Petrol Price Hidden Politics Explained – Oil Refineries & Public Sectors

Petrol Price Hidden Politics Explained - Oil Refineries & Public Sectors:

In 2014, the Petrol price was rs72. In 2021 it's rs90. If we take into account the Inflation and other causes only rs10 should be increased for Petrol Price.  

These comments are for the video. There was a video released on youtube saying the Reasons for the Price Increase. It was a long video. The reason which they have said was Coronavirus Pandemic has been the reason for the price increase.

Is Coronavirus pandemic the only reason?

Let's discuss in this video.

We have already released a clear video on Inflation. So it is not easy to fool us very easily. We know about the GST, Inflation, and how money was created. We have already discussed these topics exposing the truth. 

Inflation Reasons and the Petrol Price are from the Same Point. When Petrol prices increase, Inflation will happen. 

Now the petrol price keeps increasing. Many people think that the Crude Oil Price is increasing resulting in Petrol Price increase. This statement was given by our Petroleum Minister Mr Dharmendra.  He says that the Crude Oil price has been increasing worldwide. He says this is the main reason for the increase in Petrol Price. 

This is not true. 

OPEC, nearly 5 countries together started this coalition and now it has 13 countries. OPEC has said that they believed that the Demand for Crude Oil may increase in 2021. But the Crude Oil demand is low. So if there is no demand then the price of the product will decrease. 

So One Barrel of Crude Oil in the WOrld is 60USD. In 2014 one barrel of Crude Oil price was 118USD. Due to the high price the tax on petrol was very low. In 2014, The Petrol price was rs72. This is the undeniable truth. We cannot accept that Rs10 has only increased. 

People started to ask whether this Video is against the BJP Govt. 

We don't have any aim to oppose BJP or Congress. We don't aim to support any Political Parties. We are going to prove that both Political parties have been working for some people with Proof. 

The next question from you will be,

Are you Speaking about Ambani?

Is Ambani the Only person in this issue?

There has been an accusation that the BJP govt is helping Ambani. We say that BJP is doing it now and congress did it when they ruled India. 

What is the proof for this theory?

In 2012, Congress was ruling India. In India, there were 18 Companies. These 18 Companies belonged to the Public Sectors. But one company was under the control of Reliance. Reliance had an Oil refinery. 

Did they have only the oil Refinery?

No. Through the Oil Refinery, They import Crude Oil and after refining the oil they export to other countries. They will export the Petrol and also deliver to the Indian govt. This is the work of the Oil Refinery. 

Petrol Price Hidden Politics Explained - Oil Refineries & Public Sectors

But we have 20% of our Crude Oil Production in India. In this 20%, nearly 59% of the Crude Oil produced in India is given to Reliance. This was given when Congress was in power. But the Imported Crude Oil was refined by a total of 18 Companies. But nearly 26% was given to Reliance. Ambani was helped by both BJP and Congress. 

If people refuse to accept this statement. There is a twist at the end of this video. When you see it you will believe it. 

Many Commented the Petrol Price increased due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This is true, many have lost their jobs. Through this, the government is facing many losses. 

Some People commented that giving Rations by the govt must be equalized by the Petrol Prices. 

People must understand that in a country under no circumstances the government should give two main Public Sectors to Private. The first is Education and the next is Health. 

Is education under the control of the government?

No. Nearly 80% of the Education sector has been sold to the Private Sectors. In the Health Sector, Budget 2021 clearly has allowed the Private Sector to take over nearly 85% of Insurance Companies. So the companies which are coming from Foreign Countries will provide Insurance to the Indian people. We are going to pay our money to these Foreign Insurance Companies. 

So coming back to the Health Sector, 

How many hospitals are private?

If we ask this question they will say we are talking Communist Policies. After looking at China, Communism is a policy which we can't even imagine. 

Our Statement is whether it's Capitalism or Communism, please do good to the people. If there is something against the People neglect it. 

Any Political Party which follows any policies can rule the country. But their aim is to look after the Welfare of the People. 

Is there any idea to make this possible?

Let's look at a company in the Private Sector. We cannot expose this particular company run by a single man. So you have to predict the company. If the Sectors which have been given to the Private Company retrieves its Sector. Then the government can save 3 Public Sectors. These Three Public Sectors seem to be at loss. 

Petrol Price Hidden Politics Explained - Oil Refineries & Public Sectors

There was a comment which we were expecting. If the Govt officials do their jobs perfectly.

How will the Public Sectors face losses?

This is the doubt we also have. If we call the BSNL office. You have to wait in a 30 Minutes queue. But if we call GIO customer care, within one Second they will pick up the call. 

Tell us,

Which Service will you select?

If you go to the BSNL office for any purpose. It will take One day to accomplish your task. A man who doesn't have a vision goes to SBI to activate SMS. The SBI bank employees ask him,

Why does he need the SMS services as he is a man without Vision?

