Operation Trident Explained – Karachi Port RAW Part 14

Operation Trident Explained - Karachi Port RAW Part 14:

At the right moment in your life if you act accordingly nothing is impossible. The RAW Military Operations against Pakistan was done perfectly as RAW waited for the right moment. 

Are there chances these Operations may have failed?

1st Dec 1971, Many have asked R.N Kao a question,

Will Pakistan declare war against India?

R.N Kao says that with strategies in place Pakistan will definitely declare war against us. On 3rd Dec R.N Kao had a meeting where the same question was asked. They also said that the Indian Pilots were ready for action. R.N Kao turns to the army General and asks whether the army is ready. 

On 3rd Dec 1971 at 5.45 PM, they received information that the Pakistan Airforce has bombed the Indian Airbase. R.N Kao knew that this will happen. A Call was made to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi left Calcutta and arrived in Delhi. 

What will be the orders of Indira Gandhi?

Has Pakistan declared war against India?

What will be India’s reply?

We know about Operation Trident and Operation Python. 

What were the details of these Operations?

This is RAW14. 

Indira Gandhi arrives at Delhi and she goes directly to the Army Headquarters. She meets with General Mankeshaw. Indira Gandhi orders the Offensive of the Indian army and she said that announcement of war must be delayed to the World. She has ordered the Indian army to attack Pakistan. General Manekshaw was waiting for this order. RAW and the Indian army were eagerly waiting for these orders for Six months. So The Indian army was ready, but the World and Pakistan media were covering the news of the Pakistan Arifforce attacking the Indian bases. 

Operation Trident Explained - Karachi Port RAW Part 14

Pakistan media said that the Pakistan army has won a battle against India. Two days with 18 attacks at different Indian airbases. The Pakistan media said that the LAF has completely destroyed these bases. R.N Kao and Indira Gandhi were smiling when they received this news. Pakistan didnt know that it was a trap set by India. R.N Kao says to Indira Gandhi that RAW and The Indian Army are waiting for her orders. Indira Gandhi asked for a plan which is unknown to her. R.N Kao says that he has devised a Military Operation called Operation Eagle. SFF ( Special Frontier Force) played a major role in this Operation. The SFF was directly under the control of RAW. Brigadier Sujan Singh Uban was a leader in the SFF. 

Operation Trident Explained - Karachi Port RAW Part 14

R.N Kao gives a go for Operation Eagle in the Chittagong Hills. A Major attack against the Pakistan army was held. This Operation was done by Mitro Bahini. Mukti Bahini is freedom fighter. Mitro Bagini are the support army for the Mukti Bahini. Mukti Bahini and the Indian army together were called Mitro Bahini. Using the Mitro Bahini the SFF initiated the Military Operation. Records of this Military Operation cannot be found else. These records are in the RAW agency files. 

Through Operation Eagle the Indian army has managed to enrage the Pakistan army. The Pakistan army was ready for the Battle. The Pakistan army conducted their offensive until 4th Dec1971. In the 1971 war The Indian army, Navy and Airforce were used to fight another country. 

Now we have to discuss the Indian navy. We could have heard about Operation Trident. From 4th Dec to 5th Dec Operation Trident was carried out. But 4months ago, R.N Kao, Sankaran Nair and Indira Gandhi have planned this operation Perfectly. Two Persons were important for this Operation their names were ROD and Moriarty. RAO and Murty were changed into ROD and Moriarty. 

Who were these two members?

What Operation did RAW conduct three months ago?

Intelligence reports have come that America was sending Weapons and Military Equipment to Pakistan Via Karachi Port. R.N Kao said to Sankaran Nair that he needed full information about the Karachi Port which will lead to a Decisive Victory for India in the war. Sankaran flew from Delhi to Mumbai. His Identity was changed and his name was Commander Menon. Menon has arrived in Mumbai to visit a Doctor. 

This Doctor travels between Pakistan and India in his Yacht. He is a VIP. But some months ago, The Doctors ship was searched and there were Explosives. So the Indian govt has filed a case against the Doctor. Sankaran Nair had the files which will cancel all cases against the Doctor. He Announces himself as Commander Menon and throws the files in front of the Doctor. He says that the files will disappear if the Doctor does as he is asked. He Intriducteed to the Doctor as Commander Menon and the Doctor’s name was Cowasji Doctor. The Doctor will do whatever the commander asks as he wants his case to be closed.

RAW knew that the Cowasji Doctor had a Network in Pakistan. Menon asks the Doctor to take two men with him when he goes to Pakistan. He names the two people as Rod And Moriarty. Now Accompanied by the Doctor the two men have boarded the Ship and they were nearing the Pakistan Border. The Pakistan authorities board the ship for a usual Inspection. The Ships Manifest says that there are three men abroad. So the Authorities were asking for the two remaining men. The Doctor immediately says that the two men are affected by Chicken Box.

Operation Trident Explained - Karachi Port RAW Part 14

The Pakistani officers checked the Doctor’s manifest and Travel history. They were convinced that this Doctor can be trusted.  The Doctors ship was anchored near the Karachi Port. Rod and Moriarty were in the ship but the Doctor goes to Pakistan. It is nighttime when the two agents asked the doctor to take them to a location. 

When the Ship reached the location, the Two agents using their advanced Quipemnt take photos of the Karachi Port. Now the Photos have been taken and they have to return to India. But the Film roles have not been developed.  When they reached Delhi they develop the Photos. R.N Kao and Sankaran Nair were present in that room. R.N Kao was an expert in analysing the Photos. A Big Board was brought in front of them and all the photos were posted on the Board. The Photos are 360 Degree Photos of the Karachi Port. 

The Indian army has got the information of the Military Equipment and Fuel Tanks. They have stopped the Anti-Air Missile System and the American Troops. R.N Kao after his analysis says that with three boats the attack should happen. This must happen after the Pakistani Attack. So this was the plan which was set by R.N Kao Three months ago. 

Now The Indian Navy ships INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer, three were OSA-1 Missile Boats. The ships were given by Russia. But the Ships range is low. So RAW Knew that it cannot sail the Three Ships from Mumbai to Karachi Port. So three ships were towed to a distance and then they started their journey towards Karachi Port. The Three ships have identified a Pakistan Navy Ship. Without any Hesitation, the Three Ships launched missiles against The PNS Khaibar. The Pakistan Ship had no idea from where the attacks are coming.

They thought that the IAF was shooting at them. The Previous day the IAF has bombed the Karachi Port. But R.N Kao’s main attack will be using these three warships of India. So the PNS Khaibar has been attacked. Another Indian Warship launched missiles against the Pakistan Merchant ship which was carrying Military Equipment. The Remaining Indian Warship targets the Fuel Tanks in the Karachi Port. 

In 1971 we had another INS Vikrant. 

What is the Operation of INS Vikrant?

Has Operation trident been over?


Will it Continue via another Operation called Python?

Let’s discuss this further in RAW PART15. 

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