Myanmar Coup 1948 to 2021 | Rohingya Genocide – Asun San Suu Kyi Arrest

Myanmar Coup 1948 to 2021 | Rohingya Genocide - Asun San Suu Kyi arrested:

For the last 4 days, the International community was asking this question,

Will there be a Military Coup D'etat in Myanmar?

Who benefits from a Military Rule In Myanmar?

Is it India or China Or America or Myanmar which benefits from the change?

These questions will be answered in this video.

Myanmar is a neighbouring country of India. But Myanmar is just a neighbouring country not an Ally or Friendly country to India. On a Percentage of 50%, we can consider Myanmar as a Country to be a potential ally and 50% as a country which may turn against India. The reason is the Political crisis which is happening in Myanmar. 

Do you believe that Myanmar is a Democratic country?

Myanmar has always been in a state of Military Revolution. In the Myanmar Parliament, 25 Seats are for the Military directly or indirectly. 

Before we discuss the current crisis.

Let's start in 1948. In 1988 Myanmar got its independence. Myanmar was called Burma in those times. Burma had the Burma Independence Army. The army fought for the Independence of Burma. The Army was led by Major General Aung San. People believed that Aung San would be their leader, but he was killed. Aung San had a Wife and a daughter. 

In 1960 they came to India. His wife becomes a Consular Officer in the Embassy. Aung San’s Daughter is the current leader of Myanmar. She is 75 years old. But if we look back at their history. She leaves Myanmar to go to western Countries for her studies. She Studies in Oxford and she marries Michael Aris, a Historian. Her name is Aung San Suu Kyi. 

What was the situation of Burma in 1958?

Burma’s Parliament asks the Army to rule the country for some days. So the army indirectly was ruling Burma in 1958. But in 1962 they took full control over the country. People protests started, many issues and many people were killed. The Country adopts Socialism and creates the concept of One Party. But no Strategy won their aim, as there were many ethnic groups in the country. Myanmar has many ethnic groups and Ethnic Minorities states.

In this situation from 1988 to 1989, Aung San Suu Kyi returned to Burma. Her purpose to Burma was to look after her Sick Mother. During her visit, she sees that the people are protesting. After seeing this she had the thought to help her people. The result was the birth of a Political party called the NLD (National League of Democracy). The people thought that this Political party would change everything. But the army in 1990, kept Aung San Suu Kyi in house arrest.

Myanmar Coup 1948 to 2021 | Rohingya Genocide - Asun San Suu Kyi arrested

After her house arrest, she has remained there for 25 years. This news reaches the International Community. Many Countries started to speak about it. 

Why is the International community speaking now?

The reason there are three sides, China, The EU and America. Nearly 2000 Kilometers China’s border with Myanmar. China last year announced that it will erect big walls along the Border. 

What was the reason behind China’s Big walls?

China’s answer was Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the people may move in and out of their Countries. China says this may result in the spread of Coronavirus. This is the first reason given by China. 

The Second Reason is Theft, Narcotics have been smuggled in the borders. China wants to close the border. 

But the real reason is Refugees from Myanmar should not enter China. China wants to keep a close watch on Myanmar. To do this China has to surround Myanmar. This was the reason China built the Fences. 

According to the Voice Of America Survey, Nearly for 650 Kilometres, these Fences have been built by China. China doesn't want Myanmar Refugees who are the Tribal People of Myanmar. 

These Tribal People leads our Search into the Rohingya Genocide. Myanmar was ruled with an Iron Fist because it was a Military Rule. In 2015 there was an election held in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi was released from House Arrest in 2011. She wins the Elections held in 2015. 

Myanmar Coup 1948 to 2021 | Rohingya Genocide - Asun San Suu Kyi arrested

In 2017, Aung San Suu Kyi was accused that she was supporting particular Ethnic groups. According to the accusations in 2017, Some Ethnic Groups together Rohingya Village were burned down. Violence was everywhere. The People accused Aung San that she didn't handle the situation effectively to protect the Rohingya People. 

When Aung San Suu Kyi was in House arrest for 25 years, She peacefully protested against the Military rule and wanted Myanmar to be a Democratic Country. For her efforts, she was awarded The Nobel Prize for Peace. 

So A Person who has received a Nobel Prize for Peace. 

How could she allow the Rohingya Genocide to Happen?

Before we answer this question. We must understand the issues of the Country. 

In 2015 Aung San and the government officials signed a ceasefire with many Ethnic Groups. In this Peace agreement, many ethnic groups signed it. But Seven of the Armed groups refused to sign the Peace Agreement. 

