Patented Seeds Part2 – A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

Patented Seeds Part2 - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth:

A Patent right for a seed. This seed should not be used by the farmers. Pepsi could have done R&D and could have spent Millions of Dollars.

How could they give it free to the farmers?

One Person has asked us whether we will release a video which would be Copyright. 

So according to this comment, we can continue discussing this topic. 

We know up to 15 to 20 Types of Rice. In 1990 A book called Rice of India was written. In the book, it was mentioned that nearly 1 Lakh Country Seeds Types were available in India. 

Is this the truth?

Will they say this video is a conspiracy theory?

Doesn't matter what they say. 

When we talk about Hybrid Seeds and explain the truth, it will become a Conspiracy Theory. There are no research papers. We are also not improved in Science to discuss Genetically Modified Seeds. So we should go into that topic. That is Conspiracy theory. So we can leave it as it is. 

But there are some things to discuss.

The Genetically Modified Seed its patent rights and the Seed act. In 2005, India signed the TRIPS agreement. The Changes which happened in the International community. The proof for this discussion is everywhere. 

Patented Seeds Part2 - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

The first thing to discuss is the Green Revolution. In 1960-1961 if the Green Revolution was not initiated many could have died of Hunger. This is an acceptable truth. But we have to look at the events which happened before 1960. 

In 1947 India got its Independence. From 1945, The First five Years Plan and the Second Five Years Plan was initiated by Our PM. The Indian govt said Poverty and Hunger will be a great cause issue. So importance to Fertilizers should be given. 

Nehru asked a question,

Do we need to give importance to Fertilizers?


Can we add fertilizers to Natural Fertilizers?

So they come to the conclusion that option 2 must be done. There should have been an organization behind this decision. You could think that this organization must be the reason for these decisions. 

If we give the name of the organization it may create a huge issue. So Please Search for yourself. The First research on Seeds in India was done by this organization. Please do a search for this organization.  

So India gives go ahead with Fertilizers. The next thing was a big issue. We have discussed in the Previous video that India has signed GATT. But during that time India was in a Closed Economy in agriculture. IN 2005 India signed TRIPS + agreement. So TRIPS+ was initiated in 2005. But this plan was laid out in 1995. But if you remember in the previous video we mentioned that WTO was formed in 1995. 

In 1948 GATT was formed. IN 1995 GATT was changed as WTO. The WTO said that agriculture should be an open market. For doing this India has to sign in the TRIPS agreement. 

Patented Seeds Part2 - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

TRIPS means Trade-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights. The agreement was to give patent rights. So signing the TRIPS agreement, the WTO will help the country by lending seeds and improving agriculture. 

But in the 1970s the Patent Acts have been improved. India was the one which exported medicines for HIV. The medicines which we exported were low in cost but effective and gave the same result. There were so many reasons, you should learn more about TRIPS and TRIPS+. 

So in 1995 India signed the TRIPS agreement. A transition period of Ten Years was given to India. WTO asked India to change its Patent Rights act which must be similar to the International Patent Rights acts. The transition period can be used to make changes. 

So the WTO says that the Indian Companies which have the Patent Rights should join the TRIPS agreement. When the Indian companies changed and Joined the TRIPS agreement, the prices of HIV medicines went up and there was a demand for the medicine in India.
The Patent Rights for Medicines is not with any Indian Corporate or govt, but with Foreign Corporates. So Patent Rights is becoming a huge issue in India. 

The Science Youtube Channels please educate people on,

How to get Patent rights?

Any product can be received patent rights. So please Clearly educate the people. Please search for this topic and try to understand the Concept. 

If India buys the PAtent Rights for a Technology which is going to rule the world. India has to sustain itself in the future. 

Patented Seeds Part2 - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

So from 1995 to 2005 was the transition period. In India three times they changed the Patent Act by the Indian govt. It was done by the BJP party and then in 2005, TRIPS+ was signed by the Congress party. This was supported by the Communist party of India. 

So Parties like BJP, Congress and Communist parties will say they work for the people. The Indian govt says that Agriculture is the Spinal Cord of India, but these parties on many occasions have broken and displaced the Spinal Cord of India.

What happened next after the Transition period?

These Patent Acts or laws were changed in the Foreign countries before they came into India. 

We have to clearly understand,

What happened in the Foreign Countries with this agreement and Changes?

To understand this we should know about the Classic David-and-Goliath case. This is a greater battle than the David and Goliath battle. 

We discussed that to control the World four Corporates can do it. In these four companies, the main Corporates name is Monsanto.  Next Comes Bayer Corporate, Dow and some Corporates. 

So in 1998-1999, a 75 yr old man filed a case against Monsanto. 

What was the reason for filing the case?

He was an American Farmer. 

Did He file a case against Monsanto?


Did Monsanto file a case against this American Farmer?

This is where the question rises,

Are farmers against the Corporates?


Are the Corporates against Farmers?

Patented Seeds Part2 - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

So in 1995 WTO started its work across the world. The World Bank and IMF listen to the WTO. So in India, the Genetically modified seeds research tent was set up by the World Bank. The WOrld bank’s main target is the Natural resources of any country. This is the reason they lend money to many countries. Don't forget that we are selling our water and Air to lend money from the World Bank. 

