Mossad’s Complete History

Mossad's  Complete History:

Many of us When we hear about a secret agency or secret organization or a secret intelligence department we always think about James Bond character which is portrayed in movies as a secret spy or a secret agent.  but for some of us who know About world politics, the first thing which comes into our mind is Israel's secret service called  Mossad. In this article, we will be covering the whole history, many facts, and also conspiracy theories behind Mossad.

 Was Mossad been created before the creation of the small country Israel?

 How did Mossad manage to become the world's number one secret agent in a very short time?

 What are its requirements?

 What are its restrictions?

 How are the candidates selected to join this organization?

 What are the necessary qualifications to join Mossad?

This article will answer many questions regarding this secret service organization called Mossad. we will speak about Mossad operations in other countries, their involvement in world politics and many more. for an example when Iran assembled its nuclear scientists to develop nuclear weapons, 3 to 4 of the scientists were killed one by one, but one scientist made it alive did you know that this scientist was working for Mossad.


From Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination to the destruction of the revolutionary group called Tamil Tigers from Srilanka. We often hear the name Mossad which is linked to these Terrible Events.  It is said that the Tamil Tigers got their weapons and training from Mossad. A few days ago countries around the world blamed Mossad for leaking a video to rattle Austrian politics. in 2007 WikiLeaks released some secret documents it was related to the United States of America. in those documents, there was detailed information about groups or organizations around the world which ultimately wanted to destroy Iran.  

Did you know that all these organizations were controlled by Mossad?

 A Question will rise in your mind : 

 is Iran the primary target of Mossad?  the answer is no.

 To Know the exact answer for all these questions we have to go back in time to the creation of this small country called Israel.

 we all know that from 1939 to 1945  the Second World War happened. the one thing which shocked the world most was the massacre of Jews by Germans. The holocaust was the brutal Killings of Jews from the world. The Jews were separated and they were living in various countries before the Holocaust happened. In 1948  a country called Israel was born with the help and support from the UN and the United States of America. Palestine was the country which was divided into two: Palestine and Israel. They also occupied lands from Egypt. So after the creation of the country, a message was sent to all the jews around the world to come and live in the country. In those times the world was a dangerous place to live in for the Jews.  taking into consideration of how Hitler treated the Jews, and there was always hate for Jews from ancient days. after the creation of Israel, many Arab countries wanted to destroy Israel. in order to To protect the Country, the Israeli government needed a secret organization.  the Israeli government came to the conclusion that information and intelligence will be its top priority. information was pouring from all corners across the globe. In 1948 David Ben Gurion the Israel prime minister gave on order to create a powerful intelligence organization. he created 3 intelligence bureaus.

  1.  Bureau of military intelligence
  2.  political department of Foreign Affairs
  3.  department of security

 All personnel from these three departments are the secret organization or Secret Intelligence department of Israel.  in 1958 the second department called political department of Foreign Affairs has been changed and named as Mossad.

In Hebrew, the meaning for Mossad is “ Central Institute for Intelligence and special operations”. 

From the 1930s to the creation of Israel there was an organization which worked tirelessly to unite all Jews who were spread all over the globe. That Organisation was called Mossad.

  1. Bureau of military intelligence’s name was changed to Aman
  2. Political Department of Foreign Affairs name  was changed to Mossad
  3. Department of security’s name was changed to Shin Bet.

The primary job for Mossad was Foreign intelligence.  Information for intelligence about other secret agencies, looking out for moles in their own country. To identify and eradicate enemy Spies from other countries. Mossad only answers to the prime minister of Israel. the head of Mossad is only answerable to the Prime Minister of Israel. Reuven Shiloah is the first leader of Mossad. 

