Peter Stumpp the Werewolf of Bedburg – Real Life Story

Peter Stumpp the Werewolf of Bedburg - Real Life Story:

Within 25 years, 14 Children and two Pregnant Ladies. Many people were killed. He killed them and he was a cannibal. He was called Wolf Man. 

Is this based on a true story?

2020 has been a year with negative aspects and many people have changed. 

But in 15th and 16th Century there has been Horrific real stories. 

Let’s discuss a True Story. 

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Will it opt for Dark Mystery or Dark History?

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There are a lot of stories which will be shared with the viewers. 

When we say Dark History, there will be the most horrific violence involved. The Pregnant ladies and People who have soft hearts don’t need to see it. 

This is a true story, not some Myth. To understand that this kind of people existed in the world ins the aim of this video. History has a lot of mysteries. 

The Werewolf concept has been in books and movies. In the night the Human will transform into a werewolf. 

Are there chances that Werewolves could have existed?

Werewolves are considered as Mystery and there is no Proof. But in stories, we can see a lot of Werewolf stories. 

This true Story happens in 1580,1589. This happened in Germany. In the 1500s there were many issues in Germany.  The issue was based on Religion Catholicism vs Protestants. 

Peter Stumpp the Werewolf of Bedburg - Real Life Story

In Germany, there was a small Village called Bedburg. Many were farmers in the village. Germany had a civil Crisis and there was war. These farmers get into their houses when the soldiers fought each other. When the battle was over, the farmers will see the dead bodies scattered. But the farmers started to see Goats and Chickens which were killed. This turned into a fear among the people in Bedburg.

 The people were terrified. The Livestock has been killed on a regular basis. The Village People thought that it could be a pack of Wolves. 

But later they come to the conclusion that it is just a single Wolf which is hunting their Livestock. So the People wanted to catch the Hunter. The issues started to happen for the people after 1560s. Children who leave their houses are never seen again. So the Bedburg people didnt allow their children to go out of the houses. 

They also started to move in groups. While the people are on the move they carried Heavy Weapons in their hands. Weapons to kill the wolf. The PEople of Bedburg at this point were terrified of the wolf. After 10 years many people disappear and were killed. 

In 1580, Bedburg community was introduced to a man called Peter Stumpp. Peter Stumpp real name cannot be confirmed as he had so many aliases. But according to the Historians and the Story, his name was Peter Stumpp. The Reference Stumpp has been given as a reference to the fact that his Left Hand was cut off leaving only a Stump. 

This is an important fact in this story. 

A Farmer who has lost his Left hand. He was a rich man who had two children who were a Boy and a girl. The Wife has been deceased. He has an affair with a family member. This story has only three important characters. The Girl of Peter is the Main Character of this story. 

Peter Stumpp the Werewolf of Bedburg - Real Life Story

Peter Stumpp used to walk the streets and speak to people. He was a respectable man in the community. Nobody even had a doubt upon Peter Stumpp. 

So the Killings of Children and Livestock continue to happen in Bedburg. In 1580 the Children were killed and eaten and only the remains were left out. Livestock has been killed and their hearts will be eaten. 

From 1580-1585 it became too horrific and dangerous for the Bedburg Villagers. The Villagers set a trap for the Wolf. They hear that the Wolf has been caught. Two People saw the wolf when it was trapped. But when the people went to investigate the trap, Peter Stumpp was there in the cage. 

The People of the village were shocked to see Peter Stumpp. They asked whether it was an accident or Peter Stumpp used disguises to be a wolf. 

We know that Peter Stumpp didnt have a left hand. Days ago People who went to kill the wolf said that they have cut off the limb of the wolf. 

SO the people concluded that the Wolf Didnt have a limb and Peter Stumpp didnt have a left hand and he was the killer. People declare that Peter Stumpp was the Werewolf. 

How did Peter Stumpp kill his victims?

If there are three people walking in the road. He will go into the forest and call for help. First, a man approaches Peter Stumpp kills him and the second man. The third person was a woman whose body was not found. 

The Villagers started asking questions to Peter Stumpp about the body of the Woman. 

Did he rape her?

Did he murder her?

Peter Stumpp refuses all allegations. But later when we were told he will be tortured. Peter Stumpp accepts the truth. In his 12th age, he started practising Black Magic. During his practice, the devil offered him a magical Belt or Girdle which will transform him into a “Strong, Mighty, Devouring Wolf with eyes great and large”. If the Belt has been removed he would transform from Wolf to human.

Peter Stumpp the Werewolf of Bedburg - Real Life Story

Peter Stumpp fearing the torture accepts that he was the Killer. He has Killed 14 Children and two Pregnant Ladies and many men. His confessions were given in 1589. His confessions were recorded in a book. The British Museum has this book now. Peter Stumpp The Werewolf has an important place in history. 

The Punishment which was given to this Peter Stumpp was to kill him. He refused to identify the children, but he has killed his son and ate his brain. He was accused of Cannibalism and incestuous relationship with his daughter. People arrest the family members of Peter Stumpp. A Law has been passed. The law should be severe that no Human should try this again. 

In the Center of the Village, he was sentenced to be burned alive. Peter Stumpp was put to a wheel, then his family members have been flayed and strangled. His family was burned alive in a pyre. 

Peter Stumpp’s flesh was torn from his body in ten places with red- hot Pinchers. First, it was done in his body and then followed by his arms and legs. To Prevent Peter Stumpp returning from the grave they broke his limbs. The Blunt Side of the Axehead was used to break the limbs. People said that this is the punishment of the crimes by Peter Stumpp. Peter Stumpp was also beheaded. Then they put his head and body were burned along with his family’s families. The ash was taken and put into a grave. Then they order the people no one should transform into a werewolf.

There were doubts,

How did a single man kill all these people?

A New Era came and it became a disease called Lycanthropia. Lycan means a Wolf in greek. Anthropia means human. Some Humans due to the myth think that they are Lycans and they can transform into Wolves. There was a disease on those days. Peter Stumpp believed that he transformed into a Werewolf. Peter Stumpp didnt transform into a werewolf. He wore Wolf Clothing and Masks. He thought that he has transformed into a werewolf when he was wearing those Clothing and Masks. 

But the very important and interesting fact is when Peter Stumpp was captured he was in a Wolf Form said the Guards. These Guards could have forgotten or hidden the truth. 

The other Scenario was the fight between Catholicism and Protestants. They needed a valid point to murder people. People were considered as Werewolves and were murdered. Peter Stumpp could be Prey for this fight. 

At that time nobody proved that Peter Stumpp killed these people. 

You might ask a question,

What about his confessions?

He was tortured for many years. People who tortured him believed he was the killer. Peter Stumpp was no able to take the Torture anymore, so he accepts and gives a confession. 

It may be Peter Stumpp may be the Killer or he was tortured to accept. 

In 1580 there was negativity. During this Era, many horrible killings and tortures happened. Rapes happened, Pregnant ladies were killed along with the Fetus. These horrific events are happening now. 

When we hear about this, our Lives will become Miserable. We are already in fear with the Coronavirus. Many commented,

How will we survive in the future?

Start reading History. After so many horrific years of Torture and Murder and unimaginable events. We are born in this world. These stories happened in the past and it’s now history. 

People will change. The Earth will revive itself. We should wait for that time. 

Did Peter Stumpp commit the Murders?

Was He a Scapegoat for someone?

What is behind this Werewolf Mystery?

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