Nepal a Chameleon – Nepal New Map

Nepal a Chameleon - Nepal New Map:

From 2008 the Indian govt said that  Kailash Mansarovar a Pilgrimage road will be built. In 2018, the Indian govt decides to complete the project within two years. After two years the project is completed. In May 2020 the road has been opened. 

The same Day Nepal says that India has constructed the road in their borders and accuses India in front of the International community. Now Nepal has said that Indian regions belong to Nepal and they will reacquire their lands. Nepal has also said that India is a virus which is more dangerous than any virus. 

What is China’s play in this issue?

Why we are always seeing China in all news?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

So the first question,

Why we are always seeing China in all news?

Its simply their Belt and Road Initiative(BRI). One Belt one road or Silk Route. India is surrounded by CPEC(China- Pakistan Economic Corridor). We already know about the Nepal and India Issue. The Kala Pani issue. So one side CPEC the other side has Myanmar Economic Corridor and in the Middle comes Nepal Economic corridor. 

Nepal a Chameleon - Nepal New Map

These three countries are our neighbouring countries which are funded by China. Nepal and Pakistan are against India because they receive funds from China. Bangladesh is slowly becoming our enemy. So in many ways, China has become an enemy to India.

We should understand how China is playing a game by using Nepal. Nepalese people should understand this issue. In the previous post, we discussed that within 5 Years Pakistan will be a Slave to China. This will happen to Nepal also. 

Nepal and India relationship goes back to 1000 years. There are ancient records which say there was a connection between India and Nepal. For 1000 years we have lived in peace, 2008 Nepal knew that the road is built through its territory. Nepal was silent in 2008, but in 2018 the Indian govt wants to complete the project Nepal remained silent. But now Nepal is opposing it. 

Is Nepal now a True Nepal?

No. China wants to dominate Nepal. Form a Nepal Border Security force, China will train them in Tibet. Tibet belongs to China. If somebody speaks against China arrest them, remove them from the border. All these orders are given to Nepal from China.

Nepalese ask a question.

What will happen to 40 Lakh Nepal people in India?

China says that 40 Lakh Indians are in Nepal so no problem. Nepalese say that they don’t know Chinese. China says that it will send Mandarin Teachers to Nepal. In Nepal now Chinese is compulsory Language. In Singapore and Malaysia, the situation is the same. This is starting to happen in Srilanka also. 

Nepal a Chameleon - Nepal New Map

What happens after learning Mandarin?

In Nepal Bollywood movies are rare. Now they are showing Chinese Movies, Grow the Chinese Culture in Nepal. So many campaigns have been ongoing to Nepal. This all started in 2010. This plan grew in 2013 and 2015. In 2015 there a huge earthquake in Nepal. China says that it will aid Nepal. China spends nearly 500 Million USD in Nepal. In 2017, Nepal opposing India signs the Belt and Road Initiative. This is when Nepal started to become a slave in China. Now Nepal must listen to what China says. Political changes which happened in Nepal became a huge issue for India. 

After the aid for the earthquake, The Chinese President visits Nepal. After nearly 20 years it was the first time a Chinese President visited Nepal. After the visit, Nepal Leader visits China and Signs nearly 20 agreements. These agreements are huge Hydro Power plans. 

China is lending money to Nepal. So when each time they sign an agreement Nepal is becoming a slave to China. 

2019-2020 Nearly 90% of Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal has been made by China. But the Trade Deficit is higher because China is exporting more goods to Nepal. 

How did China manage to make Nepal accept?

China said that if you go to India you can only sell them to 130 Crore people but in China, you can sell to 160 People. So the trade will go higher. China also promised a train service in Nepal. So they started a train service from Nepal’s Capital to Tibet’s Capital. China through this took control over the Himalayas by building a road. 

India builds a Pilgrimage road and Nepal opposed it. The same month China announces that Mount Everest Belongs to them. Nepal didn’t speak against China. So Mount Everest is under the control of China, the road to the Himalayas belongs to China. The other regions in Nepal whether it’s Kala Pani now Nepal debates that those regions belong to them. 

Let’s have a look at the history books.

British is ruling India. British and Nepal had so many issues. The British and Nepal signed an agreement. This is called the Treaty of Sagauli.

What does that treaty say?

Nepal a Chameleon - Nepal New Map

Nepal border starts from Maha Kali riverbed. Nepal govt says that the location from where the river starts. Nepal says that those regions belong to them. If this is true then India will lose 5 Kilometres of Landscape. So if we lose 32 Kilometres, then the Pilgrimage road will not belong to India. Nearly 85% of the road is laid in India territory. But the remaining regions are in Chinese Control. China didn’t oppose the road. 

India and Nepal border are 1600 Kilometres long. There are no flashpoints in these regions. There are two points one is Kala Pani and the other in Lipulekh pass. 

Is there another way for the Pilgrimage?

Yes, there is another way. But it’s a long way around. We can travel via Sikkim or Nepal. 

Why should we apply for Visa from China to visit Kailash Mansarovar?

Nearly 85% of the road is in India but the rest belongs to China. So we must apply for Visa from China. 

Where is Nepal in this topic?

This is a game played by China. Many big projects whether its Electricity or Internet or 5G all are under the Chinese govt in Nepal. 

All these projects must result in Profit for Nepal, right?

8 Billion USD cannot be paid by Srilanka to China. So they leased their Port to China for 99 years. The reason was they were unable to pay back their debts. Pakistan is now begging China to reduce the interest rate of their debts or they will be unable to pay their interest for 6 months. So whatever China gives to Nepal are Debts. 

So whenever China says that it will help Nepal in Projects then their debt is increasing. India helped Nepal because it was a neighbouring country and to protect its borders. This was the reason India protected Nepal. China is helping Nepal to corner India. 

One China Idea which is in Tibet and Hong Kong this idea is now planted in Nepal People’s minds. So if somebody speaks against China in Nepal then you will end up in a Prison in China says the Nepalese Media.

When Nepal took side with China, India started to cut their relationship with Nepal. 

How much did India Invest in Nepal from 2014 to 2015?

It was 350 Million USD. From 2015 to 2016 the amount was only 18 Million USD. So Nepal is starting to act against India. One day will come when Nepal will seek the aid of India, it will say that China has enslaved its people. The Nepalese people were against China when it said it will not allow Nepalese People into its border due to Coronavirus. 

Chinese people came into Nepal, The Nepal authorities stopped the Chinese from entering its border. The Nepal authorities hit the Chinese people. China immediately warns Nepal for such an act. When Nepal becomes a Slave to China its people will become Slaves. 

Until 2018 India and Nepal had Combined Army Training. 

In 2018 India Asks for another Combined Army training. But the Nepal govt says that it will combine with China and host joint Military training. 

Will India give a strong reply to Nepal?

This reply from India will be a huge blow to Nepal. 

When Nepal comes to know of China’s real ambitions. Their freedom will be in the hands of China. India will be the one who can rescue Nepal. 

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