From 1948 to 1970 9 massage agents received training from the American secret service called CIA( Central Intelligence Agency).  The agents from Mossad work tirelessly to protect their country E from the invention of Arab countries like Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. the intelligence provided from all over the world and with the help of CIA, Mossad, and Israel was able to defeat the advancements of the Arab countries. so America was helped Israel in many ways. does it make America a friend to Mossad?. the answer is no. Mossad was cunning and effective when it came to foreign affairs. A great Example to this was Jonathan an American Navy Officer. But The Americans did not know that Jonathan was working for the secret service organization Mossad.  smuggled information and intelligence of America to Mossad. 

America’s  CIA came to know about Jonathan and arrested him for providing intelligence to Israel. Israel accepted the accusation and requested America to release Jonathan.  after 12 years Jonathan was released and now he lives in Israel as a citizen. Israel Moto “ no one is left Behind”.

Mossad’s ability to work without any restrictions is a powerful tool. If Mossad feels like a person is betraying his country or is against Israel then it has the Go ahead to Eliminate the person without any trial.  Mossad’s moles can be anyone in your Country, They may be Tennis Players or even actor and actress they will be living in your country but they will work for Mossad. 

Right now there are moles or cells of secret agents who are in each and every country around the world.  If a particular country is against Israel, then these agents get activated and they will create problems or political disputes in the country.  

There are restrictions to join Mossad.  priority is given to Jews but anyone from  Israel can join this secret organization. the training these agents receive is one of the world's most intense and powerful training program. headquarters of Mossad is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. till now the world doesn't know how many agents are working in this secret organization, it is estimated that maybe 200o agents working in  Tel Aviv. if Mossad needs new recruits then they will be advertised as government positions to be filled. 

Mossad’s primary job is to protect their own country and people.  to effectively protect them they measured Intelligence and information as the most valuable source. 

Part 2: 

Mossad Vs Iran

All around the world when countries started developing nuclear weapons the other countries like America always involved itself in other countries business. When Iran started to develop nuclear weapons America was against the Iranian decision and they gave ultimatum starting with economic Barriers on Iran. It is well known that America was not the first to oppose Iran for developing nuclear weapons it was Israel.

Why would Israel have so much hate for Iran?

As we have already mentioned in this article that the creation of  Israel was opposed by many Arab countries. the main player in opposing Israel was Iran.  so Israel worked tirelessly against Iran. Mossad had a bigger role to play when de0 grading Iran in the eyes of the whole world. 

How Did Mossad stop Iran ability to produce nuclear weapons?

What ways did Mossad use to do these actions against Iran?

Part2 of this article will give you a clear picture. We all know that when it comes to intelligence the world's best Intelligence Agency is the CIA( Central Intelligence Agency).  but Mossad was one step ahead. the only agency to spy on the CIA was Mossad.

So how did Mossad achieve this powerful status as a leading Intelligence agency in the world? 


Just for a comparison: Israel is a very small country. It is about 158 times smaller than India. To be very clear its One-third of Tamil Nadu. So there a lot of intelligence is information centers in Israel. These centers for a number above 3000 are present there. When it comes to population the country has nearly 50 percent of the world's Jews. in 1948 the country had a population of 8,06,000  where are the world population of Jews was 11.5 Million. in 1948 the countries percentage ofJews was 6%. over 70% of the world's trade is directly controlled by Jews. if you follow a product which you just bought it will lead you to a British company or some other country but the main Shareholder of the company will be a Jew. We all know that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel.  but the country’s e landscape is mostly covered by the Negev desert. The cartoon Movies are banned in Israel but the majority of the Cartoons which are played to our children are owned by the Jews. So if a Jew wanted to study a business-related course then they should have $5000 and up to 15 members to work in a business. when the business turns a profit from $5,000 to $15,000 then only they will be eligible to apply to business studies in universities of Israel. When it comes to military aspects every citizen should work for the military for at least one year.

When the partition between Israel and Palestine happened.  Israel constructed a wall to secure its boundaries. The reason which Israel gave to the World Was suicide bombers might attempt to blow themselves inside Israel's borders. but the reality and the truth is that there are nearly 40 lakh people from Palestine who are in captivity at this very moment. 

