Operation Jackpot – How India destroyed Pakistani Navy | RAW Part12

Operation Jackpot - How India destroyed Pakistani Navy | RAW Part12:

A war has started. 

How to win the war?

How to use the situation as an advantage?

Using this and winning the war is called Aran. 

How did RAW help to win the war?

15 Soldiers surrounded by Dense Forests. These 15 Indian Soldiers fought for Bangladesh. They were crawling in the Mud and praying to god that India must be victorious. They can hear a tiger roar in the Forest. They were near a river filled with Crocodiles. Some of the Soldiers' feet were bleeding. One Soldier’s stomach was pierced by Thorns. 

Where are these Soldiers going to face these hardships?

How did East Pakistan defeat West Pakistan?

The Soldiers were led by a Navigator who had a radio in his hand. 

Why was he following the Instructions from the radio?

They were on the Twentieth Day of their trip.

What was their target?

Did the Soldiers succeed in their Operation?

Did RAW plan this Operation?

What did RN Kao contributions be for this Operation?

Let's discuss this in RAW Part12. 

If India would support East Pakistan in the Freedom Fight. There was a peace agreement between India, Pakistan and China. So India cannot start this war. India has to force the hand of Pakistan into attacking India. 

Operation Jackpot - How India destroyed Pakistani Navy | RAW Part12

25th March 1971, Rahman Bangladesh’s leader was arrested. This was followed by Pakistan’s Operation Searchlight. The World is talking about this operation. We discussed this in Part11. 

We said that we will discuss the Military Operations which happened in 1971 from Part12. Let's discuss the first one called Operation Jackpot. Operation JackPot started on 26th March 1971. 

After the Arrest of Rahman, the news was telecasted on Many Radio Stations. This news was received by 13 People. These people were in Toulon, France. From this location, a Submarine is ready to start its journey to Pakistan. The 13 People were Sailors in the Submarine. These Sailors were from East Pakistan. They have been stationed in France before the announcement. These Sailors understood that Rahman was arrested and Pakistan’s Brutal General Tikka Khan had been conducting a massacre. After hearing their People being slaughtered, they wanted to fight against Pakistan. These Sailors were patriotic, they didn't want to sail the Submarine to Pakistan. They thought of hijacking the submarine. Nine Sailors are ready to mutiny. The Submarine name was PNS Mangro. 

PNS Mangro leaves France. The Submarine was well stocked. After crossing the Sea the Submarine stops in India. India was shocked to hear this news. RN Kao receives the news. 

How did the submarine reach India?

RN Kao knew that PNS Mangro was a part of the Pakistan Navy. He wanted to speak with the Nine Sailors. RAW had its doubts about the intentions of the Nine Sailors. The Sailors said that their people have been killed in East Pakistan. They wanted freedom from Pakistan. They wanted to fight for their freedom and for their people. RN Completes his training. He orders Training for the Nine Sailors. He wanted RAW to collect full information about the Nine Sailors. This information was passed to Indira Gandhi and the Indian Army General. 

RN Kao started to create a plan for the Nine Sailors and the PNS Mangro. It was the Monsoon season in East Pakistan. During the Monsoon Season, the Pakistani army can use only the Sea route. Using the Sea Route the West Pakistan army can reach East Pakistan. The Pakistan navy can station its warships. 

How can India destroy the Pakistan Warships?

RN Kao had these questions. RN Kao also wanted Pakistan to attack India. He ordered the creation of the Bangladesh Navy. The Mukti Bahini fighters were ready. India gave training to these freedom fighters. The Refugees who came into India were trained as fighters. They were also trained to become Sailors for the Navy. They received 18 Hrs Training from the Indian navy. Their training included swimming and carrying huge loads. Training to plant explosives. To fight against the Pakistan army and how to swim underwater. Their target was to destroy the Pakistani Warships and merchant ships. West Pakistan must not use the ports of East Pakistan. Pakistan cannot use the Indian Airspace as we discussed in Operation Ganga. Now India wanted to stop the Sea route used By Pakistan. 

The Indian army needed 160 Best fighters from Bangladesh. Special Training was given to these 160 Fighters. This training was overseen by R.N kao. 

Four Ports are announced as Strategic Ports. The Four Ports names are Chittagong, Mongla, Chandpur and Narayanganj. The leadership was given to Abdul Waheed Chowdhary. 

Who was this Wahed Chowdhary?

