Maze Prison Escape – IRA HMP

Maze Prison Escape - IRA HMP:

Imagine An Airport. The Airport has been surrounded by walls. The Wall is 18 feet high. The wall has barbed wires on top. There is another wall that is 15 feet high. They have turned an airport into a Prison. Nobody can escape from this prison. The British army says that no one can escape from this prison. This prison is located in Ireland. The British have built this prison in Ireland. Nearly 38 Prisoners went missing. This news spread like wildfire. 

Thirty Minutes before the news was released, there was a Phone call to the ECF(Emergency Control Room). In the Phone call, the caller asked that they have received an alarm signal. 

The Prison authorities said that it was a false Alarm. 

How did 38 Prisoners manage to escape within 30 Minutes?

How did they manage to escape a high-security prison?

How many years did they plan their escape?

How did they train to execute their perfect plan?

How did they manage to train?

Let's discuss in detail the HMP Prison Escape with a lot of Twists. 

HMP means Her Majesty’s Prison Maze. It is also called Maze Prison. 

Why was this HMP Prison built?

Ireland was once a colony of Britain. The Irish people started to fight against British rule. They wanted Independence. To arrest these Irish fighters, the British built a Prison on a Runway. This prison had 18 feet high walls. The British went door to door to arrest these Freedom Fighters. The Irish then were brought to the Maze Prison. This prison was built in 1971. The Round shaped Tent prisons were built. The Prisoners were not criminals. They were just average people who wanted their freedom from the British. The Prisoners had special Privilege.

The Prisoners can meet their family members. They can even wear their own clothes. So the Prisoners had many Privileges. 

But in 1976, the Special Privilege Status was cancelled. The British said that these freedom fighters are Criminals and Prisoners. The IRA(Irish Republican Army) Started questioning the British. The IRA Prisoners started their protests against the British. The British did not listen to the Prisoners and they created a lot of issues. The prisoners were forced to wear prison clothes. 

In 1981, The Irish started their Hunger Strike. Three to four prisoners die for their freedom inside the Prison. The British started to build the H Shaped Building in 1976. In this H Structure, the Centre potion is called The circle. The Four Corners of the H were called A, B, C, and D Wings. Each Wing had 25 Cells. Nearly 100 to 125 People can be held in these cells. To guard them were 24 Guards. Nearly 8 H Structures were built in the Prison. So many Freedom fighters were held in this prison. The British believed the Prison to be a Maximum Security Prison from which Escape was Impossible. 

Maze Prison Escape - IRA HMP

Some of the IRA were brought in as Prisoners. For three years they managed to get information about the Prison. 

When the Guards moved the Prisoners. The Prisoner was blindfolded. So the Prisoners cannot obtain the Structure of the Prison. The IRA managed to smuggle information through the Relatives of the Prisoners. The IRA prisoners figured that the Prison was in an H Structure. The escapees were led by IRA member Larry Marley. So Marley has managed to collect information on the prison within three years. He knew the Dustbins locations and the steps to reach it. He figured out the locks. The Locks were electrical. When the door is opened the ECR(Emergency Control room) cannot radio the guards. The Prisoners started to map their escape. They stored their information in their Toilets. These Prisoners were Military fighters for the IRA. The Map was shared with the Prisoners. Five Prisoners together hatch a perfect plan. They need to confirm the date for their escape. The Confirmed Sunday. Relatives are not allowed on Sundays. The Prisoners go to church for their prayers. The Escapees wanted to use the gap for their escape. 

The Escapees also needed cars waiting outside for their getaway. The escapees have informed their relatives to bring their cars at exactly from 3.50 to 4.15 PM. They needed four cars to escape. 

How did they predict the timeframe?

The Escapees will receive a signal. After receiving the signal the next 90 seconds are very important. Within 90 Seconds they have to disarm and capture 20 Prison Guards. This was their main task. 

A prisoner who used equipment to mop the floor. The Sound from the Machine will be the signal. 

