Otto Warmbier – North Korea Mystery Hotel 5th Floor

Otto Warmbier - North Korea Mystery Hotel 5th Floor:

On December a mother with tears in her eyes let go of a lantern in the Chinese and North Korean Border. The lantern Contained these words “I love you, Otto”. Otto a 22yr old student, was arrested by North Korea. 

What was the reason behind his arrest?

The reason is 47 Story Hotel. In that hotel, the 5 Floor has been restricted. If you get on the lift there will be no button for the 5th floor. There is a mystery in the 5th floor which Otto visits. 

What happened after he went into the 5th floor of the hotel?

Why did he go into the 5th floor?

Why did he travel to North Korea from America?

There could have been a war between North Korea and America for this man. 

Who is this Otto?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Otto Warmbier. This name was echoed throughout America in 2017. Otto Warmbier is the name which shook the Two govts in America to their core. Otto Warmbier a 22nd Student who was a brilliant student. 

On Dec 2015, he decides to go on a tour aboard. He searches it in google. He was suggested to go to North Korea. Otto Warmbier thought “Why shouldn’t I visit North Korea”. 

So he searches in google the locations to travel in North Korea. He sees a Company’s name as the first search in google. So he clicks on the first option. He books a room for 5 days Tour package which cost him $1200. He pays and he starts his journey in December. 

He first starts from America to China. From China, he takes a Russian Airline to North Korea. He links up with his friends in China. The group then travels to North Korea. After landing in North Korea the Police checking happens and they were allowed into the Country. 

After the group enters the country, the travel company recommends the group some visiting places. The suggested palace was a Museum. In the Museum there was a ship on display which is called USS Pueblo. This ship belongs to America which belonged to the American navy. But in 1968, North Korea captured the US ship. The ship was named by North Korea as Monotheistic Enemy Warship. The friends of Otto made some fun remarks about the Ship which is an American ship. His friends were mocking him as his country’s ship has been displayed in a shameful way. Otto recognizes that the Country which he has visited is not a safe place for Americans to be staying. 

The group was ready to celebrate the New Year and arrives ina hotel. The hotel’s name is Yanggako International hotel. This hotel is 47 floors and the first Luxury hotel in North Korea. The hotel construction was from 1982 to 1996. For a night’s stay, it’s nearly Rs25000. The Hotel had many luxuries like Massage Center and Bowling. 

So the group splits and some go to the bar and some to go bowling. But Otto was going to the fifth floor. This hotel’s lift didn’t have a button for the 5th floor. To reach the 5th floor we must take the Staircase. But the group was informed and warned that they were not allowed to go to the 5th floor. But Otto reached the 5th floor. People who have gone to the 5th floor gave been given a warning and were send back.

Otto who visited the 5th Floor started to tear away the posters in the 5th floor. After he tears up the posters, he returns to his room and sleeps. Otto was last seen by his friend at 4 am. The next morning many police officers come to the Hotel and investigate Otto’s friends. 

Otto friends asked for the reason for the investigation. They were shown CCTV footage. North Korean Officials arrest Otto. His friend again mocks him and thought it was funny. But his friend never saw Otto again. 

One and two months go by Otto was never found. Otto’s parents send letters to the North Korean govt. There was no reply from the North Korean govt. After the arrest, Otto appears in TV and cases were filed against him along with his confession.
Otto pleads that it was a huge mistake and asks for forgiveness and wants to be sent back home.
What happened next?

What was there in the 5th Floor of the Yanggako International hotel?

How did Otto reach the 5th floor?

Many questions were asked to Otto by the North Korean Officials. But the North Korean govt didnt give any permission for the American officials or Embassy to visit Otto. 

America’s election was completed and a new govt came to power. There were many issues between North Korea and America. There were protests in America calling for “Save Otto”,” I Will wait for Otto”. 

Nearly one year goes by since Otto’s arrest. A Secret message was sent to America in 2017. The message contained that North Korea was going to release Otto. The American officials had a doubt as Otto was sentenced to 16 Years Hard Labour in Jail. So everybody believed that Otto will be released after 16 years. Many believed that Otto was already Dead. 

When the message came to America, Trump was the President. Trump was trying to get back Otto by using China, Japan through Diplomacy. When the news of Otto was going to be released and send back in a jet. America alerts its Airforce.

The Flightpath was through Japan. Suddenly they informed there were Issues between Japan and North Korea. So they changed the route. When the flight finally lands his parents saw him after a long time. Otto was in Coma. One week later Otto was dead.  Questions were asked to North Korea. 

The reply was he was in this stage two weeks after his arrival. The North Korean Officials say that Otto was not tortured. When they were shifting Otto to the ambulance. They notice that the Hands and legs were not moving. His mother knew that Otto was tortured. 

When Otto arrives in America. They find out that his Dental array has been changed. His legs and hands were beaten and broken. Otto’s parents accused North Korea of extreme torture of their son. 

But North Korea refused the allegations. 

What happened to Otto?

Otto was imprisoned in a Jail where many Americans were present. These Americans who did not want to endure the North Korean official’s torture attempted Suicides. After the Suicide attempt, the North Korean officials send two people back to America. 

So Otto thought that he had to attempt suicide because America was not able to save him. He took many Sleeping pills. Due to this, his mind got affected says an investigation report. 

But Otto’s parents say that Otto was tortured as he had torture marks and scars in his body. But Otto’s parents refused for a post mortem. Doctors said that there was no change in his dental array, and they couldn’t find any signs of Torture. Trump said that Otto was tortured. 

After he was bought back to America, One Week later he was dead. Many thought that there will be a huge issue between North Korea and America. There was a time when America was ready to go to war with North Korea. But America and North Korea wanted to solve this crisis through Diplomacy. 

So 22nd yr Student was arrested and a crisis was created. The Young man lost his life. 

But still, the mystery remains,

What was there in the 5th floor of the Hotel?

Many researchers and Tourists went to North Korea to find a mystery. But the area was restricted to the Public. But some managed to sneak into the 5th Floor and took photos. 

The 5th Floor contained images which were against America and Japan. There were posters which praised the North Korean Dictatorship. So The world knew there was a mystery in the 5th Floor. But many people blamed Otto’s Parents for not allowing to perform a post mortem on the body. The death of an innocent 22 yr old students death meant nothing now. 

But Still, now Otto’s parents are asking for justice. 

But the real question is

Who is responsible for Otto’s death?

America and North Korea are mortal enemies. North Korea is a dangerous place for Americans. 

Why did Otto go to North Korea after he knew the warnings?

His friends mocked him of his nationality. Otto should not have entered the restricted area and tore the Posters. After the arrest, both countries didnt come to an agreement to releasing the student. 

Due to carelessness in many areas life has been lost for tearing up posters. 

If our family members travel abroad. There are rules to be followed in some countries. If they follow the rules then there should be no problems. This video is a lesson that we all should be careful if we travel abroad. 

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Still, now we don’t know the Mystery of the 5th Floor. 


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