Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq – Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple

Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq - Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple:

Iraq Armed Forces were on high alert. There was Nine Jews, Three Muslims, and 2 Christians. 14 People are sentenced to a public hanging. 

Who were these 14 people?

Iraq says they were spies. 

Who did the 14 people work for?

They worked for Mossad. So 14 people were working for Mossad as Spies.

Who was their leader?

Their Leader was a woman called Rowan. 

We welcome you to the Next instalment of Female Spies in the World.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

In this real-life story, behind every character, there are twists and turns. Mossad was behind the actions of these 14 people. When the CIA wanted to overcome Mossad. Mossad started hunting down the CIA spies. Still now CIA doesnt have any answers for the killing of its Spies. So this Real life Stroy is going to be a Rush. 

Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq - Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple

This story starts in 1927.  Ezra Naji is the hero of this story. Ezra Naji was born in Mosul, Iraq in 1927. He was a very good student and he has a job. He falls in love with a Jewish girl called Mallard. He was infatuated with the Jew girl. He marries the Jew girl and lives happily. But sadly she falls ill to a fever and she dies. Ezra Naji was devastated due to this loss. 

He wants to do multiple jobs to escape from his sadness. He works as a teacher and in a lab. 

Ezra Naji often visits his wife’s grave and prays. He was going towards his wife’s grave. Ezra Naji starts crying over his Wife’s grave. He remembers his love for his wife. 

When he was crying somebody touches him in his shoulder. He turns a sees an old man standing near him. He was called Bosha. Ezra Naji asks who was the man. The Old man replies that he has also lost his wife in a very early age. He said that he saw Ezra crying and came forward to ease Ezra’s suffering. The Commonality was both men have lost their wives in an early age. But Bosha’s motive was totally different. 

Who is this Bosha?

Bosha says that he sells small products. He has many stores. He also shares that he regularly visits his wife’s grave. He has seen Ezra on many occasions. So Bosha visits his wife’s grave regularly. 

But there was another side of Bosha, He was a Member of Israel’s Intelligence agency. He was a spy. His information contained the Jews under the Poverty line. So he was gathering all information about the Jews who lived in Iraq. So he has to take note of the Jews who were under the Poverty Line and people who have faced high Sadness. Bosha will give importance to these people. Bosha was watching Ezra and his sadness. Bosha and Ezra became friends. 

Ezra asks for Bosha’s house. He informs Bosha that he will visit Bosha in his house. They have become close friends as they were sharing their sadness. Ezra needed a helping hand. 

Ezra Naji goes to Bosha’s house. Bosha had a daughter. Her name was Rowan. She was beautiful. Rowan starts to manipulate Ezra. Ezra Naji was true to his first wife. But he falls for Rowan’s beauty. She gives coffee to Ezra. Her finger touches Ezra’s hands. Ezra decides that he has to marry Rowan. 

Ezra visits Bosha’s house the next day. Bosha was not in his house. Rowan was in her house, she was 17 years old. Ezra was nearly 30 Yrs Old. Ezra expressed his desires to marry Rowan and asks for her answer. Ezra didnt know that Bosha was a spy. 

We don’t know Rowan knew about her father’s job. Rowan says to Ezra, that he should ask the question to her father. After some time Bosha arrives at his house. Ezra asks permission from Bosha to marry Rowan. Bosha asks for dowry. In many Arab countries, Men should pay dowry to Women’s families. The year was 1952. Ezra says he can give 1000 Denar. He has his own house which will be given to Rowan. Bosha says that he is looking for a groom who is able to pay 10000 Denars for Rowan. After two days Ezra goes to Bosha’s house. Ezra says that he now has 2000 Denar and the Property will be given to Rowan. Bosha gives an Ultimatum for Ezra. He will accept the marriage proposal, but in return, Ezra should Sumggle The Jews from Iraq to Israel. Ezra has to assist Bosha in Summgling the Jews into Israel. This is the Twist.
Ezra now understood the real job of Bosha. 

Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq - Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple

The YEar is 1956, there is a Second big issue between Israel and the Arab World. This issue is called the Suez Crisis. We have already discussed it in the Mossad Series. So when the Suez crisis was happening, Israel wanted as many Jews to be smuggled from Iraq into Israel. This is the eighth year where Israel has been accepted as a country. Israel wanted a Majority of the Jews Population to confirm that Israel is a state for Jews. Israel was involved in a project to bring in as many jews from all over the World into Israel. In this project, Bosha was a spy in Iraq. 

Ezra had many business connections. He found the job easy smuggling Jews into Israel. Ezra Promises Bosha that he can smuggle nearly 400 Jews into Israel. Thus he marries Rowan. 

He marries her and involves himself in the Project of Smuggling Jews into Israel. But when all is well, Bosha Suddenly dies. In Bosha’s funeral, a man approaches Ezra. He speaks to Ezra but he was unable to understand him. Then the man disappears. 

After two days Ezra was in a coffee shop. A Man Appears and gives 500 Denar to Ezra. He says to Ezra that he will be back next week to the same coffee shop and given the money to Ezra. Ezra was wondering why the man has given him 500 Denars. 

The next week Ezra was waiting in the Coffee shop. People from Mossad approaches Ezra. They say that they are aware that Ezra has helped in smuggling 200 Jews to Israel. They say that Ezra is going to become a spy for Israel. The Mossad agents say that until then Ezra was only a conductor. From the day onwards he will become a spy for Mossad and Israel. As a spy Ezra has to help the Jews.

You may ask us a question,

How will Ezra who is a Muslim help the Jews?

The answer to this question is Rowan. Ezra has already told his wife Rowan about his deal with Bosha. Ezra asks whether she was aware of the deal. Rowan says she knew everything and she was the one who suggested the idea to Bosha. This is another Twist for Ezra. Ezra asks his wife whether she knew about her father’s job. Rowan says that he was working for Mossad. Now the whole family were ready to work for Mossad. 

Ezra has to undergo vigorous training from Mossad to be a spy. This training was given by the Mossad agents to Ezra in Iraq. Ezra has become a capable spy for Mossad. When the family was moving on, Rowan was sad because the Couple didnt have any children. The couple goes to many hospitals. They were suggested to consult hospitals in Foreign Countries. 

Rowan had an idea of going to Hospitals that were in Israel. Ezra asks for permission from Mossad. But Mossad refuses the request.

Why did Mossad Reject the request?

Why is Mossad Concerned if the Couple had a child?

Why is Mossad not allowing the couple to travel to Israel?

There are many questions from the Couple. The answers were made available to them on the next week of their request. 

Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq - Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple

The Couple stayed in their owned house. There was an officer living opposite the Couples house. Mossad wanted to use the officer for their operations. This task was given by Mossad to the Couple. 

To do this they need a Women to set up a Honey Trap. Mossad was searching for an agent. When they find out that Rowan has not had any children, She was young and Beautiful. Ezra approaches Rowan and tells her If the couple wants to go to Israel they had to complete the task. Ezra wanted Rowan to become a spy and seduce the Officers. Rowan knew that this is the project of Mossad. So she accepts the request from Ezra. 

So Rowan was the Honey Trap and seduced the Lietnuetant. The information which was needed for Mossad was obtained. The Information contained MiG21 Jet Fighters. Mig’s are Russian made Jet fighters. Russia has sold these jets to the Arab World. The full information about the MIG21 and its Pilots. To obtain all the information about the MIG21. Mossad needed information from the Iraq Pilot. Rowan was able to obtain the Information. 

When the information was passed to Mossad. Mossad gave another task to the Couple. The task was to use one of the Iraqi Pilots for their Mossad’s mission. Couple receive huge sums of money and Electronic devices. 

Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq - Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple

Mossad bought a new house for the Couple. The house contained many secret rooms and Tress behind the house. This house was located in the middle of a forest. So after Rowan’s successful Honey traps, the targets were taken to the new house. 

