Mullaperiyar Dam issue Explained & Solutions

Mullaperiyar Dam issue Explained & Solutions

The Tamilnadu people are asking for water from the Mullaperiyar Dam. The Kerala people say their lives are threatened by the 125 yr old dam. The Tamilnadu people's agriculture will be greatly affected if they don't get the water from the dam. These two concerns are important and must be taken into account. But there is a double game played using this issue. The Govt should take necessary and immediate steps to solve this issue. 

The Dam’s level has been increased to 136-138 feet on 28th Oct 2021. The TN CM Stalin has said that water will be released from the dam and the Low-Lying areas of rehabilitation are underway. The Kerala govt has announced that the people in the low-lying areas must move away. 

From the dam's nearly 40-45 Kilometres path there are a lot of families residing in the area. According to Kerala Govt, there are 800+ Families. Kerala Govt has set up nearly 26+ Camps from the people. 

On 26th Oct Idukki Dam reached 94%. The Flood doors are shut in the Idukki dam to preserve water. They need the water for generating electricity. When the Idukki dam is closed, they ask to open the Mullaperiyar dam. This becomes an issue. 

The Kerala govt and Joe Joseph have filed a case. This case has become an issue. The dam might reach the level of 136 to 139 feet. This is the rainy season and the dam may fill within one day. They also argued that the dam should be decommissioned and the control over the dam should be given to Kerala. This is the double game. 

The Tamilnadu people want water and the Tamilnadu Govt has control over the dam. If they need water they will open the shutter of the dam. If the Kerala govt takes control then the TN govt has to request to release the water. 

This is the same as the Karnataka and Tamilnadu issue. When the Tamilnadu people need water they don't get it from Karnataka. If there is excessive water Karnataka govt will open the dam.  If they open the dam then the TN people will have water. When the Karnataka dam is full, it will be the rainy season in TN. 

So the Joe Joseph filed case states that the dam should be decommissioned. They also want to remove the Sub-Monitoring committee. This is an exact double game. So if they decommission the dam the Kerala govt will take control over the dam. This is the reason the Tamil Nadu Politicians are against this decision. The Kerala people are unaware of this situation. 

There is a link in the video. There are full details on how the Political parties DMK, ADMK, Congress, BJP, CPI, CPIM have betrayed the TN people. 

The Kerala and Tamilnadu People should know the truth. The Kerala govt is very keen on building a new dam. The Kerala Govt has called upon a Hyderabad Company and given them details. The information about the new dam, the Monsoon season, weather and equipment. The full details about the project have been studied and given. The Kerala Govt has assigned this to Pragati Labs and Consultants Private Limited. Now they have the DPR(Detailed Project Report). 

According to the DPR 1500 Crore Rupees, a new dam will be built in the same location within three years. This DPR will be forwarded by Kerala Govt to the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change(MOEF) for its permission. They will ask for an environmental impact assessment.  After getting permission from MOEF the DPR will be submitted to the Central Water Commission(CWC). CWC will take the final decision. Please remember this CWC. 

Now let's talk about the Vaigai Dam. After 1959, the Sludge which formed in the Vaigai dam was not removed. For this project, the TN govt has said that it will cost 200 Crore Rupees. In Nine years they will complete this project. Nearly 24 Sq Meter of Sludge, to remove this the TN govt need Nine Years. So if the TN govt takes Nine years to clear the sludge, The Kerala Govt needs only three years to build a new dam. 

Who is playing the double game?

The Kerala People are ready to give water. But in this process, the Kerala Govt and some people want power over the dam. 

Who is playing the double game here?

In 2019 The Dam Safety Bill was changed into law. CWC said that there are 5745 big dams in India. Among those nearly 5675 big dams are under the control of the States. The remaining Dams are under the control of Private Sectors. In 5675 more than 220+ Dams were 100 years old dams. All other dams are nearly 20 years old. So 93% of the dams are 20 years old. The 200+ dams are over 100 years old. This means that in the past 20 years no new dam was built in India. 

What was the Indian government doing for twenty years?

What will the Indian government do about the 200 Dams which are 100 years old?

