Nanobots in the Future – Bloodshot Movie & DARPA Projects

Nanobots in the Future - Bloodshot Movie & DARPA Projects:

Darpa Part4.

We discussed Synthetic Blood. 

What is Synthetic Cell?

Vin Deisel’s movie called Bloodshot. The movie has many technologies. Scientists say that Technology which comes as Scifi in the Movie will be made reality within 2030 in this modern world. 

What are these technologies which are going to be available?

Can we cure Cancer using Nano Technology?

IS DARPA Currently working on any Projects for curing Cancer?

We will discuss a lot of things. But some of them will be unheard to you. This video will have surprising elements. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Before we start our discussion. We should know about Nanometer. We are going to do an example. Please take a stick and cut it 100 times equally. If you take a single part from the stick that is called Centimetre.  So all of us will know the Centimeter. Now take another stick and cut it to 100 Crores equally. Now if you take apart from that stick that is called Nanometer. 

So A Nanometer is very small. If scientists manage to inject safely a nanometer into a human body it will become a cell. The Cells in our Human bodies are similar in size to this Nanometer. 

What will happen if they inject a Synthetic Cell into a human body to strengthen our Cells?

These Synthetic cells have been developed by Students and Scientists of MIT. ARPANET and DARPA all came from MIT. We discussed in the previous video that GPS was developed by DARPA. But the main person who developed this technology was from MIT. 

SO MIT has become a home to DARPA for its projects. The research done in NIT in the future helps DARPA. This is History. So the SYNCells in the future may be a big topic which will be discussed and debated. 

In 2018 an article was published from MIT. 

What does the article say?

The Sceintists are producing the Syncells in huge numbers. Very soon the whole Production will be over. 

What material is used to build these Syncells?

Syncells have been build using Graphene. So this Graphene is new to us. When we were searching for this Graphene. We came int contact with Ariviyal Kadhalan Prabhu. He has written a lot of articles. Please check them out. 

For Ex: Take a Chocolate and it is covered with a paper. You will try to tear the paper but you will fail to do so. That Paper is made with Graphene. So if you want to tear or put a whole in the Graphene Sheet. You should take it to a Heavy Industry. So if you want to put a hole in the small Graphene paper you will need a weight of 2000 Kilos. So Graphene is a very tough material. 

Graphene is created from Carbon. A Diamond and a Coal are made from Carbon. So a carbon which combines with other materials will determine its hardness. 

In Diamonds has carbon in the middle and 4 carbons will be around it.  This tight structure makes Diamond the hardest of Materials. But the same carbon is also used in Pencils, but we can easily break the pencil.

In 2004, The Retrieve the carbon present in the Pencil and Conduct research. They had a Graphite Structure and they used a Cello Paper to take the carbon out. For Eg: If you have a bedsheet and 100 Bed Sheets are laid upon it this is the structure of the Graphite. So using the Cello Tape they retrieve every Layer of the Graphite. The last layer which is in 2d is called Graphene. Graphene Layer is 200 times tougher than Steel. Graphene is 2 times tougher than Diamond. Copper is an Electrical Conductor, but Graphene is 13 Times more than Copper. So Graphene has various Specialities. 

So when they make a Graphene which is invisible to the eye. Inside it will be Small Scale devices assessing the Body heat, to assess the body’s health. So a graphene and Small scale Devices and upon it another Graphene. In this structure, they will create a SynCell and inject it into the Human body. 

The Graphene will charge itself using our body temperature. Once Injected the Cell will remain until the person’s death. So when it becomes a part of the body, it can heal our body from any diseases which attack our body. This Nanobot will become a Saviour for the Human Race. 

Nanobots are small robots which are invisible to the human eye. In the Movie Bloodshot, these Nanobots are called nanomites. In the Movie, the Nanomites will be changed into a human Blood. So when Nanomite changes into the blood cell. The Tiny Self Powered Nanomites will become the most advanced Robots.

MIT has already announced information about these Nanobots in 2018-19. Within 2025 These Nanobots will be in the Human body. 

Is this possible?

Keep this question in your minds. Let’s go back top Graphene. The thinnest of Graphene Layer with the use of 1-metre cloth, we can cover a Cricket Ground without a single drop of rain touching the ground. So the Weight of the Graphene is very low when compared with Plastic weight. 

The Future will be dependant of Graphene. 

Why is it still not used?

For transforming Graphite into Graphene the procedures are very large. Scientists are trying to reduce the timeframe of Transformation by conducting various Research. Suppose if they are successful in the future, whether its Vehicles, Aircraft, or metals we use on a daily purpose. All will be made of Graphene. Now the Aircraft weight could be in tons but in the future, the Aircraft built with Graphene will be in Kilograms. 

The Possibility of all this happening has to be answered by Science. This graphene will be used in our body. 

Are there any things which happened in the past which is similar to Nanobots?

Nearly 20 Lakh People in America has used a device called Pill Camera. Pill camera was developed by Israeli Scientists. America’s FDA(Food and Drug Administration) gave approval for usage of Pill Camera in 2001-2002. In 2012 they gave the approval to use these pill cameras to find out the health issues of a patient. This Pill camera has approval in eighty countries. 

You will have to swollen these pills which has a tiny camera. The Tiny Camera will travel for 8 to 9 hours inside your body. The Pill camera will take many Pictures and the patient will be wearing a belt which contains a wireless device. The Pill camera using wireless will send these images to the Device. The doctors using the images will identify the issues of the body. 

Similar to this Pill Camera, there are Smart Pills and Vibrating Pills which are available for use for the public in 2020. MIT develops another pill called Smart Pill. In 2018 it was called Star Smart Pill which has been changed to Y Smart Pill. 

This Smart Pill after it enters the body will change its structure into a Y. The Corners of the Y will have 4 segments which carry 4 types of medicines. Nearly for 1 month this Pill scan our bodies. When it identifies an issue, it delivers the drug or tuning the dose of a drug. The doctor’s work will be reduced. 

This smart Pill also has an application. So you can know what is happening inside your body. 

Now you can believe that this is not Scifi but advancements in Medical Technology. 

Are these Projects under DARPA Control?

Whether its smart pills, SYmcells. We should learn more about these topics. 

DARPA is now research to make a 50Kg human lift tons of weight. Whether its Hydra Project or Sensors, many surprising projects which are considered Scifi are now under Development in DARPA.

Are there any projects which are unknown to us?

The topic which we discussed is related to medial which are considered to be small projects. DARPA has more advanced projects which are been developed now. We will discuss that later in this Series. 

Please Search for Symcells, Please try to watch the Movie Called Bloodshot. 

How to erase a human memory and upload a new memory?

What can that Superhuman do?

Can we insert an Exo-Sekelton into a Human body?

Many answers can be seen in this movie. So based on this movie will be our next DARPA part. 

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