These Seven groups belonged to the Rakhine State. Rakhine State was near and important to the Arakan Army and Arakan Rohingya Salvation army. In this State, China has built its Buildings. So in Myanmar, the Arakan Army is a rebel group against the Govt army. 

Myanmar Coup 1948 to 2021 | Rohingya Genocide - Asun San Suu Kyi arrested

Who is supplying Arakan money with Money, Weapons and Military Logistics?

The accused Country is China. The Domination of China should not be allowed in the region. Many Foreign countries wanted the region to be under the control of America. Whenever Myanmar Sees A military Rule, The International community sanctions Economic bans upon the country. Until 2011 Myanmar had Economic Sanctions. After 2015 the Economic bans were lifted. 

Now in Nov 2020, there was another Election.  This election is now the main issue in Myanmar. After the Elections the Myanmar army says that the Votes are high in Numbers. The Myanmar Army suspects that the Election was rigged. Aung San Suu Kyi has been the reason for the False Results says the Myanmar Army. The Myanmar army refuses to accept the election results. But there have been cases filed in the Court regarding the Elections. The Election Commission says that no fraud has been done in the Elections. Due to the Pressure from various Foreign Countries, the army says it was a rigged election. The Objective was a revolution and it happened in Some Places. 

Aung San Suu Kyi has been arrested Recently. There are chances that she may again go into House Arrest. Many Chief Ministers from many States have been arrested by the Military.

One Hour after the arrests, The Army declares a Myanmar State Emergency for one Year. 

If there is a State Emergency, nobody can act against The Army. 

The Next Question is,

Was this issue raised because Joe Biden has become the President of America?

Joe Biden has promised that he will set up an investigation team to investigate and find the Main Culprit behind the Rohingya Genocide. If Joe Biden delivers on his promise, this will greatly affect Aung San Suu Kyi and many politicians will be affected. When this situation arrives in Myanmar, People will ask for support from America. The People of Myanmar are now ready to protest against the Army and the Corrupt Govt. At the same time, The Ethnic groups and any Organization are not ready to act against China. 

Myanmar Coup 1948 to 2021 | Rohingya Genocide - Asun San Suu Kyi arrested
Arakan Army

Can America turn the Ethnic groups into their side?

They can threaten the Ethnic groups with Economic bans. 

When can America Sanction Economic ban on Myanmar?

America's reason can be a Violation of Human Rights. But if America sanctions Economic bans upon Myanmar, the country will be backed up by China. 

Rohingya Genocide happened in Myanmar where the Myanmar Army massacred Rohingya people, Violence like throwing the People into Fire, Gang Rapes and other Forms of Sexual Violence has been committed. More than 7 Lakh people have fled Myanmar and now are refugees in other countries. 

Who supported Myanmar in the UNSC Council?

The Evil Regime CCP of China. Whether it's the China Myanmar Economic Corridor or the Rakhine State, Ports, Infrastructure and Railway Projects are done by China. 1/3rd of trade has been done with China. 

When Joe Biden starts his move against Myanmar, China needs the Army to stay in Power. This will be a great issue to Solve for Joe Biden. 

How will he solve this issue and reduce the Domination of China?

Will America sanction economic bans?

Will America act against China and start a Revolution in Myanmar?

So this will be the situation for Myanmar.

What issues will India face?

India has always had an issue in Myanmar. There are no Possibilities that Myanmar is a Friendly state to India. It is just a Neighbouring country. 

You May ask us a question.

Is it good for China by the removal of Aung San Suu Kyi from Power?

Myanmar has cancelled many Projects in the China Myanmar Economic Corridor within the past months. The Myanmar govt thought that the Project was useless and half of the Country’s debts were to China. 

Aung San Suu Kyi took a Very Important decision, not to give Big Projects to China. The Myanmar army is a puppet to China. So China’s projects will be done in Myanmar. This will be supported by the Arakan Army. No one in Myanmar can raise any questions due to the Myanmar State Emergency for One Year. 

The Cold war tensions between America and China will increase. India will face a big Setback in Myanmar. 

Everybody was expecting a video about the Indian Budget. 

What do you think about the Budget?

Is it like India for sale? 

There is a slight doubt because some Public Sector shares are going to be sold to Private Corporations. We will conduct our studies and meet in another video reading the Budget. 

Please Search more about this Topic. The Political crisis happening in Myanmar is huge where we have shortlisted it in this video. 

Please Don't forget that if Myanmar is affected, as a Neighbouring country it will also affect India. 

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