Earth. Human Civilization could have evolved with the help from these Aliens. This is the angle of this Story. 

When we talk about Mayans, Pyramids are the important structures. When We say Pyramids, Egypt will come into the Frey. In Egypt, there are many Caves and Cave PAintings which have been discovered. Through the Cave Paintings, the Historians learned some things. 

The fact is there was an Egyptian Pharaoh called Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti. Her image has been painted in many Cave Paintings in Egypt. There are also Sculptures which predict the King and the Queen. If you look at the image closely you would see the Resemblance in Movies where they Portray Creatures as Aliens. 

How do these Creators create these Aliens?

Science says that no Human has seen an alien. So if we say that These Ancient humans could be Aliens. This will become a Conspiracy Theory. But the History of Nefertiti has many mysteries. In her history Science cannot find any answers for those Mysteries. The Image shown in video 14.50 depicts the King and the Queen with their children. You can also see the Sun God, Or it may be a planet in the distant Universe. It has been drawn as a Painting and is regarded as a god. 

Mayan History Part1 - Conspiracy or Facts - Spanish conquistadors

Did Nefertiti worship a god?

Was she from earth or from Another Planet?

Many questions were asked because of Nefertiti’s appearance. 

Now we have to go to Iraq. This content will be the start of the Mayans PArt2 Video. 

The year is 1936. Lands were cleared in Iraq to lay a rail line. When they dug they found some Artifacts. The Discovered items dated back to 250 BC, nearly 2000 years ago. 

What were the Discovered items?

It is now called the Baghdad Battery. Electrical lamps were discovered in the 1800s. If there was a battery 2000 years ago, Science could have debunked it by now. 

Let's discuss Science’s Debunk and Information about the Battery. 

What did the battery contain?

Did the Mayans have items like this battery?

Did they use technology which may be equivalent to the Baghdad battery?

If we say that the Mayans Definitely used these items. This will become a Conspiracy Theory. The Post will be an expectation based on the Mayan Paintings. Let's discuss more history of the Mayans. 

Please Wait for part2 Of Mayans. 

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