Mossad Part 25 – Yom Kippur War | Israel Vs Egypt & Syria

Mossad Part 25 - Yom Kippur War | Israel Vs Egypt & Syria:

 In 1967 the Six Days war happened. Israel and Mossad had a decisive victory in the Six Days War. 

Israel, Mossad and IDF all think that the Airforce and some Tanks will be enough to gain a victory over an Arab Country. 

IN 1973 the Arab World was against Israel. This becomes a huge setback for Israel. 

In the latest news in 2021, Declassified files say that Israel should have lost the Yom Kippur War. 

How did Israel manage to win the war?

What were the strategies of Israel?

Let's discuss The Declassified Information. 

Mossad Part25. 

Mossad Series has become a successful Video series. In each episode, we have discussed the History, Strategies and truth was revealed to you. 

So Mossad 25 Should consist of a lot of Valuable information which should include Libya, Gaddafi.

Why did Egypt and Syria in 1973 get ready for the October war?

The world calls it the October war whereas Israel calls it the Yom Kippur War or Ramadan War. The Sacred Month of Ramadan the attack began.

Why didn't Israel counter the attack?

Was it because of the Holy month of Ramadan?

The International community asked this question. They got the answer that Israel had Predicted the attack but it was a big failure for the Israeli Intelligence. So Mossad had failed to predict the war. 

In 1967, We discussed that Mossad had spies in Egypt. Through the Spies, they gathered information which was critical in the wars. This information was crucial to destroy the Airforce of Egypt. This was discussed in Part 23,24,25. There is a lot of useful information in those videos. 

So Mossad had spies. Through the spies, they receive the information that for 5 to 6 Six Years the Arab countries will not cause issues to Israel. 

When did Mossad receive this Information?

They got this Info in 1970. In 1967 there was the Six Days War. In 1970 Mossad received the information. 

Was there peace from 1967 to 1970?

These Three years were called the War of Attrition. In the three years, there were many issues, Battles were fought and lives were lost. From 1967 to 1973, There were battles but there the International community did not accept it as a Full-Scale war. To the International Community, the 4th war between Arab Countries and Israel was the Yom Kippur war. 

Mossad Part 25 - Yom Kippur War | Israel Vs Egypt & Syria

The Military Operations which was conducted between 1967 to 1973 in the War of Attrition. 

Operation Bulmus, Operation Boxer, Operation Raviv, Operation Escort, Operation Rooster, Operation Praha and Operation Rhodes. There were so many military operations conducted during the Three years. The Seven Operations listed above had a detailed and big history. 

How Israel managed to enter Egypt?

How did Israel capture Egypt’s Radar Systems?

What was Egypt’s Response?

These details may take up to 6 Episodes in the Mossad Series. 

When Israel won the Six Days War in 1967. We should know the issues between Egypt and Syria. 

When Israel won the war they occupied enemy territories. Israel occupied Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip. This was Egypt’s losses. Syria lost Golan Heights. Jordan lost the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These Captured territories were under the control of Israel. Arab Countries wanted to take back their lost territories. 

When the Arab Countries were planning, Political Changes happened in Syria and Egypt. In 1970 The war of Attrition came to an end. 

Who ended the War of Attrition?

America’s State Secretary William. P Rogers strikes a peace agreement between the countries. The agreement consisted that no Country should station any missiles in their Borders. Egypt and Israel sign the agreement. So the agreement was signed in 1970. But in September the same year, President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser passed away. Anwar Sadat becomes the Next President of Egypt. Sadat was interested in Nasser’s Policies. But he began his own strategy. Sadat’s Objective is to re-capture the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt’s only chance for Victory was buying Weapons from the USSR. 

Mossad Part 25 - Yom Kippur War | Israel Vs Egypt & Syria

From 1967 President Nasser started buying weapons from the USSR. Israel did not take this seriously. Egypt didn't have any Air Force. They didn't realize that the USSR could supply the Air Force to Egypt. Mossad was so weak at this time in their intelligence. 

After the Political Change in Egypt and the Carelessness of Israel was a Great Opportunity for Egypt. Egypt started to buy SAM’s(Surface to Air Missiles). This was an important strategy by Egypt. Egypt then stationed the SAM’s in their borders and the Suez canal. 

We discussed that President Sadat’s Objective was the Sinai Peninsula. For Egypt to re-capture the Sinai Peninsula it needed help from Syria. 

President Sadat was closely watching Political Change in Syria. The Political change happened in Syria in 1970 Dec. Hafeez al- Assad becomes the Prime Minister of Syria. 

