Osama Bin Laden – The Beginning

Osama Bin Laden - The Beginning

"Confession of an Economic Hitman" have you guys read this book or have you ever heard of this book.  John Perkins is the author of the book.  It is also available in Tamil and it will cost you Rs 240. From Page 247 to 266 the content which I read ill discuss with you also.

“Osama Bin Laden A Friend,”  Many of you said, “ Thalaiva this topic is huge, and this Topic is in the next level”.  Few said, “ What will you say about the religion Islam”. Few others said, “ Please Think before you speak in this topic and use caution as many are watching you”.

So “ Osama bin Laden is he a friend to America or Is he a Friend to Islam or Is he a Friend to the terrorist” So if you have any doubts in this issue. After Reading this Article you will Come to a Clear Conclusion.

A Modern Robin Hood:

Many of us Know Julian Assange. I would definitely say that he is a true hero. He was not afraid, to tell the truth to the whole world. He knew that his life was in danger but he bravely came forward and told the truth to the whole world.  He said in an interview that the CIA –were the ones who created ISIS Terrorist organisation. CIA Means Central Intelligence Agency it is Similar to India’s Raw. So a question comes in our Minds “ Why would the CIA go and create a Terrorist group called ISIS?”. Keep this question in your minds as we will come to this later.

So has Julian Assange given any proof for this Conspiracy theory?.  He has given a lot of proofs. He has released over  30,00,000 Documents in public domains. He has released this information is a system called “Cable Gate”. A cable means a Message or a Telegram which was intended to reach people who can read and get this information.  With this release of this Information, many world leaders around the world started to fear Julian Assange. People like Hilary Clinton, Obama to Donald Trump were scared to death that “ How many documents could this guy have which may relate us to conspiracies all around the world”.

We were talking about 30,00,000 Documents Right. So what did these Documents contain? They contained all information about the Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the War against Iran. The documents contained So much Confidential information about all the wars and the Motives behind it. So After Julian Assange has Leaked this Information. Would those culprits leave the Honest man Alone? They went and filed a case against Julian Assange for leaking Confidential Information to the public. Now Julian Assange is behind bars for telling only the truth.

The message was Clear. If you are going to do good for the world then we will come after you. We will destroy your lives and make you a Culprit or Accused. This is what America as a Country has done all these years.” We are the ones who dictate terms all over the globe” this is how American govt thinks.

So has Nobody other than Julian Assange has come forward with this truth before?. This question may arise from your heart. The answer to that question is that  Have you heard about Fidel Castro. The Revolutionary hero of Cuba Fidel Castro joint forces with Che Guevara and fought for the freedom of Cuba from American Supremacy. Fidel Castro has also told that America is behind all conspiracies across the world.

Fidel Castro was very clear in his answer that America created Osama Bin Laden. Whenever America wants to take over a country for its natural resources or for control over the country.  Bin Laden and his Terrorist organisation Al Queda will be present in that country to cause unrest and Chaos in the country.  This is the answer given by Fidel Castro and he was very sure about it. So is there a motive for Fidel Castro to tell this lie to us.  absolutely not. This is very clear now that America was the one who created Osama Bin Laden and Isis.

A Small Reminder of ISIS:

The history of Isis started from the term called Mujahideen.

1. Grandfather of Isis is Mujahideen

2. Father of ISIS is Al-Qaeda

3. Uncle of ISIS is Taliban

In the world stage, Isis is an organisation from the religion of Islam. So if this terrorist organisation is based on Islam then it should have a leader from Islam I am I right?. but the truth is the leader of Isis Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a Jew. There is proof that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a jew who leads the Isis terrorist organisation. Is Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi the real name of the leader. the truth is no. Some conspiracy theorists say that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a secret agent who was trained by Israel’s secret agency Mossad. But other news Agencies say that Abubakar al-Baghdadi belongs to the Islam religion. You should understand the fact that  Islam religion is totally different from these terrorist organisation.