25th Sept 1983 The Floor cleaning machine was turned on at 2.30 PM. This was happening in the H-7 Block.  The Prisoners got ready. One Prisoner was talking to 4 guards. The Prisoners have smuggled 9 Revolvers Into the Prison. 

Maze Prison Escape - IRA HMP

How did they manage to smuggle the Revolvers?

This is a mystery which is unresolved till now. Using the revolvers the four Guards were taken, hostages. The Prisoners then tie 5 to 6 guards. The Prisoners now wear the Guard Uniform. They had planned who would wear the Uniforms. Now 10 Prisoners are wearing Guard Uniforms. Using the Keys obtained from the Guards, the Prisoners released 38 more of their mates. The 38 Prisoners were highly trained Military Men. Now the Escapees need transport out of the Prison. The Lorry carrying food will leave daily at 3.50 PM. The Prisoners were waiting for this lorry to leave. Until now no Alarm has gone off. The main door was not opened. So the guards in the Main Control room don't know the events happening in the prison. 

At 3.40 PM the Main door was opened. One Prisoner with his revolver enters the Main Control room and activates the Alarm. After receiving the alarm the main office calls the Main Control room. The guard in the ECR says that he accidentally switched on the Alarm. The Main office shut the alarm and the main door was opened. 

37 Prisoners board the Lorry. The Bus Driver refuses to drive the lorry. So they tie him up to the Clutch Plate. When the Driver started driving a gun was pointed at him. There were four Guards at the main gate. One among them had his doubts. Four Prisoners as Guards get out of the Lorry. They started to speak with the Guards at the gate. A Shot was fired. This shot was fired by a Police Officer in the tower. The Guard has identified the Prisoners and has warned the Other guards. The Prisoners had to pass another gate out of Prison. This gate has been blocked by two Cars. 

The 38 Prisoners knew that they had to make a run for it. They activated their Plan B. Plan B was to drive the cars available into the gate. The Prisoners ram the cars into the gates. The Prisoners have now made their escape. 

The 38 Prisoners wanted to escape together. But the Getaway cars after seeing that the Deadline has passed away have left due to the delay. The Prisoners who were five Minutes late didn't have any getaway cars. They started to hide in many places. After the Information of the Prison, the break went out. At 11.00 PM The police arrest one Prisoner. 

With the Information obtained from the Prisoner the Police arrest another 16 Prisoners near the river. 

The Police knew that Prisoners were hiding near the River. The Police search for the Prisoners but none can be found. It was Pitch Black. The Police used their torchlights. On the River surface, there were straws. The Police see these straws on the surface and bring in a big net. They can see the Straws or tubes moving in the water. The Police knew that the prisoners were underwater. They bring in Spotlights. Thus they arrested 18 Prisoners. So Totally the Police have captured 19 Prisoners. They need to arrest another 19 Prisoners who are on the run. The 19 Prisoners have joined their comrades in the IRA. 

Maze Prison Escape - IRA HMP

Did the Police ever arrest the remaining 19 members of the IRA?

No. They didn't arrest the 19 Prisoners. They fought for the IRA. 

The British who said that no one can escape from the Maze Prison give a press meet. They announced that they have captured 19 Prisoners and the remaining have been killed. The British knew that they could not find the Prisoners. But they cannot officially declare their defeat as it could spark an issue in Ireland. The British didn't want the Irish to start fighting for their freedom. But The IRA has announced in another press meet that the Prisoners are safe. 

So this Prison Escape became a huge failure for the British and a big victory for the IRA. 

The British police officers were stunned when they got the Information of the Escape Plan and its Execution. For three years the prisoners have planned their escape. The Prisoners also had the Entire Prison Blueprint. The revolvers were kept under the Dustbins. 

In their Escape Map, the Prisoners have noted down that there is a technical issue in the main door.  After seeing the Map, The Police officers removed this Technical issue in the remaining H Blocks. 

With Proper Planning, people can escape from Prisons. The Greatest example is The Maze Prison Escape. There are so many Prison escapes. 

Please comment if you know of other escapes. 

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