President Sadat and Prime Minister Hafeez had a discussion. He says that he is ready to start a Short time war against Israel to reclaim the lost territories. Sadat said that there was no way but war. 

The Syrian Prime Minister Believed in Sadat’s Objective. But The Syrian Prime Minister didn't know that the Egyptian Army will enter only Ten Kilometres of Occupied Territory. President Sadat did not mention this information to Hafeez. 

Egypt’s aim was to get the support of the International Community and to expose America’s involvement through the War. Egypt also wanted to end the Friendly relations America had with the Arab World. Their final objective was to Reclaim the lost Territories. President Sadat did not want to achieve all these goals. If Sadat can accomplish any of the goals it would be a victory to Egypt. 

His strategy was to bring in the International Community through war, engage in a Peace agreement and get back the Lost Territories. But to accomplish this Egypt needed the support of Syria. 

Now we have to discuss Libya. In 1969, Colonel Gaddafi took control over Libya. Through the 1969 Libyan Coup D'etat, Gaddafi became the Leader of Libya. Gaddafi's aim for Libya was to educate his people. Libya had abundant Oil Resources. Egypt had advanced Technology and their people were educated. 

So Gaddafi and Nasser had a meeting. They wanted Libya and Egypt to form a Coalition. But Egypt didn't want to be a part of this Coalition because they knew they may face issues in the future. So Egypt Declined the request. If Sadat was the President of Egypt, this Coalition could have taken place. If Libya was involved in the war, Israel could have faced a Decisive Defeat. Due to World Politics Libya was unable to directly support Syria and Egypt. 

So President Sadat informs Hafeez about the war. He also informs The Saudi Royal Family that war was going to happen. Egypt had said to Saudi Arabia that if America was involved in the war, then Saudi Arabia should stop its Exports of Crude oil to America. Egypt also said that Saudi Arabia will be the Leader of the Arab World. These discussions were held in secret. 

Mossad Part 25 - Yom Kippur War | Israel Vs Egypt & Syria

On October 5th, Russian Embassy Officials were sent back to Russia from Syria. Mossad had a doubt. Mossad got the information that the Embassies in Syria have been closed. Mossad’s doubt became a serious search for answers. 

Mossad started their Search ten hours before the war started. Mossad received intelligence that Egypt and Syria have surrounded Israel’s Borders and the war will start. The Intelligence was passed to various depts in Israel such as the IDF(Israel Defence Force). The day was Ramadan, Military personnel were with their family. Within 5 Hours Soldiers have been called to Active Duty.

The main question was,

Can Israel Defend with the assembled force against Egypt and Syria?

The answer was no Israel cannot defend with the assembled Force as Egypt had a large force and Syria on the other side had a large force in Golan Heights. Israel also receives information that the Syrian Air Force equipped by USSR will conduct a big Air Strike. 

Israel had no other options, but to defend against the enemy. Israel cannot go aggressive but defensive. Israel wanted to find out the Weak Spot of the enemy. Israel wanted to take into calculations the Enemy forces which had been deployed. They needed to understand the enemy’s Strategy. Israel needed two days to strategize a Counter Attack Plan. 

Israel’s thought if it was not successful in Defending against the enemy. They can call Upon America’s Aid. But America replied that it cannot be involved in a Direct war, but can help Israel indirectly. America didn't want to get caught in the trap laid by Egypt. 

If America aided Israel directly. The war could have never happened. The Arab Countries could have known that America is a firm ally of Israel, So the Arab World Could have Isolated America. America knew that this could be the result. 

America’s President had many issues to face in that time. President Nixon was facing many issues, The situation was critical for President Nixon in Home. So America decided to stay quiet. After the war has started America can be a mediator for a Peace Agreement, This was America’s Plan. 

But after the war Started, within One week America had to get involved in the war. The USSR was helping Egypt and Syria. 

Mossad Part 25 - Yom Kippur War | Israel Vs Egypt & Syria

When the war started, We should take into Consideration the Troops Movements of Egypt and Syria. 

In 1978 when the Countries came to a Peace agreement. Israel gave back the captured territories to Egypt but refused to give the Captured Territories of Syria. 

Till today, Israel is conducting Airstrikes in Syria. 

What could be the reason?

Why didn't Israel invite Syria for the peace agreement?

What are the issues created for Libya?

The World Politics and Political Changes with Mossad. 

How did the war happen?

What Military Equipment the Countries Used to wage war?

Due to this war, America upgraded its Airforce. Israel came to the Conclusion that the Air Force alone is not enough. Israel thought that it needed the Iron Dome to defend itself. 

What could be the reasons?

The answers will be in the next video. 

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