So The case was between Vernon Hugh Bowman Vs Monsanto. Bowman is a farmer who has lent SoyBeans seeds from Monsanto. He signed an agreement that the Yield should be sold to the Monsanto Corporate. Bowman was not supposed to retrieve seeds from the Yield as Monsanto will again lend the seeds. This was the agreement. So no Crop should be stored by the farmer for his personal use. 

Farmers use this method after the Yield they tend to store some seeds for the next harvest. But in this modern world, the farmers cannot do it as there are so many processes. Bowman agreed to the terms and Signed the agreement with Monsanto. The Seeds have been given and Planted, The Yield was given to Monsanto. He didn't have any seeds after the harvest. Bowman next planted Wheat. He got his harvest and sold the Yield. 

But there were some months left in the year. So he thought about planting Soybeans again. He knew that he could not get a huge Yield. So he decided to not lend Seeds from Monsanto as the Yield will be very low and the money he has to pay would be high. 

So he buys the seeds from the government and Plants it. The Crops grew and among them, one or two belonged to the Seeds which had patent rights from Monsanto.

Monsanto said that Bowman has hidden the Seeds of Monsanto. So they filed a case against Bowman with a Penalty of rs40 Lakhs. 

Bowman has to appeal to the Local Courts, High Court and Supreme Court. The Verdict was Bowman did a mistake by planting Monsanto seeds. Bowman was ordered to give the money which Monsanto had asked. 

So if you use a Patent right Seeds in your land once. For life, the farmers should use the seeds given by the Corporate. This is the Indirect Message. 

Let's discuss the Bowman case. Bowman hesitated to buy the seeds from Monsanto. So he buys the seeds from the Govt. But sadly those seeds contained one or two Seeds which had patent rights by Monsanto. 

So If a farmer uses Hybrid Seed or Patent Right seeds in his land. If you decide to not use the Corporate seeds in the next harvest and go and buy the Govt seeds. There is a chance that one or Two seeds might be Patent seeds. 

Can we identify which seed belongs to whom?

This is the greatest pain of the Farmers. 

For EX: We have no agreement with Monsanto to plant seeds in our land. But our Neighbour has an agreement with Monsanto. He has planted the seeds from Monsanto. There are chances that the Gene Structure of the seeds which we have planted in a natural way might be affected by the Monsanto seeds. So when years go by the Natural seeds will show the influence of the Monsanto Seeds which have been planted near our land. This may happen within three or four years. We have natural seeds but due to our Neighbour planting these Monsanto seeds. Thorough Nature our Natural Seeds Gene Structure may change. IF Monsanto finds out that the Natural Seeds which we have planted show influence of the Monsanto Seeds. Monsanto can file a case against us stating without the Knowledge of the Corporate we have used their Patent Rights Seeds. They will ask for Compensation which will be in Crores. This has happened before and will happen again. 

So through Brexit Britain exited the EU. Scotland now wants to separate from Britain.

What could be the reason?

The Reason is Potatoes. Many farmers in Scotland plant Potatoes. The Scottish farmers don't sell their goods directly as they have middlemen doing the job. The middlemen buy the crops from the farmers and sell it. But the middlemen sell the goods at three times higher price than what they gave to the farmers. 

The English farmers knew about this. They approached the Scottish farmers for direct seed exchange. Some Scottish Farmers accept the proposal. When this happened the Private Sectors came to know about these Agreements. They file a case in the court. The Court’s verdict was Patent Rights seeds, or unidentified seeds should be exchanged among farmers. The Seeds which are not registered or Patent Rights seeds should not be exchanged. So all seeds should be registered. 

In India, we discussed we had more than 1 Lakh Type of Country Seeds. But now there are only 600 to 700 Type Country seeds. 

Have the Seeds been registered with the government?

Has somebody bought the Patent rights for these seeds?

M.S Swaminathan Research Foundation is in India. They have many Country seeds types. 

HAs Indian govt bought the patent rights for these Country Seeds?

Why is India dependent for seeds from Corporates like Monsanto and Bayer?

Nearly 67% of the World’s Seeds Patent rights are with only ten Corporates. In this 67%, nearly 40 to 50% belong to only Four Corporates. This has shrunk to two to three corporates. 

Bayer has bought Monsanto for a Price of Rs 4 Lakh Crore Rupees. China’s ChemChina buys Syngenta for rs 3 Lakh Crore Rupees. Two Corporates merged which are Dow and Dupont. Their agriculture division is called Corteva Agriscience. Corteva value is nearly Rs10 Lakh Crore rupees. 

For a seed, a Corporate has been bought by another by paying Lakh Crores Rupees. The reason for all this is Germplasm. 

What is this Germplasm?

Seeds are divided into three categories. 

Which category can we protect from these corporates?

We discussed RCEP and TPP in the Previous video. We will discuss it in the next video. 

Many details which are unknown to us and Farmers. This is an Innovative Fraud. 

Let's discuss them one by one with your support. Your Comments will make the biggest impact. So please don't forget to leave a comment. 

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