One War to Become Super Power – How America Became Superpower? Part 16

One War to Become Super Power - How America Became Superpower? Part 16:

If you look at America’s Politicians they will be Genuises or Military Commanders. 

How America Became Superpower?


In this part, we will discuss about Theodore Roosevelt. Next, we will discuss about Woodrow Wilson. We have already discussed about Woodrow Wilson, World War1, and America Stock Market. So Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt we have to discuss about them. We will understand India’s status and how backwards we are in this world. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We are in the 20th Century. So in this timeline, Theodore Roosevelt was the president. So Redefined Capitalism we have discussed about this in Part15. 

How he was?

What decisions did he make?

He said that he doesn’t need workers, not Entrepreneurs but he introduced Redefined Capitalism in America. In this timeline, the Panama Canal was created. Now Panama Canel is the main way for all ships of America. Theodore Roosevelt’s plan. They had to increase trade, there were many entrepreneurs, working is doing their part but these goods have to be taken to many countries. 

But From East America to West America they had a long-distance to transport the goods. So he thinks of creating a canal in Panama in 1903. At this time Panama is under control of the Columbian govt. So Roosevelt asks the Columbian govt to create a canal. The Columbian govt refused Roosevelt’s offer. So he manages to stir the people of Panama for Independence. America went in to support the people of Panama. So people revolt and Columbian govt had to leave Panama. America has been given rights to create the Panama Canal. So Panama Canal is now created. The work started in 1903 it ended in 1914. 

Roosevelt has been elected President again in 1904. So he has already taken office for two times now.

Who will be the next president?

What did this president do?

Roosevelt had a Personel advisor called William Howard Taft. Roosevelt believed Taft and listened to his advice. Taft is well educated and intelligent. So Taft becomes the Next president after Roosevelt. He is a man who considers his work seriously. He did one thing correct called Dollar Diplomacy. 

Dollar Diplomacy means not showing off the power of the Military. But to show off the Economy and Trade and through this help other countries. So we can do the transactions in Dollars. So the purpose is to make many countries follow the dollar of America. When Taft does this he received a bad name but America as a whole got a good name. 

In 1912 Election Roosevelt thought of Opposing Taft for the Presidency. So in 1912 a very important election in America’s History. So the candidates are Taft, Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Eigene Debs. But Woodrow Wilson easily wins the elections. 

One War to Become Super Power - How America Became Superpower? Part 16

Who is this Woodrow Wilson?

A man who learned the law. So he also learns about war. He completes Law and wanted to pursue Political Science. He Completes his Political Science and works as a professor. SO in this election, Roosevelt and Taft lost. Taft goes back working as a professor in Yale University. He also becomes a judge. He was a good Judge and he dies in 1930. 

How many Indian Politicians can do this after losing elections? 

So Woodrow Wilson is now President. He wanted to educate people and follow Policies. He turns a professor for the Professors. He has an equal amount of support and opposition. The Professors join a Union and opposed Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson was enraged and Resigns the presidency. Then they wanted him to become New Jersey Governor. He didnt love Politics as he was a Professor. So he accepts to be a candidate but will not do any Campaign. But People select him as the Governor of New Jersey. This is the time Woodrow Wilson becomes a Politician. This Politician later becomes the President in 1912.  

Now People believed in him so he knew his work. The 8 hr work period was started by Woodrow Wilson. In railways also there was only 8 hr shift. So he did many good things for the people. So in 1914 one person was murdered. Due to that World War 1 started. 

So World War1 started in 1914. So in 1917 America entered the war. So for three years, America didnt go to war. He was analysing which European countries are allied with. He sees that Germany and Britain had a lot of issues. Russia is also against Germany. But in 1917 in Russia there was a Civil issue, Lenin becomes the leader of Russia. Lenin thought that World war was not important he has to concentrate on his country. So Lenin withdraws with a Peace Treaty with Germany. 

One War to Become Super Power - How America Became Superpower? Part 16

Now Germany is against Britain. Britain is allied with America. America and Britain devise a plan to take down Germany. Germany had Submarines and used Chemical weapons. America analysed what Germany war weapons were. They started to counter create those weapons. So in 1917 America entered the war. Woodrow Wilson didnt want to go to war. BUt Germany wanted America to enter the war. SO Woodrow Wilson started Campaigning. 

So he tells the people that the World is at war so let’s go help them. People accept to stop the madness of war, So they bring in heavy weapons and fight in the world war 1. Germany was in the losing side if it continues the people of Germany may rise against them. Germany has occupied some regions from Belgium and France. Germany says it will give back the occupied lands and they come to a peace treaty. 

Britain lost nearly 9 lakhs troops. This was a huge war. The war ended within 4 years the reason was America. So America made a plan. They have learned the importance of Weapons in a war. So they wanted to develop weapons. Many European countries are in shatters. But America entered the war after three years. So their loss was low and their economy and Production was Number 1. So America says to maintain peace among countries we have to form organisations. So these will be guided by America. So America says it needed Peace if countries join with America it will guide them. Europe or Germany cannot Oppose America because America has everything. So all countries accepted what America said. 

Now America starts OPrganisations those control other countries. That seed is now a tree which controls many countries. 

What did America do Next?

How Industries changed American History?

How America became a Superpower?

Let’s continue to discuss in another post.

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