He had extensive training in PNS Ghazi in 1964. He has completed many navy Operations. The aim was to attack the four ports simultaneously. R.N Kao created a plan for the attack on the ports. Abdul was ready to execute the plan. The Soldiers were divided into four groups. This happened in July 1971. 

These Soldiers had two travel for 20 to 25 days. They can only travel at night. They have to hide in the daytime. They were travelling from India into Bangladesh. This was a forested area, where the Pakistan army could come for patrol at any time. There may be Pakistan air force planes patrolling the area. If the Pakistan army finds the Soldiers they will kill them. 

The Border was nearly 2000 Kilometres. Within this radius, they have to split into four groups and attack four ports. Their journey started with Minimal food Supplies. They were also carrying explosives. They were carrying Limpet Mines. The Soldiers had to dive into the sea and place the Explosives underwater on ships. They had to place the mines on the ships which would sink the ships. The equipment was carried by 160 Soldiers who were split into four groups. These were the soldiers who were crawling in the mud. Their ultimate aim was the freedom of their country. Abdul Wahed has ordered the groups to radio in at a particular time. 

Which Radio station were they ordered to report in?

The Radio station was called Swadhin Betar Bangla. After the Arrest of Rahman, this radio station relayed the news. The Next day the PAF bombed the Radio Station. But the employees managed to escape into India. With the help of India, they were provided with a 50 Kilowatts Transmitter to relay news from India. Now the radio station was Operational from Calcutta. This radio Station was one of the important reasons behind the Freedom of the Bangladesh people. People were listening to this radio station. When the Radio station was again Operational from India. The People of Bangladesh were overjoyed. 

Operation Jackpot - How India destroyed Pakistani Navy | RAW Part12

What news did they relay?

They relayed Quran Words. They also relayed the Speeches of Rahman. The need for independence. The way West Pakistan enslaved the East People. 

Why did Ahmad ask to tune into the Radio Station?

At a particular time, a song will be played. This is a signal to the soldiers to attack the ports. The Second Song was the signal to place the mines on the ships. The third song signals the Soldiers return to a safe zone from the blast. This was their plan. 

The First song was relayed, the soldiers started to unpack the bombs. Then the soldiers swam to the ships and placed the mines on the ships. The Soldiers have placed all their explosives in the ships anchored in the ports. After some time, the bomb blasts happened and many ships were sunk. The Soldiers shout out “Jai Bangla”. 16 of the Military Ships and many Merchant ships were sunk to the bottom of the Sea. Pakistan ordered its navy not to anchor the Warships in any ports in East Pakistan. The Pakistan navy wanted to move the remaining ships. But there was damage to many ships. 

This Operation had 160 Soldiers. But the Indian army soldiers were disguised to become Mukti Bagani Fighters. So RAW, the Indian army and Mukti Bagini together complete this Operation. The message was received by R.N Kao which said that Operation Jackpot was a Success. 

Operation Jackpot - How India destroyed Pakistani Navy | RAW Part12

R.N Kao knew that any time Pakistan may declare war upon India. Operation Jackpot was conducted on 27th August 1971. After three months and Zero Casualties, Operation Jackpot became India’s success.  

The Next day West Pakistan sends its Army to kill the people in East Pakistan. This massacre became headlines in the Western Media. 

How did the News travel fast to the Western media?

This was the question raised by Pakistan. R.N Kao was playing his Psychological Warfare. R.N Kao wanted the Western Media to know everything which was happening in East Pakistan. RAW's aim was to make sure the information reached the Western Media. When the Pakistan navy lost their ships. The Army went in and killed people in East Pakistan. 

Was this the only Operation conducted?

Through Operation Jackpot RAW, Mukti Bagani conducted nearly 1371 Operations. Operations included the Destruction of Army Vehicles, sabotaging the Roads and Vehicles. The Guerilla army was effective with the help of RAW. 

Pakistan had to destroy the Guerilla fighters. To do this they have to declare war against India who is supporting the fighters. So the Pakistan army started another Military Operation on 3rd Dec 1971. India had predicted this move and the Indian army was ready for war. There was an important person called Sam Manekshaw. He asked for orders from the Indian government as the Indian army was ready. 

What will Indira Gandhi, R.N Kao and Sam Manekshaw order?

What Operation did India conduct?

Let's discuss this in upcoming posts. 

We have discussed Operation Jackpot. But imagine the Hardships and the bravery of the 160 fighters who fought for their country. Many soldiers have lost their lives for their country’s freedom. We should always remember the Soldiers who sacrificed for their country. 

This war was a win for India and Bangladesh. Please wait for RAW Part13. 

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