These People who work there, make the life of the People harder. They will always ask for something when Lunchtime arrives if there is a huge Queue of People. They will just say lunchtime and leave the counter. This is the main reason the Public Sectors have been changed into the Private Sector. This is the Undeniable truth. Many govt employees do this and Many works Sincerely.  There are some black sheep among you. The taxes which the Indian people go directly to these people as salaries. People who are sincere in their jobs in the Government jobs a big thank you from us. Due to some being careless and not Sincere to their work. That Public Sector will face losses. If this continues, there will be no government jobs for the next generation. 

Another Person Commented,

What is the connection between the Petrol Price and Corporates Profits?

On Twitter, they have tagged our video. We are just exposing what is happening in India now. 

How does Corporate Earn their Profits in Petrol Price Increase?

So 20% of the Production of Crude Oil, Nearly 60% from it has been given to the Private Sectors. So the government and Private Sector through an agreement called PSU. Through this agreement, the government will oversee these Companies which are operating. Thus the Corporates will pillage our Oil Resources. 

When the Private Corporates buy Crude Oil from The World market. They have to pay tax to the government. They pay very low taxes to the government for the Crude Oil they buy, it may be 2 to 3 USD. The Proof has been given in the Description of the video. 

So this is proof of how both the Political Parties which ruled India have managed to Fool the Indian people. There Is the proof in that article. Kindly read it. 

Many People Like Pranab Mukherjee will come under this proof. 

Some People may say that buying Crude Oil and Refining it and converting it into Petrol and Diesel will have expenses and a lot of processes. This may be the reason for the Huge Petrol Price. 

Petrol Price Hidden Politics Explained - Oil Refineries & Public Sectors

There was a time when the government was handling this process. It created many issues for the government, so they decided to give the Refining Process to the Private Sectors. Now OMC determines the Price and the govt acts accordingly. 

Will there be a loss for these Private Oil Refinery companies?

One barrel of Crude Oil will consist of nearly 150 to 160 Litres. When they refine Crude Oil, there is 24 type of Products. The Petrol used in Airplanes called Type Petrol. This grade Petrol will be 40 litres after refining one barrel. The petrol used for cars which are called Grade B Petrol. So this will come around another 40 Litres. These 24 By-Products are in our Daily Lifestyle. 

Palm Oil used for cooking or other oils. The soap which we use is all the By-Products from Crude Oil. Grade Petrol has a Market of rs1500 to rs2500. So if they sell the other By-Products they can easily profit from the Sales. 

We request the MBA students to do a case study. 

How the Byproducts are created?

What profits do they make from these Byproducts?

If you take a barrel of Crude Oil. After refining, the 24 Byproducts weight will be higher than the Barrel of Crude Oil. The Chemicals which are added to the Byproducts will increase the weight. So there are huge profits to be made selling the 24 Byproducts. 

Why is the government showing us losses when there is a profit?

Why are the prices of Petrol and Diesel prices increased when there is no need?

Will the OMC face any loss?

There is one chance for a loss for the OMC. The OMC always has a stock which is 45 days old. 

For Ex: If the OMC buys a barrel for 110USD. They have bought stock for Ten days. After 40 days the Barrel price is 40 to 50 USD. Then the OMC will face a loss. During that time, The Prices of Petrol and Diesel will increase and this reason is acceptable.

But other than this issue, if the government is facing losses then it has to be rectified by Case Studies. 

Now Let's discuss Inflation and Petrol Price.

If the Price of Petrol increases, Inflation will happen. 

How is this possible?

Petrol prices have increased, Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, many people don't have jobs. Workers salaries have been reduced. 

To live our Normal lives by working for a living. The Coronavirus pandemic has not fully affected this process. People have to travel to different locations whether to their offices, Grocery Stores, Schools. So transportation whether its people or goods are needed. 

So if Petrol prices go up. The Products which have been transported will increase. When all Prices go up, The tendency to buy the Products by the Indian people will go down. People will have to spend more on necessary products or goods. While Spending more, People will have no savings. When people don't have money. Many Businesses will go down. 

Now you must watch the Inflation video On Tamil Pokkisham Channel. We have already given a clear explanation. 

Petrol Price Hidden Politics Explained - Oil Refineries & Public Sectors

The people who say that are accusing the government and Some Private Companies. The Proof is given in the video. You can use Google Translate and read the proof given.

We are not accusing anybody, but this video is a Resentment of the Indian people. 

When will this be over?

Many commented we cannot change the system. This is our fate and we have to live it. It is ok for us to be fate.

What about our Children's fate?

Our generation didn't have the technology to reach people. Channels who provide this kind of information are needed. Our Next-generation will learn from them. 

Who has Oil Refineries?

A list should be put in each and every Petrol Bunks. Just show the people the Base Price, The govt taxes, Commissions for the dealers. If there is a cry from the people to show us the list. 

What will happen?

This will change the views of the Indian people. When People know they are learning these subjects, The government will think twice before increasing the Price of Petrol. They will know that people are closely watching them.

When the price is rs90. When people start to see the base price and other taxes in the Rs90. There will be a pain, our hard-earned money has been given to the Petrol price increase. 

The people will start questioning the government. When the govt says that they have faced losses. The people will ask another question

How the Public Sector faced a loss?

This video is for all the people of India and the Next Generation. 

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