Nostradamus 2020 Predictions

Nostradamus 2020 Predictions:

942 Songs called Poetic Quatrains. 100 songs are called centuries. So 9 centuries and 42 songs. 4 sentences in each song. Through these songs, Nostradamus predicted the future. 

His name is Michel De Nostredame. 

His life was a complicated one. He was greatly suffering from the disease called Plague. This plague killed his wife, children and brothers. After that, he becomes Nostradamus the fortune teller. He writes the songs. 

Can a Normal person read these songs?

No. To even understand these songs meaning you should be very well versed in Science. 

Has Nostradamus predicted anything for 2020?

How true are those predictions?

Will it happen or not?

Let’s discuss in detail in this post. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Who was Nostradamus?

What is Centuries?

What are quatrains?

What similarities between Thiruvalluvar and Nostradamus?

We have already discussed it. Please search Nostradamus predictions 2019 in youtube. 

For better understanding please see the video. 

Nostradamus’s most important predictions for 2020 is destruction. Many Predictions by many fortune tellers is centred around destruction. 

In 2055 cars will have Artificial Intelligence this he predicted in 1555.

How did he predict this?

He has also predicted that Sly scapers will be built. But these predictions are said by many fortune-tellers. So the negative side of predictions is where people are most interested. If the positive elements are going to happen then it’s ok with people. But they fear the negative side of the might happen, so they need info to make precaution. 

We all are very interested in knowing about our future. Most of us are very keen in avoiding negative happenings. This logic are also related to these predictions. 

Nostradamus 2020 Predictions

Baba Vanga and Nostradamus predictions have one thing common. Nostradamus has predicted that an asteroid will hit earth from 2019 to 2020. Baba Vanga has predicted that it will hit earth in 2020. We all should know about this Asteroid 2002 NT7. In Jan 2019 Nasa makes a big announcement, its measurement is 2kilometeres landscape imagine it. They initially said that this Asteroid will hit earth in Feb. But within one week they announced that the Asteroid’s trajectory has changed. But Nostradamus has said that we can’t predict the exact time of the asteroid, it will be sudden and the world will not know about it. So 2020 most important Prediction to watch out for is this Asteroid. 

Nostradamus has also predicted what will happen after the asteroid has hit the earth. He has said that the North Pole and South pole will do trade. When the Asteroid hits earth, the landmass of the earth will be reduced enabling the possibilities for these two people to do trade. This is a shocking prediction. 

He has also predicted about North Korea. North Korea will face a revolution. In the revolution, the tyrant who is ruling North Korea will be dispersed by the people. We know about the feud between North Korea and the USA. many of us believe that in 2020 there will be some kind of Conclusion. In 2019 North Korea said that there was a Christmas gift to the US. We still don’t know what that gift is. During this time, we should also understand that Nostradamus has already predicted that the Tyrant will be kicked out by the people. There is a possibility that North and South Korea will join as one country. But due to this event, Russia may feel huge losses. So if North Korea falls will it affect Russia?. For the people who understand World Politics, you may get this as a hint. We can discuss in detail in another post. 

Nostradamus 2020 Predictions

Next, Nostradamus has also predicted that Climate Change will happen big time. We have all seen the climate change with our own eyes. In Delhi, the lowest drop in temperature has happened. This recorded drop is the lowest in 118 years. 

The next Prediction is Humans walking in Moon. We all have heard about this Commercial space travel. Nostradamus has predicted this, and we are on the verge of Commercial Space travel. China’s Mission to mars please search for this. America and India are trying to send humans into space. There is a huge possibility for Nostradamus Prediction going to happen very soon. 

Next, America’s downfall. American President will be murdered. Baba Vanga has also predicted this. So both of them has predicted that the American President’s life is in danger. America will lose its position as Super Power and China will emerge from its ashes. This will affect many countries economies. So there is a possibility of this also happening. 

Due to natural happenings, China and Pakistan will be affected this is Baba Vanga prediction.  There is some kind of connection between these predictions. People will rise and protest against Global warming. A Fire will rage in forests. Amazon rain forest fire was spoken across the world. An Important decision will be taken about Global Warming. So already this prediction is coming true.

Next comes Aliens. His prediction was Aliens will visit earth. There is a chance that we will communicate with these aliens. Many are speaking about aliens now. Baba vanga has also predicted the same. Baba Vanga has predicted that a friendly alien may contact us in 2021, but Nostradamus has said that this will happen in 2020. This is also possible. 

Nostradamus 2020 Predictions

In Italy, there will be a huge problem in 2020. So Italy will face Un-Employment, Economic downfall. Nostradamus lived there in Italy. Originally they were a Jew family who converted to Catholic Christianity. 

A book was written. And according to the book, some are acting, this is the conspiracy theory. The next one is Russia and Ukraine will sign an agreement. For many years now Ukraine and Russia were having issues. These issues will be done with this agreement. 

Russia and America will sign another agreement. So we will know whether these predictions will happen or not. Many Predictions for 2019 really did happen. Nearly 85% of 2020 predictions may come true. 

The other predictions

Sea level will rise, War will happen, Extremists or Terrorists will try to capture regions. Baba Vanga has said that they will try to occupy the European Union. Nostradamus has also predicted this, so there is a possibility this will happen. So this post is about 2020. 

There is still 2021, 2023, and 2055. Baba Vanga and Nostradamus have predicted this also. Let’s discuss this in another post. 

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