Mossad Part 26 – Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel:

Mossad Part 26 - Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel:

The Oil Weapon.

Can Crude Oil be used as a weapon?

Yes, Crude Oil can be used as a weapon. Nowadays China is using even water as a weapon. 

The EU and America had passed laws stating that vehicles should maintain a Speed to save Oil. 

After the 1973 Yom Kippur War, America and the EU were looking from Crude Oil resources, they needed the Oil in Large Quantities. They also wanted to store Oil as reserves. 

America and the EU were ready to change the Plan of the Airforce because of Crude Oil. The Year is 1973 and this plan may be called the Yom Kippur Plan.  

In Sep 1967, The Arab World signed an agreement called “Three NO’s”. The three No’s consisted of 

“No Peace with Israel”,

“No Recognition of Israel”,

“No Negotiations with Israel”. 

So these are the three No’s followed by the Arab World. Until 1970 we discussed the War of Attrition in the previous video. People who haven't seen the video, please check out the link in the description of the video. 

On 6th Oct 1973, the Yom Kippur War started. On the 5th of Oct, the Russian Embassies in Egypt and Syria were evacuated. On 6th Oct Morning intelligence report was received by Mossad that Egypt and Syria are ready to attack Israel. 

Mossad Part 26 - Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel

What would be Israel’s response?

The Army Soldiers and Airforce Pilots were with their Families on the Sacred day. Mossad has already got intelligence that Egypt’s Plan was to Recapture their lost territories and they will advance 10 Kilometres. Egypt from their border will only advance ten Kilometres into Israel. Mossad warned that Syria should be taken care o First, as Egypt will only advance Ten Kilometres. 

Golda Meir The Iron Lady of Israel was the prime minister and she called for an urgent meeting. She was advised not to use the Airforce first, because the International community may turn against Israel. So the Israeli officials advise Golda Meir to take a Defensive Stance. The Defensive Stance of Israel had many plans hidden. Israel’s last war against Two countries was the Yom Kippur War. Israeli Politics played their game well. 

So the order was given not to use the Airforce for two days, but they can get assists from the Airforce. The Army Soldiers were re-called for Active Duty immediately as Two Countries armies were approaching Israel’s Borders. 

Who attacked first?

How did they attack?

The first attack was by Egypt. The first stage of attacks was conducted by more than 220 Egyptian Fighters. The 220 Fighters destroy 25 targets. The Targets included three Primary Aribases, Three Secondary Air Bases, Twelve Hawk Sites, Two Major Command & Control Center, two Radar Stations, Two Field Artillery Sites, and One Telecommunication centre. These 25 Targets were near the Border. When Egypt was using its 220 Fighters for the first attack and successfully destroyed the 25 targets. The Egyptian army started to advance across the Border. 

This attack took place Near Suez Canal and in the Sinai Peninsula. But on the other side, Syria’s armies were advancing through the Golan Heights. But Syria only used 100 Aircraft for their first attack against Israel. 

Mossad Part 26 - Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel

There is a doubt,

Why Did Syria use only 100 Aircraft where Egypt used 220 Aircraft?

Two Countries are allies and they went together to war against Israel. Two countries were backed up by Russia and the Arab World. If you look into the war statistics for 1973, it was a 2.4(Syria Egypt): 1(Israel). 

Israel understood that the two countries' first stage of attacks were by the Airforce. The Military High Command Of Israel requested Golda Meir and Mossad to use the Israeli Air Force. Mossad gave information that if the Air Force is Deployed the SAM’s (Surface to Air Missiles) of both countries will bring down the Israeli Air Force. So the Air Force was given an order to engage the enemy with a lighter force at 5 Pm. This information about the war was given by the IMINT Intelligence through Satellite images and Aerial Photography. The Satellite Photos of the SAM’s which were stationed in the border were taken and research was conducted. So this information was passed to the Israeli High Command. 

When the Israeli Air Force was ready for their first strike. Mossad identified the First Weak spot of Egypt. Mossad wanted the Airforce to delay the attack. 

What was the Egyptian Weak Point?

The war was raging in the Sinai Peninsula. Mossad learned the truth that when Israel Airforce engaged the enemy, the Egyptian SAM’s were also destroying the Egyptian fighters. Mossad learned the structure of the Egyptian Army. Mossad found out a weak spot that Egypt’s army and the Airforce were conducting a combined strike in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Mossad Part 26 - Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel

What is the issue with the Combined Strike?

The army will station the SAM”s and Missiles in the area. Surface to Air Missiles are used to destroy enemy missiles or Aircraft. The SAM”s had a range of 10 and 20 Kilometres. 

