Methagu Movie – Methagu Movie Hidden Details

Methagu Movie - Methagu Movie Hidden Details:

An Island which was inhabited by Tamils. A Sinhalese presence came into the Island and identified themselves as a Dynasty. The Tamils just asked for equality. But the Sinhalese refused Equality. 

When the Sinhalese started to oppress the Tamil People. Retaliation was the only question asked by the Tamils. This word became the voice of the Entire Tamil Population living all over the world. 

This voice shook the enemies and the traitors to their cores. After the war, we just didn't lose our freedom. But we lost our rights. 

A leader who rose to protect the rights of the Tamil People in Srilanka. Now we are searching for a New Leader who is among us. Our Leader will be in the Next Generation. Many Generations will remember our Fearless Leader “Methagu Velupillai Prabhakaran”. 

Why didn't we hit back?

This question is the biggest impact on the movie called “Methagu ''. Sinhalese came to the island. Then they wrote a book called “Mahavamsam''. In the book, it was mentioned that the Tamils were the People living in Sri Lanka for Generations. If the Tamils rose up and lived on the Island, it would lead to the Extinction of Sinhala. The Sinhalese wanted a country for themselves. 

What cunning ways did the Sinhalese Use?

How did the Tamils live under Oppression?

What were the Hardships they faced?

How did a Leader rise from their ranks?

Let's discuss the movie Methagu.

The Movie Methagu portrays how Prabhakaran became a Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. This movie could have encountered various Political Issues. 

The Biggest Example is this movie has been released on BlackSheep BS App. There was a message saying that BSAPP is an OTT that has just released the movie and says that the Crew of the Movie is solely Responsible. The reason is this movie, if released, will have to face many issues. The BsValue app must take on the issues after the release. 

Even after all these issues,  a big thank you to the Black Sheep Crew and BSvalue app. 

This movie is a crowdfunded movie. There were so many issues before filming the movie. The movie was supposed to have a budget of rs30 Lakhs. Due to various issues, the amount was increased to Rs60 Lakhs. You would have read this news. 

After the release,

What Impact did the Movie make?

If the next generation of Tamils ask a question,

Why was there a Civil War in Srilanka?

The events in the movie are only 5% of what really happened. But if this 5% is creating a big impact in our hearts. Imagine the horrors faced by the Tamils in Sri Lanka. This was the reason the civil war in Sri Lanka started. Traitors and Enemies together have defeated the Tamils in Sri Lanka. 

Methagu Movie - Methagu Movie Hidden Details

This movie starts with an Open Act in the Streets. At the start of the Movie, they have said that the Act will feature a Story of a Fearless Soldier and a legend. They showed the Eelam Map in the poster in that shot. It was amazing. 

In the act, there is a sentence that says “We are begging for our lives to an extremist and Racist regime”. “ Have we thought that living is enough and we don't need rights”. “We thought that someone would save us but it destroyed us”. This depicts India. 

The movie has clearly shown us how the Tamil People became fighters. The first main issue is that the Tamil people’s rights were taken away. They should not live peacefully, there should be no religion for them. The Sinhalese burned the Tamils alive for following a religion. We can easily understand the impact the religious divide causes. So Religion is one of the Issues. 

The Next is Education. If there is no education for the current Generation it will affect the Next Generation. 

How can the Singalese Stop the Education of Tamils?

With Education, the Tamils were in higher Positions in Srilanka. Their main agenda is that Tamilnadu is the motherland for the Eelam Tamils. So the Sinhalese wanted to disconnect the Link between the two regions. The Sinhalese also wanted to stop the Tamil Research Study. These Politics has been shown in the movie. There are many Dialogues in the movie which shows the Valor and the pain of the Tamils. 

The Power of Students is supreme. This movie shows us,

How has that student's power changed history?

One STudent was hanged upside down and beaten to death. 

