Mossad Part 18 – Operation Orchard

Mossad Part 18 - Operation Orchard:

In 2011 there was a war in Syria. The Syrian war news was the one which made people watch videos in Youtube. When GIO was introduced, Syria war raging. People started to watch the Situation in Syria through youtube. 

We have already released 4 videos about the war and Syrian History. Please Check the Link in the Description of the video. 

The Syrian war started in 2011 and it still has not ended. Israel has conducted nearly 200 Air Strikes in Syria. 

IS Israel supporting the govt or the Rebels?

If you search for this question. You will never get an answer. 

What is the reason?

So on 2011 Syrian war started. 

Did Israel Conduct a Surgical Strike in 2007?

Did Mossad do it?

Mossad Part18. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

In Tamil Pokkisham Channel Mossad series is the hit list. Annunaki series is doing well but its no way near the Mossad Series. We have completed 17 parts in the Series. The 18th Part had nearly 8 months of Gap. 

Why this gap in time?

Because we had other important news which had to be discussed. We have discussed a lot of World Politics. Let’s get back to the Mossad Series. 

So how is this post?

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So on 2007 Israel Airforce launched  Surgical Strikes against Syria. The Syrian govt announces that they have repelled the attack and there were no casualties and losses. 

Now you would remember this news when India attacks Pakistan. Pakistan immediately will announce that there were no casualties. IF America conducts a Surgical strike upon a country, that country will also give the same answer. Syria did the same. 

But after 2018 Syria didnt speak about the Surgical Strikes. The reason is Israel started to release documents from 2016 to 2018. The released documents said that Israeli Airforce airstrike was on the alleged Nuclear Facility in Syria. 

Mossad Part 18 - Operation Orchard

Before this news, in 2003 there was a huge loss for the Mossad Organisation. On 2003 Gaddafi announces important news. He says that Syria was researching Nuclear Weapons, but they will stop the research due to the agreements between Syria and America. 

This is shocking news for Israel. On 1967, Israel had developed Nuclear Weapons. From that day onwards their aim was to stop Arab Countries from Developing Nuclear Weapons. 

The Israel govt asks Mossad. How did Syria manage to start developing Nuclear Weapons?

Mossad knew its mistakes and it didnt has any info upon Syria Nuclear Program. From 2003 to 2007 Mossad was struggling. An Order to Mossad Agents was placed to find out the Nuclear Weapons and Locations in the Arab Countries. 

When the Order was given, Mossad saw many changes in Positions within the organisation. Mossad started their new Operation. They had obtained intelligence from a Pakistani Nuclear Scientist. His name is Abdul Qadeer Khan. 

What did he do?

He was the one who supplied four Arab Countries with Nuclear equipment and Technology. Israel found out three Countries, One is Libya, North Korea and Iran. Nobody knew the 4th Country. The network was called A.Q Khan Proliferation network. The 4th country which could be one of the Network is India. America’s CIA released a document about this network. The Network was completed ShutDown before India became a part of it. On 2003, Libya stopped its research on Nuclear Weapons. On 2007 they began to monitor Syria. 

Israel’s Prime Minister was Ehud Olmert. He was the one to has to solve this issue. On 2006 they received Reliable Intel. Syria is building a Nuclear Reactor, more intel in needed to take action. Olmert immediately calls for a meeting. The room was called the Aquarium. They needed a room exclusively for this operation. Before naming the Operation they called it as Begin Doctrine. Menachem Begin was the former Israel Prime Minister. When he was PM he ordered Mossad to stop the Arab Countries from Developing Nuclear Weapons. Thus it became Begin Doctrine. 

Mossad Part 18 - Operation Orchard

Who is developing Nuclear Weapons in Syria?

Who Were the Scientists?

Mossad Obtains the Full list. The first in the list was Ibrahim Othman he was living in Vienna. On March 1st 2007, He leaves to attend an important meeting for Nuclear Scientists. This meeting was scheduled for one hour. When he leaves for the meeting Mossad Agents go into his house and hack his computer. They scan the documents which were available. Within one hour they have retrieved all the data in the house and leave. 

