Pro-Russian Rebels & Diplomacy – Ukraine Crisis

Russia’s Ultimate Move – America’s Failure

Pro-Russian Rebels & Diplomacy - Ukraine Crisis

You cannot hide the truth for long it will eventually come out. 

UK Boris Johnson has said that the Ukraine crisis will affect the Whole World. He also said that it will lead to the Taiwan Crisis. Taiwan will be the next crisis the world will witness. 

There is also news that more than 2 Lakh Houses in the UK has Power Cut. Due to Natural Disasters, people are suffering in the UK. 

Why is Boris Johnson talking about the Ukraine Crisis when he has an issue at Home?

This is Geopolitics and we will discuss it in detail. 

The US and the UK are the two countries that are constantly monitoring and talking about the Ukraine Crisis. Boris Johnson is very active in this issue. The UK is not a part of the EU anymore. The UK said that it doesnt want to be a part of the EU and existed through Brexit. 

Boris Johnson has always supported the EU. 

Has he rectified the issues caused by Brexit?

No, He hasn't. There are experts who say that Brexit is a failure for the UK. Unemployment was caused due to Brexit. Many people lost their jobs. The UK changed its Laws. There is a disagreement between UK and France. The UK has all these issues which it has to address. 

But The UK is only talking about the Ukraine Crisis. The UK govt wants to divert its people's attention from the issues in the UK. 

A New war is expected by the US and the UK to make profits. This is the unwritten rule. When the World economy goes down there will be a war. Many Countries if there is an internal crisis or protests which may lead to Civil war. So this is an internal crisis in Ukraine. But the US and the UK want a war. 

In Ukraine, there are two regions Donetsk and Luhansk. These two regions are Pro-Russian Regions. The Pro-Russians has started to fight against Ukraine Govt. The People who support Ukraine Govt are against the Rebels. This fighting may be the spark for World War3. This is the prediction of the UK’s Boris Johnson. 

The UK has also stationed more than 2000 Types of Military Equipment in Ukraine. He also says that if the world looks at this as a Ukraine issue. This will continue to East Asia. It will reflect on Taiwan. There are chances that China may invade Taiwan. 

According to Boris Johnson, China will enter this issue soon. China has to first complete the Winter Olympics successfully. Xi Jinping is closely monitoring the Ukraine crisis. If Xi announces in a press meet that China will support Russia and blames the US. The Entire Geo-Politics will shift from Russia to China. There is a threat of War. But many countries don't want a war with Russia. 

The Western Countries show Satellite Images and have enough Proof that Russia is preparing for an Invasion. But No Country has given a threat of war. They also don't accept that they have stationed their troops in Ukraine. The Western Countries want to use Ukraine as Prey. 

Ukraine’s President has said that he can feel the pressure placed on him. If he fails then the EU has failed. Ukraine has said that Russia’s invasion is the Primary Issue for them. 

There is news which says that there will be a phone call between Putin and the Ukraine President. We must also know the views of the opposing Political party in Ukraine. 

A Country needs two parties to function properly. Ukraine Opposing Political party leader Viktor Medvedchuk says that based on Ukraine a Virtual War has been initiated. He says a Military Hysteria has been created by the Western Countries. Based On the Virtual War the Western Countries are earning Billions. He blames the Western Countries as Ukraine is in Debt buying their Military equipment. The Cost of this virtual war for Ukraine may be from 13 to 30 Billion USD. We know for sure that 13 Billion USD must be paid by Ukraine. 

Boris Johnson says that if Russia invades Ukraine. A Ban of USD for the Elites in Russia should be passed. The Western Countries want the World to use the USD. If Russian Elite doesn't get the USD. There will be no jobs and they cannot pay the Workers. Due to this, it will directly affect the Russian Economy. 

No one is ready to invest in the Share market because of a threat of war. The Gold Price is going up. The Investors from the Share market have taken their money and invested in Gold. They fear that they will lose their money in the Share market if there is a war. So people in the Share Market be cautious of your investments. 

There is recent news which says that two Soldiers have been killed in the Fighting. The two Soldiers were the Ukrainian army. The Separatist rebels have killed the two Soldiers. 

The Separatist rebels in their Social media account have said that Ukraine Army has violated Ceasefire agreements more than 80 times. But the Ukraine govt says that Shelling has begun from the two regions by the Separatist Rebels. 

Russia needs nearly 3 Lakhs to 5 lakhs Troops to invade Ukraine. Russia will support and Occupy the two regions which have Pro-Russian Rebels. The Security of the region will be controlled by Russia. After months or years, they will launch a Full-scale Invasion of Ukraine. This is the prediction of NATO’s Chief. 

On 20th Feb 2022, there is an important meeting which is going to happen. Joe Biden and his National Security Advisors will meet and talk about America’s reply to a Russian Invasion. Germany is also holding talks. France Macron will speak with Putin on 20th Feb 2022. So Diplomacy is in Play now. Russia says that it has no intention of a Ukraine Invasion. The Western Countries are blaming Russia and causing Panic. If they continue to blame and pressure Russia Putin will not hesitate to start a war. 

China has not officially entered this Issue. But Cuban leaders have shown their support to Russia. Cuba is a Communist country. There are chances that Russia may be supported by Vietnam and North Korea. Within Days China will make its Entry. 

The Deadline is 23rd Feb 2022. After this date, we will see Countries making Decisions and taking sides. 

From the Self Proclaimed Donetsk Republic and the Lugansk Republic, people have been sent to Russia. They are using Bus and Trains to transport the people to Russia. Russia has said that the People will be protected at all costs. 

America is warning Ukraine of Possible Cyberattacks. There will be many instances of these Cyberattacks. The Warning to Ukraine has been given by America. 

Most experts in Cyber attacks are from Russia. Many Dark Web websites function from Russia. These websites are in the Russian Language. 

So Using the Dark Web, They will conduct Cyberattacks, data theft. This will increase in the coming days. 

On 20th Feb 2022 Ukraine and Russian leaders will speak directly. Macron and Putin will speak about the Ukraine issue. The Joe Biden meeting update. The World is waiting for the Results of these three important meetings. 

We will post when the Update is published. 

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