Mossad on the Verge of Failure – Mossad History

Mossad on the Verge of Failure - Mossad History:

Israel has been causing trouble in many countries. But we have to know about a 7yr old child which could have split Israel into Two sides. 

In the Mossad Series, we have discussed Operation Brother, Solomon, and Moses in Part31. 

This is Mossad Part 32. 

A Mossad agent who wanted to protect the Child. 

Did the Child have the power to split Israel into two sides?

Who was this child?

There are many questions. Let's discuss the answers. 

World war 2 is over. We know about the Hitler Persecution of Jews. The Nazis who helped Hitler kill the Jews were the main targets of Mossad. We have already discussed the reasons in previous videos. 

We need to know about a Mossad Agent named Isser Harel.  

What was the job given to Isser Harel by Mossad?

The Nazis were in the inner Circle of Hitler. He prepares a list that contains the top three Nazis. Isser was called to Israel. 

The Israeli Prime Minister asks Isser to find a Child. Isser Harel was surprised by the PM’s Request. He has been tracking the Top Nazis and he said that the task was very easy and should be given to the Police. The Israeli PM said that finding the Child is of Utmost Importance. The PM says that if the child is not found, Israel will be split into two sides. The PM also warns of Impending Civil war which would devastate Israel. 

Isser Harel, understanding the seriousness, asked when the Child Disappeared. The Child was missing for two years. The Child’s whereabouts were unknown for two years, Israel did not have an answer whether the Child was Alive or Not. Israel did not have an answer for who abducted the Child. There was not a single piece of information regarding the Child which was available for Isser Harel to follow. 

Isser knew that this Mission is of Utmost importance and the Child has to be found. Isser wanted to know the year the Child was missing. 

The year was 1959. A Case filed against Nahman Shtarkes, an Orthodox Jew. The case was filed by Ida who was the daughter of Nahman. Ida says that her child is missing and Nahman is the abductor. Ida has filed a case against her father stating that her child is missing. 

Nahman was a Dedicated Orthodox Jew. The family were living in Russia before the birth of Israel as a state. After Israel was born, they have moved to Israel. Nahman was residing in Jerusalem. Ida with her husband was residing in Holon. Ida’s family were poor. Ida sends her child to her father because of Poverty. After she and her family have recovered from the financial crisis, they will take back their child. 

Ida used to write letters to her friends in Russia stating that moving to Israel was a big mistake. She mentioned in her letters her intentions of moving back to Russia and converting their child into Christianity. Her intentions reach Ida’s father the Orthodox Jew. So Nahman knew that when Ida comes back for her child. The parents will convert their child into a Christian. So Nahman didnt want to give back the child as he wanted the child to grow up as an Orthodox Jew. 

In 1959, Ida returns to her father asking for her child. Ida was informed by her mother that her brother Shalom will bring back the Child. Ida returns home but the Child was not returned to her. Ida goes back to her parent's house and asks for the Child. She was told that the CHild will not be returned to her by her family. The family said that they cannot allow the Child to be converted to Christianity. This became a huge family issue. Many relatives came to solve the issue. Yossele the Child was in the house. But the time was night and it was very cold. Ida’s brother says that Yossele will be returned to Ida the next morning.
Ida returned to her house and waited for her child. But the next day her child was not returned to her. She returns to her father’s house and sees that her child and her father are missing. Her mother and her brother said that both of them will return. 

But two, three months go by and still no information of her child. Ida had to go to court to file a case for her missing child. Ida said that her father has abducted her child. The Case was investigated, this investigation becomes a huge issue between the Orthodox and Secular Jews. This case started a rift inside the Jews Community. The Jews who were in Israel started their protests against the Orthodox Jews. Boards were brought in asking the whereabouts of the Child in the protests. Two years after the case was filed and the Protests were ongoing. This issue comes to the notice of The Israel PM. In Year 1961, the case was given to Mossad. Mossad understood the Importance of the case. The Case study and the Documents verified by Mossad prove that Yossele Ida’s Child is not in Israel. The Child must be taken to Foreign countries. The Orthodox Jews Community which resides in various countries they had networks. So Mossad was ordered to find the Network. 

Mossad on the Verge of Failure - Mossad History

This network is spread in many countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, England, South America, the US, North Africa. So two to three Mossad agents were sent out to identify the Networks. 

The Orthodox Jews believed that their way and their religion is the one and should only exist. A Child converted to Christianity is a huge issue for them. Mossad suspected that the entire Network is working to hide the Child. But the Mossad Agents were easily identified by the Network. Isser thought that the test given to him was easy and he had sent many Mossad agents to fulfil the task. But he was surprised when he got the negative information from his field agents. The Mossad agents were unable to find the Child. 

Mossad started investigating each and every jew who has left Israel to other countries. Mossad receives information that Two People have rented a house in England who left Israel in the year 1961. Mossad looked into this information by still they cannot find the child. Isser was facing his biggest failure in his career. The Protests have grown and the issue has become a national issue. Israel is facing an Internal Crisis. Israel’s Soverienyty is in Question. Israel as a country for Jews is breaking. An unknown Person gave a clue to Isser. 