What type of SAM’s did the Egyptian Army use?

SA2, SA3 and SA6 type SAM’s. They were called Triple-A missiles. The Egyptian army stationed the SAM’s in an area. When the Israeli air force entered the Airspace, The SAM’s became active. The Egyptian army didn't have enough expertise to use the Advanced SAM systems. America had the capacity to counter the SAM’s and Egypt knew it. Due to many issues in command, The Egyptian SAM’s Shot down their own Fighters in the air force. 

In the first stage of the attack on Egypt, 220 Fighters were engaged. Even before the Israeli Counter Air attack, Egypt has already shot down their own 30 Fighters with their Own SAM’s. Egypt soon learned how to use SAM’s effectively. This was the weak Point of Egypt which Israel wanted to Exploit. 

In the first stage of the attack, Syria and Egypt were on the Offensive. After the success of the first stage attack, the Egypt Air Force were recalled to their bases. The order was to move on to a Defensive Stance. They expected Israeli Counterattack at any time and went into a defensive mode. The Egypt army after getting the Defensive Stance order, Relocated their SAM’s to a different area. 

This is another defeat for Mossad. Because the Satellite images and Aerial Photography are useless now as the Egyptian SAM’s were moved to another location. 

Mossad Part 26 - Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel

Israel started its Counterattack. The Israeli Air Force started the Counterattack against Egypt and Syrian Forces. Egypt was ready for the Israeli air force with its SAM’s. The SAM’s started to bring down the Israeli Air Force one after another. In the First Counterattack, Israel had lost nearly 20 Fighters. Many Fighters were damaged. 

In video 10.32, you can see the statistics of the Airforce used in the war. 

When Israel was on the Offensive. Syria was engaged in the battle. Israel had only 170 Tanks available in the Border with Syria. Israel had 6000 Soldiers and 60 Artillery Pieces which faced off against 1400 Tanks, 1000 Mortars and Artillery, accompanied by 45000 Soldiers. The Odds were against Israel. The Numbers clearly show a Syrian Decisive Victory. 

The war has been raging for the past two days, The Israeli Airforce are trying their best to repel the enemy. Israel wanted their attack to be highly Coordinated. Mossad was asked for Intelligence and plans to defeat the enemy. Israel created two Operations to defeat the enemy. The first Operation name was Operation Tagar. The other Operation name was Operation Model5. 

Operation Tagar consists of 

Where would Israel destroy the Egyptian SAM’s?

How can they destroy the SAM’s?

How low is the Israeli air force to fly to destroy the SAM’s?

A full Information report was submitted through Operation Tagar. 

The next is Operation Model5. This Operation consisted of Full details to fully destroy the SAM Systems of Syria. Both Operations are a go, The Israeli air force is going to destroy the Egyptian and Syrian SAM Systems. Due to minor issues, the Operation backfires on Israel. 

Israel did a case study of losses through the Both Operations. For so many years Israel worked hard on the case study. Due to this case study during the 1982 War with Lebanon, the Israeli air force was able to destroy the Russian made SAM systems. 

Please Search,

How Israel managed to Completely destroy the Network of Lebanon SAM Systems?

After World War 2, the biggest network which was successfully destroyed by the country is Israel. This Israeli operation was called Operation Mole Cricket 19. Through this operation, The EU completely destroyed the Entire Network of Russian SAM Systems. Russia learned a lesson to upgrade and keep upgrading their Air Defense Systems. 

So after every war, every country in the world learns something and uses it in the next war. These case studies have been done by the Indian army. 

Syria and Egypt had a Strong Foothold in the war. Mossad informed the Israel High Command that going to war with the Two Countries directly is a No Win Situation because the Arab World is supporting the two countries. 

Mossad Part 26 - Yom Kippur War | Tactics of Israel

Mossad wanted to change the route of the attack. 

What was this Change in the attack for the Israeli Air Force?

Mossad wanted the Israeli AIrforce to attack the Capital of Syria. But the Israeli High Command believed in Mossad. They stationed a low number of Air Force near the Borders conducting Raids. Israel's air force was given a new target, the Syrian Capital. 

Now Syria was in a Dilemma. Whether to Protect the Borders or its Capital. Their Army plan now is useless when Israeli Air Force attacks the Syrian Capital. Syria had to back down from the border. 

This Opportunity was used by Israel as they asked for aid from America. 

Did America come to the aid of Israel?

Why Did America bring Jet Fighters in Midnight into Israel?

When morning came, The International Community was against America. 

What were the Military Operations behind this move?

We will discuss in detail in the upcoming videos. 

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