Paytm First games Dream11 Fantasy Cricket | Is it Gambling? Full Details

Paytm First games Dream11 Fantasy Cricket | Is it Gambling? Full Details:

People are getting fooled by these apps. 

Play rummy online and get your money in Paytm. Play these games and get your money in Paytm. 

Where is Paytm?

It is in Google Playstore download it. But now Paytm has disappeared from Play store. 

What could be the reason?

Is Paytm a Chinese Corporate Owned app?

What is the truth?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Paytm doesnt belong to any Chinese Corporate. Some will say Paytm belongs to One97 Communication which is an Indian Company. 

Paytm’s 30% shares are with Alibaba’s Branch companies. The Indian media could have revealed this info, and many could have forgotten to reveal the info. 

Alibaba is a Chinese Corporate. Alibaba has invested in many big companies in India. They have invested in Big Boss, Ola, Swiggy, Zomato and many companies. They have invested in Unicorn Companies ie Companies which have more than 100 crore investments.

Alibaba and Tencent have invested a lot in Indian companies. 

In 2018 Alibaba and Tencent come to a discussion with Paytm. They knew that the Gaming Technology or Gaming Industry has been growing in India. So they asked Paytm to join their group to increase the Influence of gaming. 

Paytm First games Dream11 Fantasy Cricket | Is it Gambling? Full Details

In this meeting, Alibaba says that it an entertainment company called AGTech Holdings. The Chinese Scientists and game developers are working for AGTech. Alibaba recommends Agtech to develop many games and publish them in India. All these games come under the category of Gambling. So through Gambling, they wanted to enslave the Indian Population. 

Tencent said that it could create gambling games. They invest and Develop in A game called Dream11. Dream 11 app would not be familiar with people who don’t use their mobiles often.

These games are designed to change your child or friends into Gamblers or Game Addicted people. 

In India, Cricket is not just a game but it is a religion. So based on Cricket, a digital version of it called Fantasy Cricket has been released. Last Season IPL we would have seen Dream11 advertisements. 

Sachin Tendulkar promoted this Fantasy Cricket. He promotes Paytm First Games Website. He was the Brand Ambassador for the Paytm First games. Many Indian organizations protested against Sachin. They urged Tendulkar to stay away from Paytm advertisements which are sponsored by the Chinese. Many accused Sachin for promoting this gaming website.

What is in the Paytm First Games Website?

There are gambling games which number over the 100s. 

Who Developed these Games?

Alibaba, its branch AGTech and Paytm. Three companies together have invested 1000 Crore rupees. They sign an agreement to create a lot of games. The agreement says that Paytm Receives 55% of the total Profit, 45% will go to AG Tech which belongs to Alibaba. 

SO Agtech wanted to create a lot of games. Thus creating a Company called Gamepind. SO Gamepind has been started and nearly half of the profits from these games go to Chinese Company Alibaba. They develop these games which are gambling games. We know that if there is a Law in India, there will be loopholes to bypass the law. This law has been passed way long ago and still, we are following it. It is an outdated Law. 

Paytm First games Dream11 Fantasy Cricket | Is it Gambling? Full Details

Alibaba, Gamepind and Paytm find the Loopholes and create Gambling games. These gambling games contains Dream11, Fantasy Cricket and Paytm First games. Google Play, Android and Playstore say that they cannot promote Gambling. Google Playstore now says that any App connected to any kind of Gambling will be removed from the Play store. So They have removed Paytm. 

So when visitors use Paytm they would see the screen of this Paytm Gambling Website. When Paytm had gambling in its apps Google Playstore removed the app from their list. But this app is not banned by the Central govt of India. But these are gambling apps. 

If this is the case,

IS Rummy Online gambling or not?

Youtube, google promotes these gambling games. They say that games like Rummy Online are not gambling whereas it is a game which develops our skills. 

What is a gambling site or game?

For Ex: You will create a fantasy Cricket team. When IPL starts if Dhoni hits a six and you have him enlisted in your fantasy cricket team then you receive 1 point. So based on the player’s real-time performance your scores will be updated. During the game, you can bet on any of your players to perform well. Now, this is gambling. 

Please understand the concept behind this Gambling created by Alibaba and Paytm. 

So they target youngsters who love the real cricket. To create their own Fantasy Cricket the players have to pay Rs 10 to Rs 100. In the last IPL, nearly 10 Million Teams have been created in Dream11. 

How many players have played in Paytm First Games?

30 Crores Youngsters have played games. Many of them think that they are only losing rs5 or rs10. One player spending rs5 is not a huge problem for him. But he will continue to spend this rs5 continuously. So this is the profit for these Gambling games. 

We discussed that they have invested in 1000 Crore rupees. But their last year profit for one company is nearly 7000 Crores. 

The estimated profit for these companies by 2024 is a staggering 25000 Crore Rupees. Right now they have 30 Crore people playing these games. These companies have said that they are going to increase their player base by 60 to 80 Crore Players within the coming three years. 

Paytm First games Dream11 Fantasy Cricket | Is it Gambling? Full Details

For these companies total profits, Gambling alone takes 40% of its total profits from various sources. 

So understand these Mobile games are mostly designed to be online games. These games are designed to rob your money from you. You may doubts whether to believe this or not. 

So in Casinoe’s you enter the club and give 1000rs and get tokens. You have to use these token in the Tables to play the games. Now instead of giving you tokens, they are giving you digital points and coins. The mobile gambling games when you pay money give you coins or points to spend in the game. So you buy the points or coins and spend it on the games. 

There is a difference between spending a casino Token and spending a digital coin. When you spend your money directly you will be aware you are going to spend that money. But when you do it in coins you will be not aware that you are losing real money. 

This is the trick done by these gambling games. Gambling games are developed by Chinese companies. Chinese gaming companies know the requirements of Youngsters in India. 

There are so many companies which are ready to rob your money when the IPL starts. Their target is the youngsters from the Middle-Class family. Please open your eyes and see reality.

Please share this video and guide your friends or relatives to not get themselves addicted to these Gambling games. 

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