On March 7th 2007, Aquarium was built. Mossad Agents submits the documents and data to Olmert. They clearly say that Syria is Developing Nuclear Weapons. 

Olmert asks a question. Do you have any other proof?

He says he has many issues in Politics and he needs more proof for this operation. Mossad submits the proof as 40 Photos Taken in Syria. The Photos showed the PM a building, the equipment and the armed guards around the building. They had submitted clear cut pictures to the PM. 

Mossad Part 18 - Operation Orchard

Olmert still hesitated. On 2006 Israel went to war with Lebanon. Israel and America suffered heavy losses. So Olmert Approves the Operation, Syria may strike back. So Olmert asks Mossad.

What can Mossad do?

Mossad replies that they have already discussed with Psychologists. Syria’s PM will not wage a war against Israel. We have been opposing Syria but Syria has refused to engage in a war with Israel. So Mossad informs that the Syrian leadership will never wage war. Olmert receives the Information and says that the meetings will be held every Friday. Every Friday Mossad Submits information about Syria in the Aquarium. 

Olmert has ordered Mossad to acquire an Image of the Nuclear Reactor in Syria. Mossad Agents managed to duplicate the worker’s ID cards and enter the facility and took the photos. Mossad spends months collecting all the data for the attack. So the meeting started in March and ended in September. March, April and May they gathered all information. They also take samples of the Sand near the building. They also investigate for Radio Active waves. The building was in Square scape and it was called Rubik’s Cube. 

Mossad Part 18 - Operation Orchard

Mossad had a doubt whether there is a connection between this building and North Korea?

North Korea Nuclear buildings were in Square Shapes. The workers who were working in the building many were North Koreans. Mossad confirms that there was a North Korean Team in the building. Mossad Concludes that A.Q Khan Network has supplied Nuclear materials to North Korea, Libya and Iran. 

From Euphrates River, Nearly 900 Metres away the building was located. The Complex was called Al Kibar Complex. Mossad knew the technology which was used. They knew Uranium was supplied from Russia. Mossad also knew the Secret agreement between Russia and Syria. 

All details are acquired. Olmert and Mossad agents discussed the Operation. Israel Politics changed and Ehud Barak becomes the Defense minister of Israel. Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert disliked each other. 

Olmert says go for attack and Barak suggests that they can have a conversation with America on the Situation. So June Israel and America had discussions. George W Bush was the President of the USA. Bush was not interested in the attack on the reactor. Instead, he suggested a peace talks with Syria to stop developing Nuclear Weapons. 

Mossad informs that if this action is taken, the Syrian leader will ask for two months time to dismantle the Nuclear weapon. Within two months the Weapon will be online and ready. Syria will start the service if they start the service they can develop nuclear weapons. Mossad strongly declined America’s Suggestions. 

So now Israel has to take a decision of its own. Olmert and Barak inform the Congress of the attack. The Congress voted for the attacks. The Power to initiate the attack was shared between Olmert, Barak and Foreign Ministry. So they come to the conclusion that the attacks will happen in September and the day was confirmed. They send messages to America and Britain about the attacks. These attacks may lead to war. If there is war, America and Britain must support Israel. 

Mossad Part 18 - Operation Orchard

So September 5th 10.30 PM. Four F-15IS Jet fighters and Four F-16IS jet fighters take off from various Israeli Airbases. The order was clear that the Jet fighters have to fly in Low Altitude. They had to fly over Syria and Turkey Airspace. The Jets should not be detected by the Syrian Radars. The International community must not know that Israel conducted the operation. The International Community will also not know what the jets destroyed. 

So only 8 Jet Fighters. Within 2 Hours Flight Time, the Jets should be in Syrian Airspace. Each Jet should drop two bombs upon the building. 

How many tons were used to bomb the site?

20 TOn Bombs were loaded in the Jets. So 10.30 the Operation started and on 12.4-PM a message was send to the Aquarium which is now called the Pit. After the initial attacks of Israel, there was a chance for war. The pit will be the location where the orders will come from and everybody knew it. The message was Arizona. 

To Be Continued….

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