Mystery of Shigir Idol – The Oldest Wooden Object of the World

Mystery of Shigir Idol - The Oldest Wooden Object of the World:

The year was 1894. Many are searching for gold. In the Ural Mountains Russia, many are digging to find Gold. Rich people have bought the lands where they think that Gold will be available. The Workers started to dig for Gold. While digging a Worker found a Wooden Object. The Wooden Objects of the Object were found. When put together it looks like a Human Shape. 

Who could have created this wooden Object?

This started to spread into the nearby regions. Scientists wanted to date back to the Object. 

What were the results obtained from Carbon Dating/

Let's discuss this in detail. 

We have discussed a lot of topics. For Ex: The Pyramids, Nearly 4500 to 5000 years ago the Pyramids were built. We have discussed it in detail in the Pyramid Playlist. 

How did humans live before the Egyptian Civilization?

They say the Darwin Theory. Nearly 3.5 Lakhs Years ago humans roamed the earth. Nearly 50000 years ago there was an evolution in Humans DNA. The Human Population started to grow and they have built sharp weapons for hunting. There is a gap that is lost in time. 

How Did Humans evolve into Humans?

The exact year in which humans evolved. This happened 50000 years ago. 

Recently in Israel, they discovered a Human skull. Modern Humans are called Homosapiens. There was also another human species that lived called Neanderthals. The Darwin Theory says that The Years between Neanderthals and Homsapiens might have witnessed a different Race of Humans. In Animals and Birds, there is missing science. 

While they completed the tests from the Skull found in Israel. They say that this Skull is similar to Neanderthal but it was not Homosapien. 

Was this Skull a Human race that lived After Neanderthals and before Homosapiens?

There are a lot of unanswered questions. So this happened 50000 years ago.

How would Humans have lived 10000 years ago?

Modern humans have evolved using technology that was discovered only 500 years ago. 

As humans, we have come a long way. Humans are advanced in Technology. But Humans who lived 10000 years ago lived in a cave. This age is called The Last Ice age. When the Humans who came out of their caves after the last Ice age drew images in the caves.

Mystery of Shigir Idol - The Oldest Wooden Object of the World

The Cave paintings until now show us the Humans technique to build huts and to hunt mammoths. Humans wanted their next generation to possess this Knowledge. This led to the Cave Paintings. 

After this Language would have been created. They started to create letters and they could have known how to write. 

Would Humans create the Wooden Object even before they invented Languages?

Now Science is asking this question and conducting an Interview. This question was raised after the discovery of the Mysterious object called Shigir Idol. This is a wooden Object which was discovered in 1894. This wooden Object looks like a human face which is of a 3d Structure. The Mouth of the Object seems to say “O” and it seems they have created a human figure. They say that the object might be created with one Tree. 

How much was the Height of this Object?

This wooden Object is 19 Feet High. 

How did this Wooden Object was created?

This area where the wooden Object was found was flooded. There is a guess as to how humans lived in a flooded area. 

How did they create this Wooden Object?

They come to a guess that the wooden Object may be a hunter’s god. 

Mystery of Shigir Idol - The Oldest Wooden Object of the World

We need to know how Humans lived in this age. The Humans lived as groups and were hunters. Many hunters who go out hunting don't come back. So the Hunters have worshipped before they went out to hunt. These various groups had created different gods. Scientists say that the Wooden Object may be their God. The Wooden Object had nearly 6 faces. The 6 faces were 1D structures. The Big Face at the top was in 3d Structure. 

Are these the mysteries this wooden object had?

Carbon dating says that Humans living in this time would not have created Stone Weapons. 

How were they able to create this Wooden Object?

How did they accurately build the height of the Object?

They had joined many pieces into the Wooden Object. Science says that without Knowledge of engineering this would be impossible. 

In 1997, they used RadioCarbon technology. The results said that this object dates back 9500 years ago. Scientists say that it is impossible for humans to create this Wooden Object. They wanted to retest the Object. 

In 2017 They started the Retest. The NEw results say that this object would have been created 11000 years ago. There was a third test which said nearly 12500 years ago. The Wood which was used to create this wooden object was taken from a 161-year-old tree. So 12500 Years ago this tree's age was 161 years. 

Mystery of Shigir Idol - The Oldest Wooden Object of the World

How did the wood Survive all these years?

In Human History this Wooden Object is the Oldest Discovered Object. 

Another question,

Was it built by Aztecs?

Did they discover the Whole Object?

Nearly 109 Centimetres to 151 Centimetres part is still missing. Science says that Hunters prayed to this wooden object for Successful Hunts. Then Climate Change happened and the Water level rose. When the area was flooded that Wooden Object was underwater. When the Wooden Object was under the water. It has somehow survived. 

There are so many mysteries surrounding this object. There are lines,  Zigzag Lines and shapes. 

What do these Represent?

Research has been conducted. They say that it is an inscription between the Moon And Earth. If we study the Inscription we may be able to find how humans worshipped. 

Some say that the Lines in the object depict Heaven. The Zig Zag lines represented dangers. They are still doing research on this object. 

If we are able to crack the code of this object, this could change the entire History of Humans. 

We discussed that the Skull found In Israel is 4 lakhs Years ago. So The Concept which says that 3.5 Lakhs years ago humans evolved concept becomes a failure. If this concept changes then the Darwin theory will be false. This is the reason Modern humans do not want to dig deeper. There is also another reason why they don't do this research. It is because of the Religion in the world. The texts in the religious books. 

If Science finds another answer which is entirely different to religious texts. The Religion books and teachings will be shattered. This is the reason much research has been stopped. They don't want the Masses to know the truth. 

Mystery of Shigir Idol - The Oldest Wooden Object of the World

But in India, there are many myths and stories. 

12500 years ago, The wooden Object height was 19 Feet. 

Why did they create this Object?

Why the 7 faces in the object?

Why are there inscribed lines in the object?

Why did they want to design their object?

This is still a mystery. There are discoveries from Turkey. The Maya, Inca Aztec civilizations all have many mysteries. We still have a lot of new questions. But there is no Answer. 

Will these questions be answered?

Many people are against Keezhadi. We will post an update on Keezhadi. We are collecting a lot of data. We need to study the Procedure which is ongoing now. Let's discuss this in another post. 

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