Organic Farming Gotabaya’s Utter Failure – Issues of the Green Srilanka Policy

We have already discussed the Economy Emergency in Srilanka. But Many Srilankans who are aboard don’t know this truth. 

The Tamil Srilankans had many blogs online. But now they are unable to raise their voices against their govt. 

We wish that this post many reach Srilankan people. 

There is an example that depicts the economic crisis and hunger. The Cheif of the Central Bank of Srilanka has resigned on 14th Sept 2021. The Island nations Foreign Exchange Reserves has gone to alarming numbers. To run the country the Island Nation has to declare Bankrupt. After the Bankrupt announcement that the International community must help the ISland Nation recover. 

There is another example. A news published in a Very Important Magazine in Srilanka. A Srilankan MP has said that people can eat two times a day and they have to stop eating the third time because there is no food in the Country. We have discussed the reasons behind this drought of foreign Reserves and food Scarcity. 

Srilanka has a Foreign Reserve of 2.8 Billion USD. But Srilanka’s debt interest could be 1 Billion USD. After paying the Interest Srilanka can Import the goods for three months. After three months Srilanka will be unable to import the goods. Srilanka has a Foreign reserve of 2.8 Billion USD. But within 2022 Srilanka’s debt will increase to 3.6 Billion USD. Srilanka’s Foreign Reserve will be empty after three months. 

What will Srilaanka do when their foreign reserves are empty?

Who will invest in the country?

Who will protect the country?

Who will manage its Infrastructure?

This is the right moment for the Chinese Dargon to swallow the Island. 

In 2019, Rajapaksa Promised there will be subsidies to imported Fertilisers. Within two years the Srilankan govt has stopped importing these Fertilisers. If the Fertilisers are imported the farmers will ask for subsidies. This is the politics of the Rajakasa. Srilanka govt has asked their farmers to use Organic farming. This is a dangerous move for Srilanka says SAEA(Srilanka Agricultural Economics Association). The SAEA has spoken about Food Security, Farm Incomes, Foreign Exchange and Rural Poverty. The SAEA has submitted a report to the Gotabaya Govt. 

What does the report say?

If we understand this report we will have the answer to whether Srilanka can do Organic Farming or not. Many may say that using Organic Farming is good for the soil. But the time when this decision is taken is very important. Already there are no Businesses in Srilanka. Tourism has been completely shut off. So there is no way for income. When there is no income, the expenses for food is increasing. 

There are a lot of Organic Products in India. For Ex: If we are buying normal rice the price could be rs50 but organic Rice is rs80. People say that Organic rice is healthy. India has income so it can spend money. When there is no income how people will buy Organic Rice. This is the current situation in Srilanka.
SAEA has divided this into three products. These three products have been exported. When Srilankan govt asks to change the farmers to organic farming. This will reduce the yield of farming by 25 to 30% and  Paddy Farming Profitability by 35% to 40%. So when a farmer changes to organic farming he losses Yield and Profits. The farmer cannot sell the low yield for a high cost because the People don’t have money to buy rice. This is the reason that Organic Farming may be a failure. Due to the low Yields, this will greatly affect the people who consume it. When there are no rice people can eat. This will lead to Poverty and Hunger and many people cannot eat once a day. 

Many Srilankans are now saying that they are unable to buy milk for their children. Basic Necessities like Milk Powder and Kerosene are not available in the Country. So if the Govt forces organic farming the Paddy Yield will be completely affected. So if there is organic and Chemical Fertilisers the yield will increase to 16%. 

The next product from SAEA is Vegetatively Propagated Tea. This VPT tea productivity may decrease by 35%. If Srilanka has been exporting 279 Million Kg, due to organic farming they can only export 180 Million Kg. When the export numbers go down the profit will also go down. This will create another economical crisis for Srilanka. 

The world is conducting business using the Dollar. If India exports Tea to Srilanka, Srilanka will pay with Dollars. When the export quantity decreases the Dollar income will also rescue for Srilanka. 

The third Product is the Coconut. SAEA has said that the Coconut yield may decrease to 30%. If this decreases there is shocking input given by SAEA. If Coconut yield drops then Coconut Oil will also decrease. Srilanka must import the Oil and must pay dollars for the Import. 

If Srilanka thinks that stopping Chemical Fertilisers may save up to 400 Million USD. Sri Lankan govt has to spend nearly 500 to 600 Million USD. SAEA has clearly said that this will cause a huge economic crisis in the country. 

Is the Srilankan govt taking action?

We have to discuss the task force set up by the Srilankan govt. On May 2021, Rajapaksa announced “ Presidential Task Force on creating a Green Srilanka with Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change”. The aim is Green Srilanka Project. A task force has been formed to achieve this goal. In this task force, there were 40 to 46 Members. On 6th May there was a circular which said that Chemical Fertilisers should not be imported. After 6th May there have been many changes. This Green Task Force now has been decreased to 25 Members. The 25 Members who were dismissed were real scientists. Now the remaining members of this Task Force are Scientists who were not good at their jobs say the Sri Lankan Media. So The Task Force is not all Scientists, and they are not good at their jobs. According to the Reports from this Task Force Gotabaya and Rajapaksa Family is taking decisions. These Decisions are wrong. If the Taskforce has conducted extended Research on their report, they could have learned that using Organic and Chemical Fertilisers and producing Yield thus resulting in Profits. Srilanka then can think about moving to Organic Farming Fully. SAEA also have asked more members to be included in the Taskforce. When People of Srilanka know this truth, they can ask questions against their govt. 

When The people start addressing their issues, this will make Headlines in the International community. Only the International Community can save Srilanka. If The people of Srilanka are not cautious, China will enter their Country and the people will become debted to China. 

Every Single Srilankan has to pay interest to China. 

Now we must move to Rubber. If Srilanka does not import Fertilisers for Rubber. There is a fungal leaf disease that may spread to other Rubber Plants and cause huge Destruction. This is also an issue for the Green Srilanka Project. If they have conducted research they would not have given Priority to Organic Farming. Srilanka needs Organic and Chemical Fertilisers. 

Why are we speaking about this organic Farming?

Using this Organic term the Srilankan Govt has stopped Importing many products. The govt wants to fool its people as moving towards Organic Farming will have its difficulties at the start. But it will be solved as days go by. 

The Gotabaya Govt has given false promises to its people and is fooling its people. This is the Gotabaya Politics. If the Srilankan people understand these Politics, The people who supported the Rajapaksa’s will turn against them. 

Many in Srilanka are standing in Queues. Many don’t have food. Many are wondering about their future. Srilankans are asking when their country would get out of this dire situation. 

The International community is closely watching these events. This loss is for the Srilankan people. This issue should not be taken lightly. Gotabaya Govt which is the puppet govt of China is benefitting from this internal crisis. The Rajapaksa family is greatly benefitting from this issue. 

So Organic farming is a Myth in Srilanka. If the Srilankan govt gives another issue to stop imports. We will provide information on that Myth. The Proof provided by SAEA will be used, to tell the truth. 

This post is also for Indians who want our country to change to Organic Farming immediately. The Fields in India has been changed to prolonged use of Chemical Fertilisers. So if India Wants to change to Organic farming, the land will need time to heal. 

For Organic Fertilisers, man force is needed. Organic Fertilisers have to be taken in Loads. 

How is organic farming possible in India?

We need Petrol and Diesel to move these Organic Fertilisers. 

The Srilankan Green policy is a failure and utter joke. The govt must immediately take steps to rectify their error.

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