The Clue was a Diamond merchant in the Orthodox Community, gave a complaint regarding the Mossad Agents without knowing that they are Actually Mossad Agents. The Merchant says that there was an issue in the Diamond Merchants Community. The issue was resolved by a Female Jew. She was beautiful and her eyes were blue. If the rabbi’s had an issue, this unknown female solved the issue. This was the Small information obtained by Isser. 

Isser knew that without the Knowledge of this Mysterious Female the Child will not be abducted. Mossad knew that if they capture the Woman they will know the whereabouts of the Child. This woman was converted from Christianity to Orthodox Jew. So if there is an issue for the Rabbis of the orthodox Jews. This woman will solve their issues. 

Mossad knew that there was a woman involved. But they didnt have much information about this Mysterious Woman. Nobody has information about her. 

Mossad started to investigate the Passports. 

In 21st June 1960, The Woman has left Israel for the second time. The Woman was accompanied by a female child. Mossad in their investigation find out that the Woman has a Boy. 

Who was this female child?

Mossad thought that the female child must be Yossele. So Mossad sends many agents following the Woman. Information was gathered and she was tracked all the time. Still, the Mossad agents were not able to find the Child. Mossad started intercepting the letters from the Woman's house. 

Mossad on the Verge of Failure - Mossad History

The letters gave the information that the Woman has a son in Israel. His name was Ariel. Ariel is studying in Jerusalem. In the letter, there was a small reference to Yossele. Mossad thought that the Child could be Yossele. 

The Woman-owned a house and she wanted to sell the house. Mossad got a copy of the advertisement to the house. Mossad agents Posing as Austrian Businessmen, and they were willing to pay a high price for the house. The Woman accepts the offer. That was the time Mossad knew about the Woman's name and her history. 

Her name was Ben David. But her real name in other countries was Madeleine Feraille. The year was 1962. In June a discussion was set up by Mossad agents to talk about the Sale of the house which could be held in Paris, France. Madeleine accepts the meeting. Two agents posing as Austrian Businessmen go to the Meeting. Mossad Agents surrounded the Hotel. Madeleine has arrived in the meeting room. The Mossad agents said that their Lawyer is on the way. They say that the Lawyer could not make it to the meeting. Then the agents inform her that the Lawyer has called them to his house. They show the money for the house. The agents say that by going to the Lawyer’s house they can complete the Deal. The Mossad agents knew that the Woman was in need of money. Madeleine accepts the offer and accompanies them to the house. 

Everything from the house to cars is all set up by Mossad Agents. When they arrived in the location, a new agent approached the Woman and says that her name is Ruth Ben David. The Woman asked who the man was for questioning her. The agent said that he works for Mossad and he needed information about Yossele. Madeleine says that she doesnt have information about Yossele. Mossad agents immediately arrest the Son of Madeleine who was studying in Jerusalem. The mother and Son were investigated. 

Ariel says the truth that Yossele was smuggled by Madeleine. Isser went to meet Madeleine as she was not cooperating. Madeleine was restrained in a dark room and Isser enters the room. Isser says that he is a very important agent in Mossad. Madeleine replies how can she confirm that Isser is a leader in Mossad. 

Mossad has many rules. They are not allowed to show their passports. But Isser showed his passport to Madeleine. Isser says that he is searching for the child. He also says that he never knew that there was a So Close Tight Knitted Orthodox Community. He also says that Israel is in the verge of the Civil war. He told Madeliene that the Information she has will Protect the Unity of the Jewish people. Isser also says that Ariel her son has given some details. He wanted to know where Madeleine is keeping the child. 

Mossad on the Verge of Failure - Mossad History

Madeleine didnt know that there was an issue between the Jews. She didnt knows that the Mossad agents were searching for the Child. The news didnt spread in the Orthodox community. Madeleine says that the Child is in America. 

Mossad Immediately calls the FBI in America. The FBI has found the lost child. Yossele is brought back to Israel. 

So don't think that the Hysteria of Religion, Caste or race exists only in India. We say that Jews are a close-knit community. If you go to Israel you will find out that there are separate communities living in Israel. Orthodox Community lives in a Different world inside Israel. Isser A Revered Mossad agent was unable to enter the Close Knit Orthodox community of Israel. He was on the verge of failure. But Mossad followed even the slightest of Clues. This investigation is nearly 120 pages in a book. 

This operation has many twists and turns which is explained in the book. Israel as a country should not be split into two. So many agents worked to Find the Child. 

We also know that there is a difference in Opinion in the Jewish Community. So if Mossad takes an Operation they will never fail. This decision to take will be yours. 

Are you waiting for the next part of Mossad?

Many of our Viewers wanted to know more about Hitler and his Operations. Every Saturday we will discuss Operations done by Mossad, FBI, CIA or any Intelligence agencies.
The Egypt series has been completed. We are trying to bring in the Hitler Series. Please comment, Based on your comments the Series will be published. 

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