PCA – Police Complaint Authority | Jayaraj and Fenix

PCA - Police Complaint Authority | Jayaraj and Fenix:

PCA Police Complaint Authority.  

What will happen if the Indian govt forms this organisation?

What benefits for the common man?

Based on the Double Murder of Jayaraj and Fennix. Internal Politics is happening in Tamilnadu. A Request to the opposing parties. Please take a Vow that you will form the PCA organisation if you are elected. 

What’s the importance of this PCA?

Why the govt has to form this Organisation?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Fear engulfs us if we hear the news Police Station. Giving a Complaint will be filed as FIR, starting from that Fear will engulf us on what will happen next. So many people avoid giving complaints to the Police station. 

So the person who gives the Complaint will have a +Point and it will be recognised as the Official case. You can record an FIR in Online. If you have a complaint you can launch a complaint using online. After you have launched a Complaint you will receive an FIR in your email account. 

The law is not for the Poor People, many of us say this and we have also discussed it. But the truth is laws are in India which protect the people. There are many things which are yet to be released as Laws Passed in India. The Justice dept recommends these systems, but despite the recommendations, these are not passed as Laws because of The Politicians.

So the knowledge of the People regarding the law will determine how the law can protect the common people. We are going to discuss One law which is the Police Complaint Authority(PCA).

Why should we immediately form this organisation?

In Jayaraj and Fennix Murder case, the Police were involved, but there were Friends of Police Involved in this case too. Exactly 4 People. These Friends of Police have beaten the Father and Son. Friends of Police was formed to act as a bridge between the Police and the People. Using this Ungiven Authority the Friends of People Hit the Accused People. The FOP has no authority to do this act. We expect an answer from the Police Dept about this FOP. 

Jayaraj-Fennix Deaths CB-CID Action

Are the Police dept or FOP functioning properly?

Let’s go back to the year 2006. Nearly 52767 cases are filed against Police by the People. The total number of Complaints which FIR was booked was 14000 which comes around 27%. In this 27% How Many Police officials were under investigation?

Only 1,273 Police were investigated. 

How many Police in the 1,273 number has been punished for their crimes?

Only 43 Police officials have been punished. 

What happened to the remaining cases?

The crime was Not Proven. So the Crimes committed by the Police Officials are not Proven in Tamilnadu State. 

Let’s have a look at the Disciplinary Acts.

From 2006 to 2007, Nearly 19187 Police Officials have been charged with Disciplinary Acts. In those cases, nearly 2329 cases were withdrawn. Only on 667 Police, this Disciplinary Action was taken. We know about the Human Rights Violation. Jayaraj and Fennix Case is also a Human Rights Violation. 

PCA - Police Complaint Authority

So from 2006 to 2007, the stats say that nearly 67 cases Police officials were investigated. These are registered cases. Our Police Dept will not allow launching a case on the dept. Within these 67 Human rights Violation cases No Police Officers were punished. 

Have the Police done serious Crimes?

Yes. The Police dept has done many crimes. These cases are still in pending. This is the reason we are requesting for an organisation called the Police Complaint Authority. This message in Social media is going viral. We must make the Politicians, Celebrities hear this news.

PCA - Police Complaint Authority

If we form this organisation The Police Committing these Heinious and terrible crimes might be stopped. 

As Yourself this question.

Do you need Justice for Only Jayaraj and Fennix?


Do you want to protect the next generation?

The Answer for both questions is PCA. 

On 1979, first, a report from the National Police Commission. On 1979 there was a mention in this report that Police actions should be kept under Surveillance. 

Did they form the Organisation in 1979?

No. There were many cases and complaints against the Police. To modify the Police Structure a committee was formed. This was called the Ribeiro Committee. This was formed in 1998. On 2000 Another committee was formed which was called Padmanabhaiah committee.

What do both committees say?

The Central or State govt must form an autonomous organisation to conduct surveillance on the Police Officials. Their request and suggestions were very important. 

On 2006 The Supreme Court says PCA Should be formed in all states and across the country. The Laws to be initiated, the Supreme Court gives suggestions. If there is going to be a PCA it should be an independent organisation. No Influence of the Police Officials or no one can influence this organisation. This was the verdict from the Supreme Court. 

Until the organisation is formed in one State in India. The law for the PCA can be the guidelines given by the Supreme Court. 

From 2006 to 2020 nearly 20 States have PCA Organisation. 

PCA - Police Complaint Authority

Is it fully functioning?

The Politicians created a PCA which acts their orders, the reason is the Politicians don’t want the police or PCA to turn towards them. The Supreme court orders that CPA must be formed because the people are suffering. To re-gain the Confidence of the People for the Police dept should be done through PCA. If any Police Officials commits any crime they must be punished. If this law was passed and in order now. Jayaraj and Fenix will be alive now. Even after their horrific deaths, the people we are unable to ask for Justice for both the souls. If there was PCA there could have been so many complaints now. 

PCA was introduced in 20 States. Tamilnadu is not one among them. In Tamilnadu, PCA is still a dream. Why PCA? We have Friends of Police right. 

According to the Supreme Court should be set up in Two places. They should have offices in the State and District Level. Then only the people can launch cases against the Police. Supreme Court also clearly said that to report a complaint the people should not travel to their District or State’s Capitals. 

Did the TN govt form PCA?


Who can be or who will be in PCA?

A Chairperson will be there. He should be a retired Judge. Next Comes the Panel Members. They include Retired Judges, Retired Police Officials, or Retired Civil Servants. But these members must be strong under various kind of Pressures or Influences. 

If PCA was formed in Tamilnadu. Many Lockup deaths and Custodial Deaths could not have happened. Many Police officials who commit crimes could be punished. So stopping this from happening are the Politicians. 

So the Proof for this topic. 

PCA - Police Complaint Authority
Our Condolences to the family. Rest In Peace.

#JusticeforJayarajandFennix is not just another # which went viral. But we need justice for the innocent Father and Son. But we should not just stop with this Double Murder. 

This video is a request to the Politicians and the govt. If any One Politician comes forward and says that he will recommend forming PCA in Tamilnadu. That Politician may be followed by the Young Generation. 

The Young Generation now are very angry now. They are against Govt Officials who don’t do their jobs properly and also upon the Police Officers who commit crimes. Due to these kinds of Crimes, The Sincere Police officers are also affected by these crimes.

People to have their Confidence upon The Police will be obtained if PCA is formed. It has to be formed.

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