The Couple decides that if they were to honey trap a Pilot they need a Doctor working in the Army Base. Rowan knew a doctor and she decides to call him to her house. This Doctor was in an Army base. She calls the Doctor and says that her husband is feeling sick. When the Doctor came to the house, Rowan tried to seduce The Doctor. But the Doctor was not seduced. Rowan started to undress her clothes. The Doctor now has fallen for a honey trap. Ezra records the Events which unfolded after the Honey Trap. The Doctor came to know that the couple were Spies. 

The Doctor says to Rowan that she was a spy. Rowan accepts that she is a spy and tells that the act committed by the Doctor with Rowan was recorded. She shows the footage to the Doctor. But the Doctor refused to help the Spy. The Doctor firmly says that he will not support the spies, and he says that the Spies will be identified by the Iraqi govt and he will be a hero. Ezra Naji enters the Room and Shoots and kills the doctor. They bury the body behind their house. So the couple was unable to turn the Doctor. 

Mossad gave information that the Pilot is going to in an Event. The Couple attends the Event. But Rowan was unable to Seduce the Pilot in the event. But the Pilot leaves for America for training. His name was Mohammed Yusuf. He was a pilot who was capable of flying the MIG21’s. He received training from the Russians. 

When he arrives in America. CIA assigned their agent to set up a honey trap for Mohammed. The CIA Female Agent starts her relationship with the Pilot. The Female agent asks the Pilot to marry her. Muhammed refuses her offer and says that he is already married. He also says that it is restricted for Arab Men to marry Foreign Women. The female agent asks about her relationship with Muhammed. He says that she was the one who seduced him. Her name was Crowther Holkar. She was unable to convince the pilot. The Female agent sent by America to Iraq after the Pilot. CIA Female agent was stationed in a hotel. The Pilot knew that his girlfriend has arrived in Iraq. There was a huge fight between the Two in the hotel. She forces Muhammed to help her, she shows the photos which were taken by both of them. When the fight started, The Pilot hit the Agent in the face. CIA knew that his girlfriend is a spy. CIA orders to assassinate the Pilot. CIA also informs the Issue Mossad. 

The next day the Female agent of the CIA goes to the Pilot’s house. Ezra now enters the scene and kills the Pilot. The body of the Pilot was wrapped in Bed Sheets. The CIA female agent was ready to leave Iraq for London. The next day information arrives that the CIA Female agent has been Murdered. She was stabbed Thirty times. 

Mossad Honey Trap Operations in Iraq - Ezra & Rowan Mossad Spy Couple

When hearing this news Ezra and Rowan have doubts whether Mossad had another team or not. 

Their Doubts included,

Who killed the CIA Female Agent?

Will the couple face the same deaths?

The Couple feared for their lives. From 1960 to 1963, The Couple lived a lonely life because of their fears. They come out of the house for necessary reasons.

When The Couple went outside, The Couple was arrested by the Iraqi Police and the army. They were confirmed as Spies. Their Punishment was Death Sentence. 

So the Couples Network, Rowan was able to Honey Trap nearly 14 to 16 Iraqi high ranking Officials. 12 of these people were arrested. So 14 people were hanged by the Iraq Govt. 

Rowan before hanging told Ezra that she was sad that she couldn’t give birth to Ezra’s Children. She tells that if she has given birth to their child, this world would be negative towards the Child. 

She says that they were traitors to their own Country. Mossad has left them to be hanged. 

This information spread like wildfire in Iraq. Iraq Officials announced that if there are Mossad Spies in Iraq, they are requested to surrender and their sentences would be reduced. The Iraq Govt announced that if they catch a Spy it will be a Death Sentence. 

What were Mossad’s Operations after this message?

We are have already discussed Iran Nuclear Scientists in Mossad Series.

Two Female Spies. The people who helped them. The members of the Network. This was a Perfect and Classic Honey Trap Plan by Mossad. 

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