The double game was played by DMK and ADMK. Congress and Communists played a double game in Kerala. BJP and Congress did not build any dams for nearly 20 years. These Political parties don't want the issue to be resolved. 

Why are they dragging the issue?

This is Politics.
What should the Govt officials do?

There are two committees: the National Committee of Dam Safety and the National Dam Safety Authority. The First Committee will give instructions. The second one will follow the instructions and make decisions. The NDSA will resolve issues in states working with the State Dam Safety Organization(SDSO). This is a central level Govt committee. 

There are two committees at the state level. The first is the State Committee on Dam Safety and State Dam Safety Organization. So there are four Committees and Sub Committee Appointed by State Govt, Central Govt and Judges Bench. 

Did they check the safety of the dam?

The CWC has given the answer. CWC in 1979 started the Central Dam Safety Organization. An Important gathering was held and nearly 1000 Delegates from all states attended this meeting. After this meeting, the Gujarat Dam accident happened. CWC which started the Organization in 1979 the same year the sad accident happened.  The Govt says that 2000 people died in this tragedy. The Local people say that nearly 25000 People lost their lives. We still don't know the truth. 

CWC still exists and their 88th Annual gathering has happened. There is another organization which is called ICOLD(International Commission on Large Dams). The ICOLD has gathered information on all 5675 big dams. They are the ones who must give the information. 

Is ICOLD doing its work?

Where are the funds going to give to ICOLD?

What is their job?

Now we have to speak about the DRIP Project. In Tamilnadu, there are 116 large dams. Nearly 78 Dams are operated and maintained by Tamilnadu water Resources Department(TNWRD). The remaining dams are under the control of the TN Electricity Board. So the 66 WRD dams and 38 TNEB dams were selected for the DRIP project. This project will cost nearly 745 Crores. They are going to improve the conditions of all these dams. For Vaigai Dam they are going to spend 200 Crore Rupees. The Kerala Govt has said that the Mullaperiyar new dam will cost 1500 Crores. 

The government is not able to improve the condition of the existing dams. 

Has the government completed the Project?

According to the report submitted to the CWC, they have said that before or after the monsoon the dams should be inspected and the report should be submitted. From 2008 to 2016, nearly 17 states have studied the dams. Two states have given reports. 

So the Indian government cannot build new dams. They cannot study the Existing dams' condition. If they have the report they will not improve the Dam condition. To improve the condition of the dam the TN govt asks for nine Years. IF this is the status,

How will the Politicians find a peaceful solution for the Mullaperiyar Dam?

The next question is, 

If the Mullaperiyar dam is decommissioned. The Kerala Govt says that it will take three to four years to build a new dam. The TN people will not receive the critical water supply.

What will The TN People do?

The Mullaperiyar Dam storage is 15 TMC. The 106 feet water level if raised will have only 6 feet of TMC water. The 6 TMC will be diverted to the Idukki dam. The Storage of the Idukki dam is 70TMC. The 6TMC diverted from Mullaperiyar and 64 during the rainy season will fill the dam. They will use the 6TMC for producing electricity. 

If the Kerala govt takes control of Mullaperiyar. 

Will TN receive the water?

This is a question that remains unanswered.

What will the Kerala People do?

So there are two huge issues. Politicians must solve this issue. But the TN people and Kerala People must understand the issue and the Politics which are played. 

What is the TN government going to do against the Kerala New dam project?

If the dams break, the Kerala people will be affected. The two-state relationship will be affected for generations. 

Using the Kallanai Ancient technology the Mullaperiyar dam was built. The Kallanai Dam was not built to store water. The Dam was built to divert the water. The Kallanai Dam height is 18 feet. The Mullpaeriyar dam height is 155 feet. There are major differences between the two


The Mulla Periyar dam is 126 yrs old. If there is a small issue it will create a huge issue. 

Now you could have understood,

The work of CWC.

How do they Operate?

What will TN go to do?

What will the Kerala government do?

The Proof is provided in the Video about the double game of the Two states Politicians. The people must know the conditions of these dams.

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