New Strain UK South Africa – Africans Labrats? – Is Agenda21 a Conspiracy theory?

New Strain UK South Africa - Africans Lab rats? - Is Agenda21 a Conspiracy theory?:

UK Virus B117 is spreading readily in the UK. 

Has the Virus-infected people in India?

Has the Virus-infected people in Singapore?

Has the Virus-infected people in Africa?

Many research has been conducted now.  IN Karnataka Due to Lockdown, there is a curfew from 10 pm to 7 am. But within one day they have cancelled the Curfew. 

Why is this carelessness? 

We are not going to connect the dots. We are going to discuss some events which have happened recently. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

First, let’s discuss the carelessness in India. Karnataka Govt is searching for 138 Passengers who landed in India. The reason is the passengers didnt show the Coronavirus results to the authorities and have left to their homes. This was the reason Karnataka Govt has ordered for a Curfew. 

There was a term called Sleeper cells. It means alerting a region because of the infiltration by a terrorist. This is in the past. Now the Present says that Passengers have arrived from other countries and reached other locations in India. The Govt is alerting people in this way. When Karnataka Govt announced it, many people started to Panic. 

Before the Lockdown in India, there was curfew’s placed in many states of India. But after that, it became a lockdown. This fear in Karnataka is caused by this lockdown fear. People travelled from the UK. So to overcome this issue, they have asked people to wear masks. 

Will India face another full lockdown?

That is a definite No. Countries like UK, South Africa and South Korea the coronavirus is spreading rapidly. But these countries have not gone to full lockdown but they have locked areas or regions in the country where the virus is spreading. We all know about the Red, Orange and Green zone. They have used Tier1 to Tier4. 

New Strain UK South Africa - Africans Labrats? - Is Agenda21 a Conspiracy theory?

Now let’s move on to the next carelessness. A Female Passenger from the UK landed in India. She has undergone various tests. This happened in Dec21. Passenger is a teacher in the UK. In the Indian airport, she was asked to take a test. The results showed Coronavirus Positive. The teacher should have said that she can quarantine herself in her house, or should have sent to the govt Quarantine area. She escapes the Indian authorities and travels with her Son in a Train with a First Class AC ticket. She reached her destination and then leaves for her residence. Imagine how much places this teacher has spread the virus. 

The First carelessness is the Passengers. The next one is the passenger was not held by the Indian Authorities. She travels in a train. She reaches her destination. When she was travelling to her home, the Police has taken custody of the passenger. No cases were filed, but she and her son were placed in Quarantine. The List of people who were in the AC coach has been taken. There are chances all those people will be placed under quarantine. 

Another instance, There was a passenger from the UK to Nagpur. He tested Negative first and then through symptoms he was declared Corona Positive. In Singapore, nearly 11 passengers were tested Positive. One of them carries the NEw Variant of Coronavirus. In Ireland, they have confirmed the New Coronavirus Strain. 

In India, The passengers from the UK, Their samples have been sent to Pune lab for testing. The results will say whether it’s the old or New Strain of Coronavirus. 

The UK has given an announcement. From 24th Dec this has become flash news across the globe. The UK has discovered that the Second Variant of Coronavirus is more Contagious. They have said their thanks to South Africa because the studies confirm that results. This new variant B117 many have come from South Africa. The UK has shutdown flights from South Africa. 

Now the WOrld will think the NEw strain of virus came from South Africa.

New Strain UK South Africa - Africans Labrats? - Is Agenda21 a Conspiracy theory?

What is happening in South Africa?

Please see the graph in 5.53. The African continent infection was going down. But suddenly a spike in the Infection rate. If you see the Graph there is a U shape. This is the time the virus is spreading rapidly in Africa. This is caused by Strain Mutation. 

The UK was the first country to approve a vaccine. Many people refused to take the vaccine. Many Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world went live on TV. The leaders say that they have been injected by the vaccine, so it is safe to take the vaccine. But nearly 60% of the People refuse to believe in the govt words. 

What testing should be done now?

We need to determine whether the vaccine doesnt have any side effects. People should believe it. Within a short period, this vaccine was developed. Many People have are not sure to accept this vaccine. The study of these vaccines varies. But they have declared this vaccine will fight the Virus with an efficiency rate of 90%. They also say the Virus will mutate and they have to develop a new vaccine for the mutated virus. 

There is a lot of confusion here. In Africa, within the last four months. This vaccine has reached to many countries and gets approval. Countries like America, The UK gave emergency approval in the last two weeks. 

Within two weeks the virus started to spread rapidly in Africa. In South Africa, the infection has increased by 40%. In the African continent, the infection rate has increased by 10%. In Nigeria, they have identified a new strain of Virus which is called N501.B2. The virus which is N501 the mutated version is called N501.B2. This virus is spreading rapidly through South Africa. 

New Strain UK South Africa - Africans Labrats? - Is Agenda21 a Conspiracy theory?

This New Virus spreads fastly to people who are under the age of 25. Until now they said that Coronavirus will affect the elderly most. But this new strain will affect people under age25. This mutated virus will easily infect the children. 

Now they will come to the conclusion that the virus is spreading in Africa. So they will decide to send the vaccines to Africa first. So if they send the vaccines and test it in Africans. If the vaccine cures the African people the remaining rich countries will accept the Vaccine. 

Are Africans used as Lab rats?

This is not a question from us. But they are running a Project called Covax in Africa which is done through WHO. According to WHO people should stay safe. 

Look at China now. 

How Safe they are?

There was one strain of the virus which spread in China. They contained the virus and the deaths have dropped down. There is no new strain in China. WHO is not conducting any study in China. 

Are Chinese People having More Antibodies in the bodies?

If the WHO has conducted this study. They could have developed a vaccine easily.

Is this a coincidence?

Is Coronavirus a Valid and a string product from China?

There are many questions in Social media. If somebody asks these questions in Facebook. That person’s page has been blocked. 

New Strain UK South Africa - Africans Labrats? - Is Agenda21 a Conspiracy theory?

So don’t ask any more questions in Social media. Don’t look at the graph. This is Co-incidence which is happening. 

Many people asked,

Will there be a revolution based on the Coronavirus?

African countries have gone into lockdown. Already there is poverty and hunger in these countries. There are chances there may be a revolution. The weapons from these people will be taken away. 

Is this in the list of Un’s agenda21?

They mentioned something about Disarmament. But please search it for yourselves. 

Is there any indirect message?

Please confirm it. Don’t forget to comment. 

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