The Sinhalese army targeted Students and Women. The Youngsters in Srilanka have been stripped of their clothes and then shot or stabbed to death. Writing Sinhalese Symbols in the back of the Bodies. Burning down houses. The army also targeted Religious temples. The horrors of the Sinhalese which was unleashed upon the Tamil People. They have tried to explain these horrors in the movie. But the Movie crew has done an excellent job. 

Methagu Movie - Methagu Movie Hidden Details

There may be a question,

Did a Student change into a Fearless Leader of the LTTE?

The Family of Prabhakaran has been shown in this movie. A Kind father and a loving mother, a big brother who works abroad and a sister. The Father asking God to Protect his Son. 

Prabhakaran’s father says that his family will suffer if he chooses his path. Prabhakaran says that He has already started to fight back for his people. He studied this from his father. The discipline he learned from his father. 

The Srilankan army wanted to Capture Prabhakaran. They tried to shatter his image. So the Sinhalese govt took the 10000 Pictures and Videos and went through them. They wanted to see an image where Prabhakaran is holding Alcohol. But this effort was a big failure for the Sinhalese government. 

Next comes Bhagat Singh Photo, Subhash Chandra Bose and Che Guevara. All these great fighters and leaders are mentioned and an Inspiration to Leader Prabhakaran. 

There were peaceful protests and NonViolence movements by Tamils in Srilanka. If some of you think that following Nonviolent Movement could have resulted in the freedom of our people. The Civil war has ended and it has been Ten Years. But still, there is nothing to gain for the Tamil people in Srilanka. People said that Taking up arms is stopping the freedom of the Tamil People. 

Why haven't these people talked now after the Civil War?

Now many people say that when there was a Fearless Leader and an army fighting for the freedom we had hope. 

What could we do now?

This is the pain when people lose a True leader. When LTTE were in Sri Lanka. China didn't have a foothold in Srilanka. But now it is Srilanka or Chilanka. When the People who lived in the Region are dying, then the region itself is dying slowly. 

Did Prabhakaran take up arms wantingly?

The Methagu Movie answers these questions. He says that he didn't take up arms to destroy the Sinhalese People. But in order to protect his own people, he has taken up arms. This war was to protect the Tamil people and their rights. 

Tamil leader Prabhakaran only fought against the Sinhalese. He used his weapons and his army against Traitors and enemies. 

But the Singalese Govt murdered the Tamil Civilians. IF LTTE followed this way, they could have murdered 1000 to 10000 Singalese Civilians Per day. But Prabhkaran’s aim was peace for both people. His only request was not to take away the rights of the Tamil People. His fight was only against the Oppression of the Sinhalesegovt and the army. 

So in Part1 of the Methagu Movie. We have learned many things. If there are part2 and part3 many truths will be revealed to the entire world. 

How did LTTE lose the Civil war?

Who helped the LTTE?

Who was against LTTE?

How did India betray the LTTE and the Tamils in Srilanka?

What did the Tamil Political parties in Tamilnadu do?

Many truths may be revealed. But will there be a part2? That is the Big Question. 

If they do make the movie,

Will it be released?

This movie is a Crowd Funded Project and we can see many names from different countries contributing to the movie. The pain which they endured in the Civil war is the cause for their support in making this movie. 

Their aim is to reveal the real truth to the world. Their aim is, to tell the truth of the Tamil Leader Prabhakaran. They wanted the world to know the truth behind the Civil war in Srilanka. Methagu is a movie that has showcased their pain. 

If you have doubts about whether to see this movie or not,

We kindly request to see this movie. This movie, leader Prabhakaran’s fight, The Sri Lanka Govt, The Sinhalese army, The Racism of The Singalese govt and the Politics behind the Civil war, finally the Pain of the Oppressed Tamil People. 

For the next generation, this movie will be about education and history. 

Overall a big Hats Off to the Movie Crew. A big thank you to the people who contributed to the movie. 

Please watch the Movie Methagu. 

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