Nostradamus 2021 Shocking Predictions | Anti Christ Predictions and Proof

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Nostradamus 2021 Shocking Predictions | Anti Christ Predictions and Proof:

People are very interested in knowing about their future. When we say Nostradamus and Baba Vanga there is an interest among people. 

What have they Predicted?

This is the interest of the People. 

What are Nostradamus Predictions for 2021?

Everybody will know about Nostradamus. For 2019,2020 and 2021 we have released prediction videos. In Our Youtube Channel the Profit we gain high is through these Predictions videos. 

Now we are going to discuss Nostradamus and Baba Vanga Predictions. But we will also try to predict which events will happen in 2021.  

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Nostradamus was born in 1503. In 1555 he writes a book. The Book is named as Prophecies. In this book, 942 quatrains are present. A Century is equal to 100 Quatrains. A Quatrain is a 4 line Sentence. So 100 Sentences is 1 Century.  There are 10 Centuries. In the 10th Centruy, there are only 42 Quatrains. 

Is it understandable just by reading the Quatrains?

No. It is in a coded language. There are people who are trying to decode the coded language. These Decoding people will decode the Quatrain and if it doesnt happen in that particular year., They move the Quatrain to the next year. There have been forgeries. But sometimes the book clearly predicted the future. We have released a video for Nostradamus and Baba Vanga PRedictions for 2020. Please watch the video to understand the truth. 

Many have debunked the book. They have said that Nostradamus is a normal people who wrote a normal book. But we will discuss the predictions of 2021. 

What will happen in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence will rule the world. Last Year the book predicted that the Animals and Humans will speak with others. In 2021 Artificial Intelligent Robots will rule the World. 

We have already discussed AI is many of our topics. The Chinese research in AI has been astounding. Forbes has released an Article. The Article Predicts how the UN will function in 2021. The European parliament must come under the law of AI Legislation. So AI will definitely rule the world in 2021. 

The Next Prediction is A War between Two Allied Countries. He has said that “ In the City of the god there will a great thunder”. 

Nostradamus 2021 Shocking Predictions | Anti Christ Predictions and Proof

Is it Israel?

Is it the Arab Countries?

There are chances of war between the two allied countries. War its happening now everywhere. 2021 we may see a war there is a strong possibility. 

The Next prediction is about Zombies in the world. 

Will Zombies frighten us?

Russian Scientists creates a Biological Weapon. It’s just an injection. If injected into the body that person will change into a half Human and Half Zombie. The Weapon will change the DNA in humans. This will become THe Greatest Biological Weapon of our time. 

In Russia and Oxford University there was an issue. Russia announced that if we inject the Oxford Made Coronavirus Vaccine, humans will transform into Monkeys. So Zombies or monkeys Nostradamus prediction is similar. 

The next prediction is Dreadful Hunger. A Shortage of food will be felt all over the world. 2020 Coronavirus hits the world. The World was stunned, many people lost their jobs. Many people don’t know what they are going to do for food. Our Indian govt has stocks of food thus we have no shortages. Already the World Market has hit rock bottom. If they continue to tell us to follow the guidelines to prevent Coronavirus for the coming months. Farming also will go down. Many places there is raining pouring down. 

Nostradamus 2021 Shocking Predictions | Anti Christ Predictions and Proof

China is hit by heavy rains. China would have not seen a Famine which it has never seen. So based on the data of 2020 a Famine of Biblical Proportions will hit the world. This will affect many countries. So there are high chances that the Nostradamus Predictions will happen. 

The nExt Quatrain predicted by Nostradamus is “The Great Camel”. 

The Great camel depicts the Islamic countries. The WOrld will come under the control of Islam. He has predicted the European Countries will be controlled by the Muslim Countries. In 2020 this quatrain was in many websites. On 2019 the ISIS terrorists came in with a huge hammer. Some Countries were controlled by ISIS. 

How will the European Countries be controlled by Islamic Countries?

This is a Millian Dollar Question. 

Is it possible for this prediction to come true?

We will discuss this elaborately in another video. 

The Next Prediction is Solar Eruptions. A High-Level Solar Eruption may happen in 2021.  

How is this possible?

Scientists have said that there is high Possibility of Solar Eruptions happening in 2021. 

How did the Sceintists predict the Solar Eruptions?

Baba Vanga Predicts that Solar Storms will occur in 2021. The Video reading this Solar Storm will be explained in the upcoming video which will be released within one week. 

The Prediction coming up next is Earth hit by Asteroids. In 2021 an asteroid may hit Earth. His exact words were” In the Sky, One Sees Fire and a Long trail of Sparks”. So an object which glows will hit the earth and cause destruction in the earth. Scientists have been tracking an asteroid called 2009KF1. There is a chance the prediction is pointing towards this 2009KF1.  

When will the 2009KF1 Hit earth?

Scientists have predicted that it will hit earth within 2022. 

Will Nostradamus Predictions about this asteroid come true?

Will Earth be hit by an Asteroid?

The Asteroid may hit earth by 2021 says NASA. NASA says that this impact will be 12 times larger than the Hiroshima Bombs. SO NASA has issued a warning that this Asteroid will cause huge destruction in the World. Let’s see and hope this never happens. 

The Next Prediction is No More California. No more Western Land. We don’t know which regions are considered as Western Lands. 

But in a website which has been decoded by the people. They predict that the earthquake will hit California. 

How do they accurately say that California will be hit by an earthquake?

The Reasons which the Scientists give us are Mars and Saturn on Nov 2021 Will be in this position. When this happens Natural Changes may occur on earth. There is a possibility that an earthquake might hit Earth. So this prediction is connected to the Nostradamus Predictions. 

The Next is Pope Francis will bring in new changes to the World. We don’t know how much impact it will create. 

But More Importantly, the Antichrist could appear in the public and reveal himself to the world. 

Who is this Anti Christ?

Many say Russian Putin is the Anti Christ. May say that the Anti Christ is invisible to us. But many people believe that when there is a huge world Crisis, one man will come forward and Save the World from all issues. Thus fooling the people of the world and make them follow the AntiChrist This has been predicted since 2010. We can see or predict that these changes may happen in 2021. 

Lastly, China will rule the world. The Quatrain consists the Word “ Dragon”. The People who decode this predicts that the Dragon is China. 

We will also discuss Baba Vanga Predictions. 

Nostradamus 2021 Shocking Predictions | Anti Christ Predictions and Proof

What is the similarity of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga Predictions for 2021?

If there is a similarity.

What does Science say?

Will the predicted events happen in 2021?

Baba Vanga says that the people will use Red Colour Paper Money. 

What is this Red Coloured Paper Money?

Let’s discuss this in another video.

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