Operation Chengiz Khan – India Pak War 1971 | RAW Part 13

Operation Chengiz Khan - India Pak War 1971 | RAW Part 13:

Courage, Honor, Path of the Soldiers and the Speech of their leader four are essential for an Army says Thiruvalluvar. 

On 21st Nov 1971, R.N Kao said that the war would begin within ten days. Everybody was shocked to hear this news. Even the PM of India was shocked. 

In Part12 we discussed Operation Jackpot. In this post, we will discuss Operation Chengiz Khan. 

Let's discuss this in detail. This is RAW part13. 

On 21st Nov 1971, R.N Kao informed Sankaran Nair that within ten days the war would begin. 

Sankaran asked how R.N Kao managed to predict this war. R.N Kao says that he has informed Indira Gandhi. 

Operation Chengiz Khan - India Pak War 1971 | RAW Part 13

How was this possible?

R.N Kao says that India has to find a reporter named Bob Shapley. Sankaran Nair knew that the information was given to R.N Kao from a reliable source. He started moving the Indian army in Position. 

Who was this Bob Shapley?

He worked for American Media. He was an important reporter. Ten days ago Bob Shapley met with Yahya Khan. Yahya Khan has shared some information with the Reporter. Bob Shapley informed the American embassy. Through a CIA Officer, the information was passed to T.N Kaul - Foreign Ministry. T.N Kaul passed this information to R.N Kao. 

What did Yahya Khan tell Bob Shapley?

He has said that within ten days the world will speak his name. This is not an important matter for Bob Shapley or the CIA. But for R.N Kao this is a warning. R.N Kao knew that Yahya Khan was planning to attack Bangladesh. R.N Kao says that the Indian army should be ready for war. 

Indian General Manekshaw said that the Indian army was not ready six months ago. But in Nov the Indian army was ready and was waiting for the war to begin. 

General Manekshaw was an important man for this Operation and war. 

What happened on 19th Nov 1971?

The Indian Army, Navy and Airforce joined the war in 1971. The news came out that more than 3 Lakh women have been raped by the Pakistani army. There was human rights Violation happening in Bangladesh for over 6 months. The International Community and the media stayed silent. 

When we recap the events of 19th Nov we can understand the Loss of Pakistan. The Pakistani army thought that it could easily enter East Pakistan. They choose a village as an entry point. Four days before 19th Nov, the Indian army went to the Village. The Village name is Garibpur Village. This village was located in the Boyra Salient. So this village is the target of two countries West Pakistan and Bangladesh. India has already predicted that the Pakistani army will come to the village. The Guerrilla fighters and the Indian soldiers enter the Village. 

Operation Chengiz Khan - India Pak War 1971 | RAW Part 13

The Pakistani army entered the Village and the Battle was going to start. The Pakistan army had advanced Weapons and Vehicles. But India didn't want the world to know that Indian soldiers were fighting. So the Indian army can only use Limited Resources. There were Tanks that traverse Water used by the Indian army. Near the Brahmaputra river, there were houses and Villages. 

The Indian tanks were submerged in the River. Pakistan didn't know that India had these tanks. Pakistan army called for its Armoured Division.  The 14th Punjab Battalion was locked and Loaded with the support of the Mukti Bahini fighters. The Pakistani tanks M24 Chaffee was approaching the village. India has the PT-76 Light tanks. The Pakistani army didn't know about the Indian tanks. In a Swift strike, the Indian tanks started their attack. The Pakistani army immediately called for Air support. Two days after the battle The Pakistani army lost the battle and they were forced to exit the Village. 

On 21st Nov Pakistan unleashed its Air Force. The Indian Air Force was devising a plan to counter the enemy. Indira Gandhi and R.N Kao ordered that the IAF will engage the enemy after the enemy has attacked India. The war has not begun. This is happening for one month. 

If India starts the war, the UN, America and China will blame India for starting a war. India also knew that they would force a ceasefire and there would be no Partition. So India wanted Pakistan to attack its troops. 

As Predicted the PAF sent their airforce into the Indian Border. The PAF had Canadair Sabre MK6S. The world didn't know that Pakistan had this Aircraft. This jetfighter was brought into the country in secret. The Jet had advanced Technology. 

On 21st Nov the Indian radar identified the Pakistan Jetfighter. When the Radar Station passed the Information the Indian fighters were ready in the Dum Dum Airbase. IAF had 4 gnats. But the PAF returned to base. The Indian army was waiting. Now the IAF is ready to face the PAF. 

After two hours, the Rada Station picked up another signal. But The PAF managed to bomb some places in India and returned to base. Emboldened by their attack the PAF sends in three Jets. At 2.48 PM the radar station picked the signals of these three jets. The PAF jets were flying 2000 feet. 

Operation Chengiz Khan - India Pak War 1971 | RAW Part 13

The IAF’s Gnat was sent to attack the PAF jets. The Four Gnats split into two groups. After seeing the formation the PAF Jets scattered. Two Gnats started their attack run against the PAF’s two jets. The Pilots were Massey and Ganapathy. The Two gnats destroyed the PAF’s jets. Ganapathy passed a codeword to the IAF “Murder”. The PAF’s Pilots ejected from their jets. The Pilots then were captured by the Indian army. So Two PAF’s jets were down. Only one of the PAF jets was remaining. The Indian Gnats started their attack and soon the Jet went down. The Three PAF jets were destroyed. Pakistan did not send in more jets. 

Pakistan wanted to initiate Operation Chengiz Khan. Now the date was 21 Nov when Yahya Khan met Bob Shapley and told that the world will speak about him in ten days. R.N Kao knew that within Ten days the war would begin. 

By Dec 1971 The Indian army was ready. RAW also received Intelligence that Pakistan will try to destroy the Indian Airbases. India wanted Pakistan to attack its empty Air Bases as the Aircraft was shifted to other bases. The Indian army was surprised by this order. This is going to happen on 3rd Dec 1971. 

India after sharing the Destruction by the Pakistan Airforce with the world can go on the Offensive. India wanted the world to know that it was not the attacker. Nearly 11 Air Bases were moved to other bases. The PAF Attacked the Empty 11 Air Bases. 

So on 3rd Dec 1971, through Operation Chengiz Khan Pakistan declared that it had destroyed 11 Indian airbases. India now said that Pakistan had declared war. The time for a counterattack is right. 

The 11 Air Bases two days were repaired. The IAF was strong and it was ready. 

When Indira Gandhi told the world that Pakistan had attacked India. The World went silent. India managed to capture nearly 15000 Kilometres of Land from Pakistan. This land once belonged to India which was occupied by Pakistan. India destroyed Pakistan’s army. Operation Chengiz Khan was a failure for Pakistan. The WOrld Media started to support India. India now was on the Offensive. India destroyed The Pakistan Submarines and Air Bases. 

Now it's time for the Counterattack of India. The Indian Operations against Pakistan. 

How did India Support Bangladesh for its Independence?

The War has begun. A Counterattack for Operation Chengiz Khan is a go. Let's discuss this in the next post. 

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