Mysterious Books which became Reality – Titanic & Life of PI True History

Mysterious Books which became Reality - Titanic & Life of PI True History:

When we started the Playlist Villathi Villian. Many of you commented that it was Horrific. We discussed the Josef Mengele. Many could have wondered do we need to know these topics. 

But this series is not intended for this purpose. There are a lot of Mystery and Unanswered questions. The Unanswered questions have a villain who is unknown. The series will contain in search for these Mysteries Persons. Horror and Mystery will be present in this playlist.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Villathi Villian Part2. 

Is Josef Megele Part over?

In the Villathi Villian Series, his topic is over. But his topic will be continued in the Mossad Series. 

What are we going to discuss this topic?

Mysterious happenings will be discussed. Books were written in the past, from the events of the book started to happen and is happening now. For Ex: Wuhan a Virus will spread all over the world was written in a book. 

But it was written that a ship called Titanic will sink this was written 14 years ago. A murder which is supposed to happen after 46 years was written by another author is another novel. 

How is this possible?

We will discuss this in this video.

So Titan ship. On 1898, Author Morgan Robertson writes a book called Futility. The book story starts with a person who is going to sail on a ship. The Ships details were a small part of this story. 

What did Morgan Robertson write about the ship?

On April, one evening the ship starts to move. The ships width is 800Feet. 45000 Ton weight. The ship can carry nearly 3000 passengers, but 2500 passengers were on board. The Ships speed is 25 Nautical Miles. From Newfoundland, the ship is sailing to its destination. On Route, the ships hit an Ice Rock. The ship started to sink slowly. The Passengers are trying their best to hold on to their lives by not drowning. But the ship had very low lifeboats. Life Boats can carry only 500 people. 

Did the Hero escape the Ship?

What was his life after the accident?

This is the story Futility tells us. But how did the book’s story became a Reality?

On 1912, The month was April and from Newfound Land 400 Miles distance away Titanic sinks. The ship in the book was called Titan But the Real Ship which sunk was Titanic. Both Ships had the Similar Passenger capacity of 3000. The Book had 2500 Passengers, Titanic had 2200 passengers. The speed at impact Titan had 25 and Titanic had 22.5knots. The similarities between the book and the accident were astounding. 

The Atlantic has nearly 4 Crores Square Miles. 

How is this possible that the Ships were from the Same Location?

Many asked whether this is a miracle. Many suggested the ship was sunk according to the book. This is a mystery. 

Who is the Villian in the Titanic Mystery?

We have already released a video. You will receive information 

How the Titanic was sunk?

Did it really sink?

So we have discussed a Mysterious Book. 

Now let’s discuss another Mysterious Book. On 1838 Edgar Allan Poe writes a book. The books name is The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.

What does this novel say?

4 sailors sail a ship to a location. The Ship got shipwrecked. Now the things we are going to discuss did happen in real. 

When did this happen?

On 1994, John a person comes to London to buy a ship. This ship is a normal ship which cannot undertake long voyages. He travels from Australia to London to buy the ship. He asks that the ship be delivered to his homeland. The Company accepts it. The Ship to travel such distance has to make stops. The Ship needed a Captain and 3 Crew Members. Many Sailors refuse the offer because they thought it is impossible to get this ship from England to Australia. A Captain called Dudley recruits 3 Crew Members named Stephens, Bruce and Parker. So on 1884 May 19th, they start their voyage. Until July 3rd they were sailing. The Ship approx 1500 Kilometres from Africa gets into an accident. The ship started to sink and within 5 Minutes the ship will completely sink. 

The 4 People don’t know what to do. They get on a lifeboat but they were only able to retrieve some materials. A small amount of Food and Drinking water were the ones which they got into the Lifeboat. They start their journey for land. Five days go by. The food they had was gone. They see a Sea turtle and catch it. They drink the blood of the Turtle. After a few days, the drinking water is empty. Among the crew, Parker was 17 Years old Boy. The remaining are experienced sailors. But For parker, it was his first Voyage. Dudley the Captain was 31 Years old and he was a good Captain. If a captain loses a ship his position as Captain will be lost. The Crewmembers Stephen and Bruce are not experienced as the Captain. Dudley the Captain says that they will not survive long. This frightened the three crew members. Parker who was inexperienced drinks the Sea Water because of Thirsty. He falls ill and the four Crew members are Hungry without food. They cant fish because they didnt have any equipment. 

Finally, the four decide to kill one crew member and eat their flesh and drink their blood. Parker is already ill so the other three members thought about killing Parker. Bruce says that he cannot do it will not accept this heinous act. 

There are some laws for sailors. They Live together or die together. Dudley and Parker didnt respect the law and cut open Parker’s throat and drink the blood and store the remaining blood in a bottle. The had to become Cannibals and eat the human flesh of Parker. After 4 days, Bruce also started to eat. After 5 days a German Ship arrives and the three crew members are saved. The German Ship captain name was Simenson. The land at a nearby Port. A Customs Officer approached them, The Officer asks about the 3 Crew Members. Stephens says the full story and he admits murdering his fellow sailor Parker. The Customs officer was accompanied by a Police officer and he says that he is going to arrest the 3 Crew members. The Police Officer arrests the three crew members. This news spreads to England and Australia. 

People started to wonder how they were able to kill their crew member and ate this flesh. Bruce admits that he was not part of the killing. But ate the flesh to survive. The Court releases Bruce. The other two-faced Trail for Killing Parker. The two Crew Members said that parker would have been dead anyway and his blood would be frozen. These reasons are not accepted by the Court and decided to give the Death Sentence for the two crew members.
But one side of the group said that they did it for Survival. The Death Sentence was lifted and two crew members punishment was 6 months in jail and then they were released. 

Parker was the one who was killed. His full name was Richard Parker. 

The Book which was written by Edgar in 1838 said there were four members. In the book, it says the murdered crew member is also Richard Parker.  

If you have seen the Movie Life of PI they have used the name, Richard Parker. 

How was this possible?

4 Members Crew will be in the sea struggling for their lives and one will be killed. The real events were written 46 years ago in a book. 

Who is the Villian here?

Is it Dudley?

Or John who wanted to take the ship from England to Australia. 

Who is the real villain here?

Many will give different answers. Please think who is the real villain here?

No water or Food, A small boat, What would you do to survive?

There are so many mysterious books like these two books. 

There are many books in the world which are unknown to many of us. These books will be discussed in the upcoming Videos. 

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