We already mentioned that Israel is a small country, but did you know that it has already received 12 Nobel prizes.  In India, there are only ten Nobel Prize winners. so is India lacking people who don't meet the requirements of Nobel prizes? Or is the Nobel Prize given mainly to Jews, Americans or British?.this is a question which has been raised by the whole world for a long time now. 

In 1948 Israel was declared as a separate country. but in 1949  Egypt and Jordan declared war on Israel. within one year the war has ended and Egypt occupied the Gaza strip and Jordan occupied the west banks of Israel.  Israel primary motto is “ Eye or an eye” and Revenge is sweet when it is served cold. in 1967 another war erupted between these countries in which Israel was victorious and they retained the area they lost the Gaza strip and  West banks. 

Before we go deep into this article we need to clear one question:

What's the main purpose of Mossad’s Creation and How it was created?

Palestine was ruled by the British Empire.  when the British war ruling Palestine they invited a small number of Jews into the country. Although their Palestinians were opposed to this idea of the British bringing in Jews into their country they were in no position to say NO.  But, when the Jews started to pour in huge numbers into the country British, did set up a plan to stop the jews coming in large numbers. the main reason for Jews to come into the country was Hitler. Hitler was killing the Jews in large numbers and the Jews thought that Going to Palestine would Protect them from the wrath of Hitler. 

When the British had their barriers of not letting the Jews into Palestine.  a secret Organisation was formed to smuggle Jews into Palestine. That secret Organisation was called Mossad LeAliyah bet.  Thus Organisation was later renamed as MOSSAD. till now we have discussed Mossad.

Now We will look into Iran.  we will now look into Israel's role in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. in this Assassination of a nuclear scientist, we will dwell deeper into the four murders.

Go to Google and search for The Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist you will I get a lot of information. From the information available on the web, we will talk about 4 nuclear scientists who was Murdered.


The first assassination happened on January 10th, 2010. in a fine morning at nearly 8 a.m. Masoud Ali Mohammad - A professor went to open his car door, a Man who was riding a Motor Cycle activated a Magnetic Bomb which was attached to the car. The man who activated the bomb was Majid Jamali Fashi.   after the interrogation, the Iranian Intelligence Agency came to know that behind this assassination of the Professor & Nuclear Scientist Israel's Mossad I was involved. but Israel said that it doesn't have any involvement in The Assassination.

 after 9 months there has been another assassination of a Quantum Physics professor and Iranian nuclear scientist named  Majid Shah Riari. Majid was traveling by car with his friend and his wife when a group of bicyclers surrounded his car.  one of the bicyclers placed a magnetic bomb on the car and the blast resulted in the death of Majid Shah Riari. Majid was a Leading scientist in Iranian nuclear development. he had a pivotal and important role to play in the development of nuclear weapons for Iran.

 after 8 months on 29th July 2011 Darius another Nuclear scientist went with his wife in a car to pick up his daughter from my kindergarten School.  on the way to the destination, the car has been stopped and Darius was shot five times and bled to death. His wife was also shot but managed to survive the assassination. after the death of the professor, his wife came out and gave interviews that Darius was working for the Iranian government and it was a top secret.  before the world knew that Darius was working for Iran's nuclear weapons development, Mossad has already had the necessary information, and by killing him it would put a halt to the nuclear development program.

On  January 11, 2012, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan another chemical engineer was killed by Two assailants On A motorbike who attached a magnetic bomb to the side of a car. 

After many assassinations, Iran continued its nuclear weapons development. But America and Israel together have announced an Economic Ban on Iran. The economic barrier is set up so that Iran cannot obtain uranium to develop its nuclear weapons. This is a targeted process of Restricting Iran's capabilities to produce nuclear weapons.

This is a huge victory for Israel against Iran.

Continue Reading: Part2 

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