The Search:

Keep in mind that this is our search for the truth for the most important two questions

  1. Who created these terrorist organisation?
  2. Who created Bin Laden?

An interviewer asked Julian Assange a question” what would you like to change in this world?” .He answered,” if I have the authority to change the calendar of this country I would Keep 1979 as the start year and will announce it the Zero Year”. We all know about our calendar before Christ is bc and after Christ is AC. But in Julian Assange's words “  it is before 1979 and after 1979”. The reason behind this answer is the events from 1979 to 2019, Ex: the more recent tragedy like Sri Lanka bombing and a bomb threat to Tamil Nadu all this is based upon on the Islam terrorists. There is a huge conspiracy which has been done by some countries to create this Terror.

You might get confused after reading this article whether to believe it or not. We will give you a simple answer. “all the countries in the world should have democracy” this is the main virtue of America. Wherever they go for example invading Iraq or invading Afghanistan, or their views about North Korea.  America has always given one answer to the world that people were suffering from dictatorship and we fought that war to bring in democracy.  But till now in Saudi Arabia, there is a king who is ruling the country. Why don't the people of Saudi Arabia deserve democracy? We all know that Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. But How many of us know that all the wealth has been shared among only a few members of a family group in Saudi Arabia.

There are a lot of sacred locations in Saudi Arabia. Did you know that many of the early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia have been destroyed? These Sacred locations have been destroyed and from its Ashes has risen the modern skyscrapers of Saudi Arabia. So what is the reason behind the destruction of the sacred locations? if we knew the answers to these questions then we will have a good perspective on world politics. When we understand this world politics then if an event occurs in one country we would find its path or you will Trace this path to another event which is going to happen in another country. So there is a link between Saudi Arabia and America which the world population doesn't know. This So called Link started in the year 1979.

The Link:

Before we go back in time to 1979 you should know that there is a huge Difference between Arabs and Islamists. There is a difference between Egypt Muslim and an Arab. Arabian culture is totally different.

Its the year 1979 Soviet Union of Russia invades Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the most important countries in the world.  the country did not only have oil resources it had other resources as well. The detailed information is written in this book "Confession of an Economic Hitman".So whoever controls Afghanistan will control the whole world. This was the real reason behind Russia's invasion of Afghanistan. America  Feared that intervening directly may lead to another world war.

After World War 2 the country Palestine was divided into two countries Israel and Palestine. Israel's main supporter in the world stage is America. Palestine and Few other Islamic Countries were against the creation of Israel, on that particular time if America went directly to help Afghanistan it would lose a lot of favour in the world stage.

The Deal:

So they devise a Small plan, America needs a partner which is Saudi Arabia. A deal was stuck between the heads of the two countries. The story Line is “Invasion of Afghanistan is a war not against a particular country, but its a war against the whole of Islam which is waged by Satan (Russia)”. An Afghan Revolution group called   Mujahidin were fighting the Russians. These  Revolutionary groups are later called as terrorist organisations. For Ex: A superpower country invades another country,  a group of revolutionaries are determinant to fight back the invading forces. Those groups are called revolutionaries or Rebels.  But all over the world now we call all these Revolutionary groups as terrorist organisations. So America's plan was to fund the Mujahid in with the help of Saudi Arabia wealth.  America was very clear that it could not send these funds to Afghanistan directly so it needed a broker.  The broker was Pakistan. To the world's view, Pakistan will be the culprit and nobody will ever have a doubt upon Saudi Arabia and America.

Saudi Arabia raised a question to  America “ why is  Afghanistan so important to you?”.  America's reply was "Afghanistan is in the centre of the whole world. It will be very easy for us to supply the oil resources to the Whole world. In this business partnership,  Saudi Arabia will be the leader of the Arab world and America will be the general who will be protecting the leader of the Arab world. Let’s rule the world together” This was the deal which has been stuck between Saudi Arabia and America. A lot of money was provided to Pakistan for its services in this deal.

The Beginning:

Osama Bin Laden - The Beginning

The Organisation called Mujahideen was upgraded to fight the Russians effectively. On that particular time, a hero was needed whom the people will follow and fight the Russians. The choice was a wealthy man from Saudi Arabia who will fight for the people of Afghanistan. It would also boost the morale of the Mujahid when they see a wealthy man who has come to fight for their cause in the name of Islam.

The Hero was created his name was Osama Bin Laden. This is just the beginning of the history of Osama Bin Laden.

In the coming articles, We will cover the whole history of Osama Bin Laden.


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