Next Indian Surgical Strike – AWACS India’s Eye in the Sky

Next Indian Surgical Strike - AWACS India's Eye in the Sky:

If India wants to do another surgical strike we need this type of Aircraft. In Feb 26nd 2019, Indian airforce enters Pakistani Airspace and conduct a surgical strike. 

But two days ago, The Defence Minister and Military Generals did have a discussion. They had a discussion to buy 2 Aircraft from Israel. 

What is the type of this Aircraft?

What is its importance?

Does Pakistan have high numbers of Aircraft than India?

We will answer these questions in this video.

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AWACS( Airbourne Warning and Control System). This type of aircraft is a flying Radar. It is also called Eye in the sky. Satellite is often called Eye in the Sky but it is Space Oriented. 

When it comes to Radar Systems, The eye in the sky is AWACS Aircraft.

In Feb 26nd 2019, there was an order from the Indian govt to conduct a Surgical Airstrike upon Pakistan. Nearly 16 Mirage 2000 Jet Fighters were prepared. The 16 Mirage 2000’s leave the airfield. 

Are they 16 Mirages going to bomb the region in Pakistan?

No. 4 Mirages were backup. 4 Mirages will lead the way. The remaining 8 will bomb the regions in Pakistan. Nearly 15 Kilometres radius was the target of the 8 Bombers. The Mirages are refuelled midair. 

In the India- Pakistan Border nearly 30000 Feet the Mirages are flying. The Pilots say to watch over SAB2000 Aircraft. SAB2000 comes under the AWACS type Aircraft. 

Pakistan has 6 SAB2000 Aircraft. Another 4 AWACS aircraft are present in the Pakistan Airforce. 

But India has 5 to 6 AWACS Aircraft. Three of these Aircraft were brought from Israel. Two of them were built in India called NETRA. India’s enemies are increasing in numbers. So India needs more of this AWACS Aircraft. Betrayers and Traitors are surrounding India. So India needs more of this AWACS Aircraft. 

Before the Surgical Strike, Our Defence Minister and our Army Generals wanted more of this AWACS Aircraft. So they make a decision to buy Falcon Aircraft from Israel. India now has three falcon AWACS Aircraft. 

Next Indian Surgical Strike - AWACS India's Eye in the Sky

Falcon AWACS is fitted in Russian Ilyushin 76. 

What is AWACS?

They will fit the round shaped Roto Dome above the aircraft. India has fitted the Dome in the Russian Aircraft. 

Has India started to produce this technology?

Nearly fourty years have gone by in research of this technology. In 1985 Project Guardian has been initiated by India. 

Why did India start this project?

The primary objective is to manufacture AWACS Aircraft in India. The AWACS Technology fitted Aircraft has been done by only three countries. India wants to become the fourth country to have this technology and our scientists are working hard. 

In Nov 1989, India developed a new Roto Dome Technology. Until then the technology used was Pylon. In 1991 India introduced Roto Dome was introduced. After the introduction, nearly 220 Times India has tested the Rotodome. India used Avro HS 748 aircraft for testing. 

In 1999 The Aircraft which was caring the technology had an accident. Due to the air pressure, the RotoDome tore away from the aircraft and thus the accident happened. We lost our Indian pilots.

But the Indian airforce after the accident wanted to continue their research. Their aim was to use another aircraft fitted with the technology. These AWACS aircraft will find enemy fighters or missiles and send the information to the ground. They will also send signals to other fighters and Control stations. The Aircraft will send information that enemy aircraft is approaching approx 100 to 200 Kilometres and will warn the Indian Airforce to engage the target. 

Next Indian Surgical Strike - AWACS India's Eye in the Sky

You may ask us a question,

There are Ground Radars,

Do we need these AWACS Aircraft in the air?

There are many issues with Ground Radar. The Ground level radar cannot identify Enemy aircraft if they flew low or in very high altitude. This is the reason countries use AWACS Aircraft in their borders. 

The AWACS aircraft can sense enemy aircraft ina 360% from its flying Position. Indian army and R&D Wing decided to use EMP145 Aircraft which can carry 3000 Kilograms can be installed with the Rotodome and change it into AWACS aircraft. This idea came to them in 2008. This became a success in 2011. From that day onwards India is manufacturing NETRA aircraft which is an AWACS Aircraft. 

When Pakistan F16 Jet Fighters entered Indian airspace. The Indian Mirages destroyed the F16 and this information was given by NETRA AWACS Aircraft. 

Now India is threatened in two fronts by Pakistan and China. India thought of buying Aircraft from Russia or Israel and Install its version Rotodome Technology to create AWACS Aircraft. But this idea was dropped, instead, India will buy 6 Aircraft from Air India and will install the Rotodome. The Most advanced Radar systems and technology will be installed in the aircraft which is made in India. India has come to a conclusion to build Six AWACS Aircraft. Five days ago the orders to build the aircraft was given. 

Nearly 28000 Crore Rupees has been allocated for 7 Projects. The allotted money for AWACS AIrcraft is 10000 Crore Rupees. Using this budget of 28000 Crore rupees, Indian DRDO will research and develop the technology needed for the army and the Airforce. 

Next Indian Surgical Strike - AWACS India's Eye in the Sky

If this is successful, India’s previous plan was to buy Airbus A330. This plan will be cancelled. India will buy aircraft from Air India. The Type of the AIrcraft maybe A319 S or A321 type Aircraft. 

When these AIr India Aircraft are changed into AWACS Aircraft India’s Military Strength will increase. These Aircraft which are changed will be flown in the Pakistan and China borders. 

By flying these aircraft India can easily identify the enemy AIrcraft or missiles. This project was started in 1991 and our Scientists are working hard. 

India has become the country which can produce the AWACS Aircraft on its own. The DRDO success recent times must be rewarded. If there are no obstacles for the DRDO India within ten years will be an exporter of the technology. 

Please search for AWACS Aircraft. 

Why do we need AWACS aircraft?

India’s indigenous NETRA AWACS is more efficient and effective than Pakistan’s SAB2000. 

Will other countries give orders to India for technology?

Please search for the answers. Please comment. 

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